As our parents grow old, they lose the capacity to take care of themselves. Unfortunately, life has become too busy to the point of having enough time to take care of them as much as we would like to do so. That’s why most people have resolved to depend on home care services to take care of their seniors. Mom’s Home Care offers in-home services to seniors living within North Hollywood.

Services that In-home Care Services Offer

North Hollywood Mom’s Home Care offers a variety of in-home services related to seniors’ needs. These services are as follows:

Assistance in Recovery from Illness

Elders usually take a long time to recover from an illness. This is based on their declined health and immunity level. Therefore, they require someone to help in their recovery and can offer close care. This cannot be achieved without the comfort of their homes and the proximity of a caregiver. That’s why in-home care services suit best for such needs.

Assistance in Running Home Errands

Since older adults cannot manage to handle most things by themselves, it is easier to use a caregiver to help them out with their day-to-day tasks. These tasks include shopping, house cleaning, dish-washing, gardening, and other essential home errands. North Hollywood Mom’s Home Care has professionals who are well-versed with all these tasks and can deliver them exceptionally.

Assistance in Personal Care

Seniors usually have problems with their care and cannot bathe, dress, or prepare a meal by themselves. Therefore, they need a health aid to help them handle these personal services for a few hours to around-the-clock based on the severity of their condition. In-home care service providers also offer limited assistance like providing medication reminders and taking the blood pressure of their clients.

Relieving Current Caregivers

If you have hired a caregiver for your senior, there are times that he or she needs a break from work. To ensure a continuation of the services offered to your senior, you must have a professional caregiver to relieve your primary caregiver. Therefore, an in-home care service would be the best consideration for such a situation.

Assistance for People with Dementia

Dementia is a significant setback for seniors living alone. They tend to forget a lot, and this can turn out to be dangerous to their living. However, with an assistant, they can easily handle their routine, since there is someone to keep reminding them. It is essential to seek professional in-home care services since they know how to handle people with such conditions.

Home Modification

If the mobility of your senior gets limited, it means that he or she cannot manage to walk on staircases or high places in the house. So, the only way to help them get around is by modifying your home to suit their limitation. With the assistance of in-home care services, you can easily modify your house to suit the mobility needs of your senior.

Common types of home modifications include installation of grip bars in showers, setting up ramps on steps, installation of a bathroom on the ground floor, and setting up a lift.


Older adults find it hard to drive, especially at night. They also find it hard to access the train, access taxis, get senior transportation services, and access rideshare taxis. However, with an in-home care service, they can be able to access these services more efficiently through an in-home assistant.

Technical Support

Apart from using smart home gadgets, seniors also need setting up their tablets, computers, cell phones, and other devices they have at home. Therefore, having an in-home care service to handle such devices for themselves in keeping them in touch with their devices.

Health Support

The majority of the in-home care services focus on providing health support for their clients. This comes with a variety of services such as health monitoring, physiotherapy, and many more. These kinds of services cannot be offered by any other person other than a professional in-home care service provider.

North Hollywood Mom’s Home Care can guarantee the best health support services that you need for your seniors.

Factors to Consider when Evaluating an In-home Care Service

Before you decide to choose a particular in-home care service, you should note a few aspects. This ensures that the service is perfect for your senior and his or her needs. It is advisable to evaluate the need for such services to ensure that you pick a company that delivers the best services and guarantee its longevity. Here are a few factors to consider when evaluating North Hollywood’s Mom’s Home Care service.

Location of your Home

The location of your home plays a significant role in the accessibility of your by the in-home care service providers. Most service providers might be inclined to access your home every day. Such a type of service delivery requires a service provider who can easily access your home.

Besides that, you should consider how easy it is to access the shopping mall, attend medical appointments, and proximity to community services and activities.

Accessibility within Your Home

If you are considering in-home service for your elderly parent, you should ensure that his or her movement is effortless. Therefore, you must evaluate the accessibility of your home and determine whether it suits the needs of your senior. This means that you have to check whether rooms such as the bathroom, bedroom, and porch are accessible.

Making this kind of evaluation will help you determine the sort of modifications that your house needs to accommodate the needs of your senior. A professional in-home care service should be able to provide a detailed assessment of your home to determine the kind of adjustments that it needs.

Support Available

Taking care of a senior is not a matter of the service provider alone. It requires the collective contribution of all people related to the respective older adult. So, you must evaluate whether you will be available to provide the necessary support that your senior needs while you are around. Your presence will not only work as emotional support to your senior but will maintain a healthy relationship with the caregivers.

