While there are many different types of elderly care, most seniors prefer to age within the comfort of their homes. Aging in place provides an independent, comfortable, and caring environment for seniors in Culver City. However, there comes a time when you (or your loved one) will need some help as you age within your home.

Making the decision to seek in-home care is not easy, but it’s necessary. If you find yourself struggling or unable to carry out activities of daily living, it may be time to call an in-home care service. The good thing about in-home care is that you don’t need to change much in your daily routine. You will still get to enjoy the comfort of your home- while receiving the important services you need to remain healthy.

At Mom’s Home Care, we understand the challenges that seniors (and their family members) face on a daily basis. Whether you need assistance with laundry, housework, or personal care, our skilled caregivers are ready to help in the best way possible.

You may also need temporary assistance when recovering from an illness, or just a break from caring for an aging family member. Regardless of your specific needs, our in-home care services are the best and most reliable in Culver City. 

In-Home Care for Seniors in Culver City

Culver City is one of the most unique places in the country. This small, closely-knit community is located within the busy and vibrant Los Angeles area. As a comfort haven within a busy area, seniors living in Culver City find the place peaceful, convenient, and accessible. Therefore, it makes sense why you would want to remain within Culver City as you continue to age.

At Mom’s Home Care, we don’t pressure you to move out of your home and into a senior living location. Instead, we respect the sanctity of your home and we’re committed to making you as safe, and comfortable as possible.

Many seniors aging in their homes don’t see the need for assistance until an accident happens. However, in-home care is useful in many different ways. You may need assistance with bathing, dressing or personal grooming; or you may simply need someone available to help you run errands.

The caregivers at Mom’s Home Care are professionally trained to help aging seniors in many different ways. For many years, we’ve helped seniors in Culver City to carry out their daily chores, prepare meals, and even explore the Los Angeles area as part of our companionship service.

The Benefits of In-Home Care 

You may be wondering how seeking in-home care in Culver City can help you or your aging loved one. The benefits that our in-home services provide include:

  • A more comfortable and healthier experience in your home

Seniors in Culver City love living in their homes and in their communities. At Mom’s Care, our goal is to make you more comfortable and healthier while in your home. As you continue to age, daily activities such as preparing meals, cleaning, and self-care become increasingly difficult.

Our in-home care increases comfort by providing assistance with many different tasks. For example, if you need a caregiver for just a few hours in a day, we can arrange for that around your schedule. And if you need someone to help for extended hours, we also have you covered. Flexibility in our care delivery makes you more comfortable and healthier while aging at home.   

  • Creating a safer environment for seniors

The primary concern with seniors who chose to age in their homes is safety. There are many risks that seniors face, from slips and falls to forgetting to take their medication. In-home care helps you or your loved one remain safe as they age.

We can help with medication reminders, mobility, and home care tasks so that seniors don’t have to stress themselves on a daily basis. And if you need emergency care, we can contact emergency services in a timely manner.

  • You can get a break from your busy schedule

65 million Americans (29% of the population) provide care for an aging, ill, or disabled loved one. If you find yourself in this position, it can be overwhelming to juggle between the demands of daily life- while still providing quality care.

In-home care can provide the physical and emotional relief you need when caring for an aging loved one. It’s important to understand when you need a helping hand, and Mom’s Home Care can help you attend to an aging senior within the comfort of your Culver City home.

  • Faster recovery from medical conditions

One of the unique benefits of in-home care is that you can recover better from an illness or a hospitalization. Many seniors don’t like remaining confined within hospital rooms as they recover from a procedure. With quality in-home care, you can spend more time in your Culver City home while recovering quicker.

Our caregivers can help you with daily living activities, errands, and housework so you can regain your strength while at home- instead of being stuck in the hospital.

In-Home Care Versus Other Senior Care Services

Senior living options have evolved significantly over the years. There are now many different retirement options- from residential care homes to assisted living. Many of these options require you to move out permanently from your home. With the promise of comprehensive care, social activities, and exciting amenities, many seniors find these options quite tempting.

However, few experiences are comparable to living in your own home. There’s a certain attachment that you may have to your home in Culver City, and making the adjustment to a completely new environment can be challenging. Simply put, retirement living may not be for everyone. You may still wish to continue living in your community, for the time being, perhaps considering retirement homes in the future.

Why Choose In-Home Care?

In-home care gives seniors the option of spending more time in their homes before retirement living is necessary. At Mom’s Home Care, we don’t blame you for wanting to stay in your Culver City home for longer. The area is welcoming, warm, and peaceful for seniors. You may have also developed a routine that meets your specific needs, and undergoing sudden change can be stressful. That is why in-home care services are designed to keep you comfortable, safe, and healthy as you continue to age in place.

