Everyone finds peace and tranquility from their homes. When the stresses of the day weigh you down, your sanctuary is your home. We all want to keep living in our homes for all our lives. However, as we age, various circumstances can challenge our ability to take care of ourselves. The things we previously took for granted become a challenge to do every day, and we find ourselves needing assistance. Admitting yourself or a loved one needs elderly care is not easy. When the time comes, however, you can still continue enjoying the comfort of your home while having excellent assistance. As a child, your career or other obligations need not suffer because you need to care for your aging parents. If you live in Pacific Palisades, you can enjoy the services of Mom’s Home Care and have the peace of mind that your loved ones are receiving excellent care.

Why Seek In-Home Care

Taking care of your aging relatives can be challenging, especially when you have other obligations to take care of. Some people feel guilty asking professional caregivers to care for their loved ones thinking it will sound like one is abandoning them. However, one should not feel guilty or ashamed to ask for help. It is important to acknowledge when you cannot do it all and focus the time you have on spending quality time with your loved ones.

The elderly also find it difficult to seek help. To most of them, it is an indication they are weak and the feeling of losing their independence. Mom’s Home Care is an in-house care service provider for the elderly that understands these challenges and works well to ensure one is comfortable. For those that live in Pacific Palisades and its surroundings, Mom’s Home Care will assist you in caring for yourself from your home or your loved ones.

Our staff are highly skilled and experienced in providing excellent home care services, and are able to adjust the care to be specific to the individual. We are able to offer you permanent, temporary, or on-call services to your satisfaction. Sometimes you can be overburdened by the other obligations that you are unable to take care of your aging relatives continually. At such a time, Mom’s Home Care in Pacific Palisades will help you to provide care to your loved ones in the best way possible and keep them comfortable. As a result of this, your other obligations will not remain unattended, making it easier for you to balance your life.

Who Benefits from the Services of Mom’s Home Care

A person that needs significant help in their daily tasks is an excellent candidate to receive the services of Mom’s Home Care. However, there are many services we provide, and you can request for. Some of the times you will need our services will include but not limited to:

  • Your aging relative has a health challenge they are recovering from or was recently hospitalized, or has an illness and needs assistance to manage. For this, we can offer our services to assist for as long as we are needed.
  • As an elderly person, you need a person to help you with errands, transport you to various locations and places you have appointments
  • When your parent one is aging and suffers from a chronic illness
  • If you already have an existing caregiver, we offer temporary services for when they need a break to focus on personal issues.
  • When you realize your parent can easily fall or slip when alone at home, we offer ambulation assistance
  • When your parent is suffering from a terminal illness and wants to spend their last days at home, we assist in managing the patient and making sure their last days are comfortable
  • We also assist the elderly with household chores, provide personalized care and meal preparation, and any other tasks a senior may want to be carried out
  • If your parent is suffering from a disease that will require constant supervision such as Alzheimer’s or dementia

As we provide our services, we ensure your parent enjoys a healthy, safe, and convenient environment, whether permanently, on-call, or temporary basis.

Getting Started with Us

If you are in Pacific Palisades and surroundings and your aged parent needs to have a caregiver, or you are introducing the idea to them, at Mom’s Home Care, we will be there to help you. Make an appointment with us and get to learn in detail our services and have an opportunity to ask us questions. We also offer a consultation with no obligations where our staff member will come to the home of your loved one, hospital, or the care facility and make an assessment.

After the assessment, our staff will write a plan of care that is tailor-made to the needs of your loved one. Our staff members will also seek to understand if there are specific preferences needed before giving you the quotation. Once you have given all the details of the services you require provided, you will then be given the cost of the services.

Once we agree and begin providing the services, we keep you informed of everything that we are doing. We offer an optional feature called Family Room. It provides associate caregivers and family members with all the details regarding the team providing the care. Information is provided for medications, expected schedules, and details of completed tasks for each shift.

Additionally, for every new client, we offer a discount of 10% on our services in the initial two weeks. However, this is applicable where services are planned to take six hours or more a day, and they run for three or more days a week, and not for less than a month.

Why Us?

Your loved ones, especially your parents, took care of you in their younger years. As they age, they will need to be taken care of as well, and it becomes your turn to do so. However, this does not mean that you must be there all the time physically and let your other obligations suffer. To ensure a balance, you may need to hire caregiving services from a trusted home caregiver. If your loved ones live in Pacific Palisades or the surrounding, you don’t need to look far. Mom’s Home Care is a licensed care company for the elderly that is trusted and will help you with your loved ones.

To help you have peace of mind for choosing us, you can check out our services at the Department of Social Services in California and see our ratings. You can also look at the online reviews of our services and contact our current or former clients for their opinion.

