Medication Reminders

Our staff of trained caregivers know how to monitor and dispense medications according to a physician's orders. They are also well versed in documenting when medications are given and any reactions that may be noticed. Caregivers are required to remain in contact with medical professionals to stay abreast of any changes in medical care and treatment programs. A caregiver must be able to maintain accurate records on multiple medications, including sleeping aids, anti-depressants, heart medications and any other type of medicines a client has to take on a regular basis. A care manager will also supervise medication changes and administration. 

Caregivers perform many tasks when it comes to taking care of their client's medications and supplements. These tasks include:

  • Maintaining the client's pill box
  • Documenting the dispensing of medications
  • Document any side effects that appear after a specific medication has been taken

Our caregivers are prevented from giving injections, changing or starting IV's or dispensing any type of invasive medications or treatments. If these need to be given, a licensed nurse must be called to administer them. Mom’s home care works with several home health nursing services and can assist in coordinating these services.

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"On behalf of my mother and family, I sincerely want to thank Mom’s Home Care for being with my mother during her toughest time. With all your hard work, she is on the path to recovery."

-Brenda D