With careful planning and support, in-home care is just as effective (and sometimes even better) than other retirement living options. As long as your specific needs are taken care of, you can enjoy a comfortable and supportive environment right within your home.

And who said that you won’t enjoy your social life during retirement? Our companionship services involve having regular conversations with caregivers- who are willing and ready to give you a listening ear. We also help you plan social activities. You can enjoy a trip to the zoo, park, or even a popular holiday destination during your golden years.  

How You Can Tell if You Need Home Care

Perhaps the biggest challenge that seniors (and their loved ones) face is not knowing when to seek in-home care. If you’ve lived independently for much of your life, it can be difficult to realize that you need assistance with basic activities. Therefore, many seniors find themselves struggling to meet their daily needs without seeking any help.

Denying help in the initial stages is common for many seniors. You may have spent years being the primary custodian of your family, and realizing that it’s now your turn to receive help is a hard pill to swallow. However, it’s important for you to know when receiving assistance is necessary.

At Mom’s Home Care, we make this decision easier for you or your loved one in many different ways. First off, we offer a free initial consultation. One of our experienced staff members will come to your home, hospital or care facility to assess the situation. Our staff members can also help you talk to your aging loved one about the need for care.

You can tell if you’re a good candidate for in-home care in Culver City if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • Carrying out activities of daily living has become too stressful or risky
  • You need assistance with running errands or moving around effectively
  • You’re recovering from an illness, surgery, or other medical condition
  • You need assistance (or a break) from caring for a loved one
  • You need help with medication reminders
  • You’re on a special diet and need help with food preparation
  • Your loved one has dementia, Alzheimer’s, or another similar disease that requires frequent care

The above list is not exhaustive, as there are many other situations where in-home care may be necessary. For example, if you’re terminally ill and wish to spend your final days in the comfort and privacy of your home, Mom’s Home Care can prepare a special home care plan for you.

Understanding the Services that Mom’s Home Care Provides

Mom’s Home Care strives to provide quality services to seniors in Culver City and the Los Angeles area. But don’t take our word for it- just review the services we provide for yourself and feel free to choose the ones that work best for your situation.

  • Basic care

At the core of our home care service plan is assistance with ADLs (Activities of Daily Living). These activities vary from one senior to the next, but they include everything from bathing to meal preparation.

Even before we begin providing in-home care, we schedule a consultation with you or your loved one to determine your basic needs. Some seniors may simply need help with cleaning the home and carrying out laundry, while others may need assistance with personal grooming and hygiene.

Having a clean and hygienic environment is key to the health of seniors. This is why we take time to develop a basic care plan that works for your specific situation. 

  • Companionship

Multiple studies have shown that seniors need regular social interactions during their golden years. When aging in the privacy of your own home, it can sometimes become challenging to have enough social interactions.

Luckily, Mom’s Home Care can step in to help. Our companionship services involve everything from general conversations to taking walks in the park. We also help you plan for vacations, so you can enjoy fresh air from your Culver City home.

  • Errands

Errands require lots of time and energy. From grocery shopping to paying bills, aging seniors may find it increasingly difficult to handle all their basic errands. Mom’s Home Care helps you complete your to-do list as often as is necessary.

Our caregivers are ready to follow your specific instructions regarding postage and mail, groceries, cloth and furniture shopping, and much more. The end results? Peace of mind and more free time in your hands.

  • Nurses on call

We’re more than just an in-home care service. We also provide nurses on call, who can help with urgent treatment if you’re unable to get to a treatment facility. Our team includes Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVN) and Certified Home Health Aides (CHHA) who are capable of providing many different levels of care. From disability care to chronic illness management, our on-call nurses help you remain healthy while aging in your home.

Find Home Care Services in Culver City Near Me

While home care is an important service for seniors, not any home care provider is up for the task. In fact, you need to make careful decisions when choosing an in-home care provider for you or your loved one. In-home care is a delicate and personal process, where you get to form a close bond with your caregiver. Therefore, you need a service that pays attention to your specific needs and is committed to helping you age comfortably in your home.

As a state licensed Home Care Agency, we’ve been helping seniors in the Los Angeles area since 1997. We’re not only experienced, but we’re also reliable, available, and professional in all our services. As specialists of in-home care, we strive to keep you comfortable in your home as you age in peace. Don’t struggle to do everything on your own, call Mom’s Home Care at 323-244-4789 to help.