The decision to have your parents move to an assisted living facility can be difficult. But the truth is that there are other options that may be better than sending them to a home and may have similar benefits of engaging socially, wellness, and increasing quality of life. Mom's Home Care in West LA offers ideal in-home solutions for seniors who need proper care from compassionate and qualified caregivers. We invite you to consider seeking our home care services that guarantee the general well-being of seniors.

Various Types of Elderly Services We Offer

While it could be hard to accept, most people will require home care assistance after the age of sixty-five. You can be taking care of everything on your own or for minor aid around your home, or sharing duties with your spouse. However, as you grow older, circumstances change and getting around as well as taking care of yourself become more challenging. Thus, you will need a in-home caregiver. Common services offered by the Mom's Home Care in West LA include the following.

Security and Safety

One of the most common services provided to senior citizens by our caregivers is 24/7 security and safety support as well as access to care if required. By hiring a live-in caregiver enables clients to be independent without the debilitating disease or injury that can be serious when staying home alone. This is made possible by having a caregiver live at home with the person who is in need of 24/7 care. Having a monitoring schedule makes it easy for caregivers to know changes in your health and anticipate your needs.

Hospital Sitter

Having your elderly mother or father admitted to a hospital in West LA is challenging. As much as you may want to be with them all day, the truth is that this is impossible. This is because you have to take care of other family members and go to work.

To ease the burden, you can hire specialized a live-in caregiver referred to as a hospital sitter. Medical practitioners cannot provide round-the-clock service to all patients. Your hospital sitter will offer undivided attention to the patient. Therefore, they can give insights about the patient's health condition that the physician could have missed. This makes your parent's stay in the hospital stress-free, bearable, and comfortable. 

Wellness, Recreation, and Entertainment

Having an in-home caregiver allows the elderly in West LA plan assisted events and activities rather than staying home all day. Additionally, they can create a calendar of structured social events where the caregiver can transport them to movie viewings, gardening clubs, and book discussion groups.

Moreover, the caregiver can offer or take them to wellness lessons like yoga, walking groups, water aerobics, and tai chi as well as other fitness activities.

Assistance with Daily Activities/ Personal Care

Care to a client can be either minimal or comprehensive since they require care ranging from an hour, a day, or full-time. Our caregivers are available all day to assist you with personal care activities. That means you can have a program for daily personal care like bathing in the morning or having your meals in the evening. They are also available to meet your impromptu needs as well.

Here are common services you can request from our competent home care providers:

  • Mobility Assistance

The lack of ability to move around your home, city, or neighborhood is a stifling limitation. This is because you stop being a person who can drive to work or take your grandchildren to school to a person who needs assistance getting to bed and in and out of seats. If you do not have a person who can stay at home with you all day, then you risk remaining in your room all day, daily until your family returns from work.

Additionally, things such as table legs, chairs, toys, or rugs can become fatal obstacles. It takes a single fall for your health to worsen seriously. Having a caregiver in your home can assist you in getting around comfortably.

  • Transferring and Positioning

Like mobility, depending on the seriousness of your health condition, transferring and positioning is an essential part of the quality of life and recovery. Re-positioning can prevent the development of bedsores that can be infected and become severe if not treated quickly.

  • Incontinence Care and Toileting

One of the most challenging and personal tasks is admitting that you need assistance from time to time with incontinence care and toileting. However, a washroom is a dangerous place, and most injuries occur in the bathroom than any other room. This danger is compounded since there is a stigma to get to the toilet fast to avoid embarrassing accidents. Unfortunately, the aging process reduces your body's ability to hold it effectively. Our experienced home care caregivers offer judgment-free incontinence care and toileting that makes sure you can continue using washrooms comfortably and safely.

  • Bathing

As you grow older, making simple movements become painful. This is apparent to senior citizens with health conditions such as Alzheimer's who also forget aspects of bathing like using soap. Also, the elderly can develop a fear of water and will react with fright to the thought of taking a shower. In these cases, having a caregiver can help you overcome your hurdles effectively. Since you are likely to spend a lot of your time in bed or sedentary, bathing is essential. Your home-based caregiver will take it as their responsibility to make sure that you are comfortable and clean.

  • Dressing

Most senior citizens experience challenges dressing. Since age lowers your nervous system functionality, you may forget to dress or even refuse to wear clothes. If this is the case, a persistent coaxing may be required to ensure that you are appropriately dressed from head to toe.

Any experienced caregiver understands the significance of specialized clothes and will recommend solutions such as adaptive clothing or elderly shoes.

If you are still able to dress, the caregiver will organize and layout your clothes carefully.

  • Grooming

Another challenge experienced by senior citizens is effective grooming. Most kinds of grooming are for aesthetic purposes, while others are inevitable (leaves you uncomfortable if not done conscientiously and effectively). When home care caregivers work with you, they do basic tasks such as shaving with attention to detail. They will also perform clipping of your fingernails and toenails as well as apply hair products the way you desire.

