When you live on the other side of the country, it's very likely that you only see your mom and dad around major holidays. A phone call is not enough to actually see the physical and mental changes that have taken place over the year.

Homecare in Sherman Oaks CA: Senior Changes

Now that you're in the same room, you're shocked by the changes. How do you handle that shock and what should you do if you notice they've declined?

Try Not to Show It

Your parents may be embarrassed or ashamed that they're struggling. Don't react and make them more ashamed. Be as calm as possible and try not the show your stress. If the house is unclean, tackle it bit by bit. If your parents ask you not to, wave it off as just part of your daily routine. Ask them if there is a place you could help out instead.

If they still refuse, make little steps when they're occupied. While your mom is showering, you could wipe down the kitchen counters and load the dishwasher or wash dishes. After your dad goes to bed, run a load of laundry. Tackle projects one at a time and be ready with an excuse if your parents speak up.

Take the Time to Assess the Changes

It's hard to see your parents age and struggle with things they used to do with ease. As hard as it is, now is the time to assess what you see. If you find your dad is forgetting to take his daily blood pressure medications, that needs to be on a list of priorities. If your mom's memory is slipping and you're certain she has dementia, schedule an appointment to have her examined.

Once you know what changes have taken place and where they're struggling, you can make arrangements to have someone help them. Home care services are one of your best options. Caregivers help them, and you get reports so that it's not as shocking next year.

Involve your parents when you research and interview a home care agency. With their involvement, it may be easier to get them to agree to have help. Start small with one visit a week and increase it from there as your mom and dad get used to their caregivers.

When you live on the opposite side of the globe or country, make sure your parents have the help they need to live independently. Home care services can help them with meals, shopping, appointments, housekeeping, and more. Call a home care agency to discover the services and schedules that ensure your parents live independently and safely.

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