Medical Condition

It is hard to predict the future. However, if your senior has a chronic disease, there are chances that it will get worse with time. Therefore, it is necessary to think about how you will handle such a situation as early as possible. This can be achieved through learning the common complications associated with the condition that your senior is suffering from.


Making a budget with an unanticipated expense can be a hard situation. Therefore, you have to ground yourself financially to handle any situation that might come forth. This calls for a thorough assessment of your financial situation to determine whether you are stable enough to achieve the kind of expectations you have.

Also, a thorough financial assessment allows you to find other financial support if you cannot manage to deliver all your senior’s needs. This includes health insurance, government support, and aid from your relatives.

The Opinion of Your Family

The view of your family matters a lot in maintaining a good relationship with the caregivers and your senior. You have to agree on the responsibility that each member will play towards achieving a suitable service for your senior. Some of the crucial aspects include the level of participation that each relative will play, financial responsibility, and follow-ups for your senior’s health.


The main difference between an in-home elderly care service and a senior center is how they deal with the isolation of their clients. An older home works as a community, whereas in-home elderly care works as a closed service. Both options have their advantages, but in-home service can make a senior feel isolated. Therefore, you must learn how to deal with this sort of situation to avoid losing the connection with your senior and make him or her resolve depression.

How to Choose A Reliable Home Care Service Provider

Choosing a home care service provider for your senior is not as easy as it seems. It requires a thorough evaluation of several factors to ensure that you get the best service provider. The following are the aspects that should guide you while choosing a home care service provider for your senior.

Check Whether They Have a Skilled Nurse

If your senior is suffering from a chronic ailment, you should find a caregiver who has extensive home care skills. This means that you will provide the best medical services for your parent without needing an additional caregiver to handle such services. Mom’s Home Care is committed to sending a skillful nurse to seniors living in and about North Hollywood.

Screen their Caregiver

You expect to receive a caregiver who is loving, empathetic, and caring. Therefore, you should have a thorough assessment process that will help you get such a person. This means that you should do an extensive background check on their police report, check whether they are insured, bonded, and their personality.

Caregiver Experience

The level of experience of any person has a lot to do with the level of service delivery that one can achieve. An experienced caregiver should have worked quite some years and established a remarkable reputation as well. Mom’s Home Care ensures that all their North Hollywood clients get experienced caregivers, and will deliver excellently.

Caregiver Competency

Apart from experience, you should check whether the caregivers you will be getting have gone through the training and certification needed in-home care service. This means that they should have gone through a course that is related to the services they offer, specifically, medical care services.

Also, you should check whether they have gone through the proper tests needed for their services. This includes TB testing, random drug testing, and pre-employment testing.

In-home Care Service Competency

Other than the level of competency that an individual caregiver has, you should check whether the company that they are associated with is competent enough. This can be checked through the legal certification that the company has. Ensure that they have been certified by a renowned government department related to the kind of services they offer.

Code of Conduct

You should insist on a company that holds core values such as character, respect, and attitude. Also, look for a company that has a thorough recruitment procedure and disciplinary criteria for their caregivers. Such a consideration will help you avoid situations where you have to deal with rude caregivers or caregivers who cannot manage to deliver as per your expectations.


Communication is key to any form of relationship between two people. If an in-home care agency fails to maintain clear communications with its clients, this becomes a possible setback in the success of the services required to provide. Clear communication between the service provider and their clients ensures transparency and minimal delays in the delivery of services.

Range of Service

Versatility is essential when it comes to home care services. It helps in reducing the costs incurred in hiring a variety of caregivers to handle different needs. North Hollywood Mom’s Home Care caregivers have the versatility needed to handle various services such as skilled nursing services, medication reminders, hygiene, and housekeeping.


The time that a senior needs assistance varies depending on their needs and your availability. Therefore, you should choose an in-home caregiver service that can manage to offer its services anytime. This requires a company that can accommodate and provides caregivers 24 hours, 7 days a week.


As much as you would want a specific service provider, you cannot spend more than your capacity. Therefore, you must have a variety of companies to choose from and pick one with the most reasonable price. As you make such a choice, ensure that the company of your choice can deliver excellent services despite their pricing.

Find Home Care Services Near Me

You have learned several aspects of home care services for the elderly. The primary consideration to make is finding a service provider who understands the needs at hand and has established a good record in their delivery. Mom’s Home Care can guarantee such expectations to anyone living within North Hollywood. Contact us at 323-244-4789 and schedule a free consultation with us to learn what we can do.