Aging is a natural process that comes with its toll on the quality of life. For most people, it can be the point that marks the decline of health, requiring constant hospitalization. For others, old age is marked by loneliness, dependency, and isolation. You may feel constantly left out and unable to handle your duties. Senior homes offer companionship, care, and help senior citizens to ensure that they enjoy their sunset years. At Mom’s Home Care, we open our doors to senior citizens of Redondo Beach who require time to heal, require a caregiver, or to provide them with a safe place where they can feel loved. We have designed our services to promote the mental, emotional, physical, and social well-being of our clients.

Below are our services.

  1. Companionship

As we grow older, our social networks tend to disintegrate due to death, different interests, and illness. Loneliness among seniors is one of the contributing factors to depression and diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and depression.

In the current digital and connected world, older adults, especially those without technical know-how, are left out in most discussions, leaving them in their own company. Loneliness for them can catch on fast. They have no one to share their days, knowledge, or interact with, which leads to a declined interest in life.

While family members may desire to spend more time with their elderly loved ones, the hustle of daily living can take that away. Finding a suitable companion for the elderly is the only alternative to dealing with their loneliness.

Mom’s Home Care offers Redondo seniors with companion care. We ensure that they can interact with other aged people with whom they can share their joys and struggles. In addition, our staff provides attention and care to ensure that he or she feels loved, safe, and comfortable.

Depending on the needs of your loved one, you can get a companion live-in or on-call care. Our staff can visit his or her home to spend time with your loved one and provide a company. Having someone to talk to gives your loved one a new light to enjoy their old age. We also help him or her in reconnecting with friends and family through technology.

  1. Errands and Shopping

Speed, memory, and muscle mass reduce through aging. You may realize that you or your elderly loved one cannot handle the tasks they previously enjoyed.

If your to-do list remains almost undone, then it is time to enlist our errand and shopping services. We run all the errands for you to ensure that you can still get things done, regardless of age. Our errands and shopping services aim at reducing the stress it takes to accomplish the tasks you previously enjoyed.

We will help you with errands that include the following:

  • Grocery shopping
  • Furniture shopping
  • Car maintenance
  • Transportation services
  • Help with electronics and computers
  • Personal assistance services such as running administrative tasks, making reservations, and scheduling appointments
  • Providing help with pets by feeding them, walking them, taking them to the vet, and grooming them
  • Providing transportation
  • Homecare services
  • Personal organization services to help you keep things in the desired order

Our errand and shopping services revolve around the needs of every client. We offer you satisfactory services to ensure that you still feel in control of your life. Whether you choose to stay in your home or at the facility, we will run errands with an equal measure of love and respect.

  1. Toileting and Incontinence Care

Muscles lose their strength and elasticity with age. This can create problems with toileting and incontinence. For most older adults, incontinence can be embarrassing to admit to their families or to allow family members to care for you.

Hiring a professional toileting and incontinence caregiver gives you confidence and dignity. Mom’s Home Care in Redondo Beach will care for your toileting needs without judgment or embarrassment. We understand the difficulties that accompany old age, and we are here to make you comfortable with who you are and the conditions you are experiencing.

We provide a three-pronged approach to toilet care by considering the toileting environment, the options you have, and incontinence.

The toilet environment should be comfortable and usable for an older person. They no longer have the strength or agility of their former years. At Mom's Homecare, we ensure that the toilet meets the following conditions:

  • It has grips that are strong enough and reachable to help him or her rise after using the toilet
  • The toilet paper and water are accessible so that he or she can clean him or herself after using the toilet
  • The toilet seat is at a convenient height
  • The floor is dry and non-slippery for safety
  • The lighting in the bathroom is adequate, both at night and during the day
  • The path to the bathroom is clear to prevent tripping accidents

You can also explore various toileting options that make it possible for your loved one to access toileting such as:

  • Adult diapers
  • Catheters
  • Adult incontinence briefs
  • Bedpans
  • Urinals
  • Commodes

These options are available for seniors who cannot physically access a toilet due to illness or disability. In addition to providing these services, we care for the elderly to ensure that they are free from infections or problems that may arise from toileting.

We also provide incontinence prevention, management, and treatment services. While incontinence is a common condition among the elderly, not everyone gets it. At Mom's Home Care, we offer help with various forms of incontinence, such as:

  • Urgency incontinence
  • Stress incontinence
  • Overflow incontinence
  • Functional incontinence

We also provide incontinence management care through diet, exercise, medication, surgery, toileting programs, and incontinence aid products.