We have extensive experience in providing non-medical care services for the elderly, and we shall do the same for you. Our staff is highly experienced and trained caregivers, and we have built a trustworthy name. We are well-reputed for our integrity, skills, and excellent care that is recognized in every part of Pacific Palisades. With our services, we aim to enrich the lives of our charges and enhance firm bonds.

We take great care in hiring the best and trusted staff that you will feel comfortable leaving your parents with. We ensure to hire caregivers that are highly skilled in completing tasks and have demonstrated a genuine concern for our clients. For each potential candidate, we perform a background evaluation as we thoroughly screen them. If one will be assigned to run errands and drive our clients, we ensure they hold a current and valid driver’s license from California and have a clean driving record.

Compared to our competition, we are an excellent choice because we ensure our employees are covered with general insurance liability coverage as well as workers comp. This ensures that as our client, you will not be left with liability or any risk-taking. The supervision of our staff includes using advanced technology to monitor them. If they are late with even ten minutes, we immediately alert you and get you a replacement within the shortest time possible. Our communication lines are open with our clients, and should there be significant developments, we communicate with speed.

On-Call or Live-In Care

We are flexible in providing care all day, part of the day, or on-call care for when one needs us. The length of time you decide to use us is totally in your control. Flexibility is one of our strengths and aims to ensure the set care plan for your loved ones is suitable for your needs, preferences, and situation.

If you have an emergency care request, we have standby staff available every hour of the day, all the days of the week. We understand that emergencies cannot be scheduled, and for that reason, we ensure to provide you a caregiver quickly.

The Services we Offer

We have various services we offer for the elderly all through the Pacific Palisades and the surrounding. As we carry out our duties to you, we ensure to maintain the highest level of respect and dignity to our clients always. We ensure flexibility in meeting the needs of our clients in all possible ways. Some of the basic services we provide to our elderly clients include:

  • Shopping and Errands

Often, an elderly person will have errands they need to run daily, weekly, or on a monthly basis. Sometimes when one is unable to drive, getting around to do various things becomes challenging. This makes it necessary for us to provide this service to the elderly. Our staff can do grocery shopping, getting you take-outs from restaurants, going to the pharmacy to fill your prescription, going to the post office, among other errands. If your loved one wants to enjoy the ride as our staff runs errands, they are welcome to do so.

  • Companionship

Every human desires companionship. Some elderly individuals that live alone can develop dementia, depression, Alzheimer’s, and a general decline in their lives because they have no social interaction. Aside from aging, those that have an active social life, they enjoy life more than those living in solitude.

Our caregivers will offer friendly companionship to them as well as engage them in conversations. They will offer the necessary social interactions, such as taking them to social events and companionship during meals. They can also watch TV together and play various indoor games to keep the senior’s mind alert.

  • Incontinence Care and Toileting

Although the topic is unpleasant to some, and many avoid it, it is a fact that many seniors require to be assisted when using the toilet. Fortunately, we understand how sensitive incontinence and toileting care is and how it can be frustrating and embarrassing to the elderly. If the elderly do not get proper care, they will face multiple issues such as infections, unpleasant smells, and hygiene problems in general.

Our staff is trained to provide compassionate and dignified help to those in need. We ensure a safe and healthy environment for your aging relatives. Should we assess and realize there is a need for enhanced safety features, we recommend for their installation.

  • Housekeeping

The elderly can find it challenging to clean and care for their houses. Mom’s Home Care in Pacific Palisades offers these services to ensure your loved ones live in a clean and comfortable environment. We ensure organized drawers and closets, dusted surfaces, clean rooms, and bathrooms. We ensure the home is healthy and livable for your loved ones.

  • Preparing Meals

When a person ages, they need to change their eating to be more healthy. We ensure that the seniors in our care eat a balanced diet, and if they suffer from any condition that requires a special diet, we make sure to stick to it. Our staff will do the grocery shopping and ensure to prepare nutritionally delicious foods for your loved ones.

  • Medical Reminders

Although our services are non-medical, our staff is trained to manage the intake of medication for your loved ones. We ensure our seniors follow the doctor’s prescription when it comes to taking their medications and document how the drugs are dispensed. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide invasive treatments, offer injections, or IV changes.

  • Personal Care

Some of the things we are able to do for ourselves and take them for granted can be a big challenge for the aged. We are able to provide personal care services such as bathing and general grooming. This will help seniors with their self-esteem and live a quality life. Dressing, flossing, brushing, among other day-to-day personal care aspects, can be challenging, and we help with the same.

Find a Home Caregiver Near Me

Getting a caregiver for your aging relatives can be a challenging task because you need to be able to trust them. Their location and flexibility is an added advantage aside from their reputation. Your parents are very precious, and you need to give them the best care you possibly can. At Mom’s Home Care in Pacific Palisades, we provide excellent home care for the elderly. Call us at 310-273-9600 for a consultation and let us discuss your needs.