One of the biggest challenges experienced by caregivers in the grooming process is product picking. For instance, a client with a neurodegenerative disorder may want to be shaved using a razor, while the blade is risky when used on a person with this condition. Caregivers are trained to gently let the patient's charge down and then suggest a safer option.


A healthy diet is an essential element of living a healthy life for every person. It also impacts your vitality and well-being in different ways. Live-in caregivers can assist you to realize a balanced diet or specialized diet depending on your needs. Whether you need a prescribed or specialized diet, our staff will assist you in preparing it. Moreover, they know what foods are best for your health. As a result, they will develop meal plans that are tailored to keep you as healthy and comfortable as possible.

Even if you like cooking, challenges like memory loss may make the cooking process disastrous. This is because it is either easy to forget ingredients and ruin the meal or injure yourself in the kitchen. With these hazards to put into consideration, it is best to have a person who will take charge of the cooking process.


Another outstanding service we offer is companionship. Companionship is equally essential as nutrition or assistance with daily activities. As you grow older, you realize that you become more isolated as a result of circumstances. This is because it is challenging to move around your neighborhood, your friends died, your family is busy working, and the world is less familiar. Nevertheless, that does not mean you give up on companionship. Although your caregiver can't replace your family and friends, they are available to talk about sweet nothings with you.

According to several studies, companionship can lower the effects as well as the development of diseases such as dementia. It is worth noting that companionship does not stop health conditions. Instead, it makes it bearable to handle and address.

Medication Reminders

Recalling to take medication is always difficult regardless of your age but remembering which drug to take at what time is more difficult as you grow older. With the help of a caregiver, you can be certain all this will be taken care of.  It is the responsibility of a caregiver to learn your medication intake once you are assigned to them. To get comprehensive medication instructions, your caregiver will also ask you or your doctor questions. They will also keep your drugs in safe areas where you cannot reach and make a medication mistake.

Shopping and Errand Services

If you're over 65 years of age, you are probably experiencing loss of memory or muscles that make it hard to get from one point to another and climb stairs. Hiring a renowned home care solution agency in West LA lowers the stress you experience daily by offering shopping and errands services such as:

  • Going to the postal office
  • Purchasing furniture
  • Grocery shopping
  • Drop-off gifts
  • Taking your car to a car wash
  • Taking your clothes to a tailor or dry cleaner
  • Shopping for clothes
  • Motor vehicle maintenance
  • Going to a pharmacy

Provision of Stroke Care Services

Even if you have the support you need from your family, dealing with the consequences of a stroke can be challenging. If your father or mother has been diagnosed with a stroke, one of the most effective ways to offer them an opportunity to recover is hiring services provided by live-in caregivers.

Physical activities are one of the services offered by our full-time caregivers that meets your needs.

Physical activities such as basic motor exercises are helpful as far as recovering from stroke is concerned. If you have lost the ability to move a certain body part, a qualified caregiver will coach you to move the body part in small increments.  Since stroke can also affect your ability to swallow, throat muscles exercises will be employed.


Do you need assistance with chores such as laundry and housekeeping? Employing a cleaning service can assist take the tasks off your plate. The frequency of cleaning depends mainly on how big your home is, the level of cleanliness you are looking for and the number of people living in your home. Our caregivers could assist with simple housekeeping tasks like:

  • Wiping down counters,
  • Cleaning your bathroom,
  • Doing dishes,
  • Laundry and ironing,
  • Vacuuming,
  • Changing linens,
  • Dusting, and
  • Assisting with pet care.

Alzheimer's Home Care Solutions

Alzheimer's is a progressive type of dementia that starts with mild loss of memory. Initially, your parent losing key may look harmless. However, as the condition gets in the later stages, memory loss worsens and could result in hazardous situations like wandering around the neighborhood and getting lost.

Fortunately, caregiver services can be customized to suit the patient's needs, irrespective of the stage they are in. Home-based care for the Alzheimer's patient can offer the required respite for you when you need a break. There are also services which offer memory care to make sure your parent is safe.

Moreover, having a caregiver in your home eases the stress on your loved one, particularly if they prefer aging in their home. According to studies, Alzheimer's patients who view their surroundings positively experience less stress and anxiety.

Find Compassionate Live-in Caregivers Near Me

As a senior, you face risks such as health emergencies and falls when you live alone. Fortunately, with a live-in caregiver, you will get that assistance immediately. Also, the caregiver will schedule activities like classes, trips to museums, and movie nights. These activities will help keep you busy and active. However, the decision to have a home care caregiver has never been easy. Fortunately, there are excellent resources and experts in West LA like Mom's Home Care who can assist you make an informed decision. For more information, contact our Los Angeles caregiver at 323-244-4789!