  1. Housekeeping

We offer housekeeping services to residents of Redondo Beach. With the daily struggles and age, it is impossible to maintain the level of cleanliness you desire. We offer housekeeping services for primary residences and vacation residences. If you are a live-in resident at Mom’s Home Care, then we will provide cleaning services for your premises as well. Our range of housekeeping services includes the following:

  • Vacuuming of all surfaces such as stairs, carpeting, tile floors, hardwood floor, linoleum, and furniture
  • The dusting of surfaces around the house
  • Mopping
  • Sanitize hygiene-sensitive areas like the kitchen, countertops, and bathrooms
  • Wiping surfaces in your house
  • General maintenance activities like taking out the trash
  • Laundry services

At Mom's Home Care, we strive to combine professionalism with thoroughness while performing any housekeeping tasks. We ensure that your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom area, and the living area clean. We do not want you straining your muscles or injuring yourself while trying to get your house clean. Our professional services are a phone call away.

  1. Meal Preparation

We are what we eat; our diet defines our health, ability to resist diseases, and our appearance. As you age, it becomes harder and time-consuming to prepare healthy and nutritious meals. Besides meal planning being time-consuming, older people with illnesses such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease are likely to injure themselves. With our meal preparation services, we remove the risks of injuries to ensure that your loved one is as safe.

Most older adults suffer from not eating a balanced diet. With our meal preparation services, we strive to ensure that the elderly can enjoy nutritious meals that are prepared from healthy ingredients.

We understand the challenges that come with age, such as losing taste, medical conditions that dull the appetite and conditions that make it impossible to eat some types of food.

At Mom’s Home Care, we address the challenges the elderly face in meal preparation like reduced strength to go grocery shopping or cook. Our experts are skilled in preparing meals that are both nutritious and appealing to the palate of the older person.

In addition, we prepare meals customized to each individual's needs, preferences, and limitations arising from medical conditions. We ensure that our meals provide the necessary energy and nourishment that seniors require to improve their health and deal with any conditions they have.

We also stock food for them, ensuring that they have fresh supplies. Memory loss is a common problem with the elderly, which increases the chances of them forgetting to clear expired foods from their storage.

We also account for special dietary requirements of all our clients by preparing meal-planning services to incorporate variety in taste, texture, and ingredients.

Eating alone can contribute to poor dietary choices. We provide a dinner companion with whom the seniors can interact as he or she eats. We also create easy-to-follow routines so that they can have their meals at regular times each day.

  1. Medication Reminders

The elderly are likely to be dealing with medical conditions and numerous medications. With their declining health and memory, it is possible to forget when to take medication. We provide medication reminder services to ensure that your loved one is on track with their medication.

You should enroll your senior loved one for medical reminder services if:

  • Your loved one has a lot of medication leftover meaning they are either skipping or not taking their medication
  • Your loved one finishes his or her medication quickly meaning they are not taking their medication as per the prescription
  • Your loved one does not remember when last they took their medication
  • Your loved one’s health is declining
  • Your loved one does not understand the dosage instructions

We personalize our medical reminder services to the needs of all our clients. We develop a simple to follow program that your loved one understands and can remember. We also keep the medication organized to show when medication is missed. We also make the program easy to supervise.

Some of the medication reminder methods we use include the following:

  • Pillboxes that are large, clearly labeled, and easy to open
  • Pill packs that are labeled with the correct dosage and time when the medication should be taken

If keeping track of your loved one medication schedule and dosage is overwhelming, contact Redondo Beach Mom’s Home Care for professional medical reminder services. We prepare individual reports of the medication, dosage, and side effects on behalf of your loved one.

  1. Personal Care

Senior citizens find it tiring to maintain personal hygiene standards. This may arise from the physical task of taking a shower, dressing, or grooming himself or herself. For most of them, such personal care initiatives become a task that, while it presents benefits to their health and comfort, is too tiring and involving.

Our personal care services are designed to ensure that our clients develop confidence in their appearance by keeping them well-groomed. With our dressing services, we ensure that seniors can get into comfortable clothing with ease and safely. In addition, we help them with bathing by providing them with sponge baths and supervision in the shower to ensure that they are safe.

Personal care may also involve mobility services to help older adults move around and to avoid accidents such as falls. We also provide light exercises to ensure that your loved one stays fit.

We also feed seniors who are unable to feed themselves, thus ensuring that they are getting the necessary nutrients to maintain a healthy weight.

Like all our services, we have tailored our personal care services around the needs of every senior. We address their specific circumstances and apply techniques that are unique to their situation.

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If you feel that your elderly loved one needs professional personal care, our team will provide an in-home evaluation to assess how well he or she can take care of him or herself. We then design our services to handle difficult tasks while allowing him or her to maintain his or her dignity and independence.

At Mom’s Home Care, we are dedicated to caring for senior citizens of Redondo Beach. We offer live-in care, on-call care, and 24-hour emergency services to meet the various needs of our clients. We understand that every person is different, which is why we take our time to understand the needs and wishes of every client before developing a customized care plan. Our caregivers are skilled in providing physical and emotional care to seniors, to make them feel at home and peaceful. Call us today at 323-244-4789 for a free consultation.