As an elderly person, you may find it challenging to do your normal day-to-day duties. If you have a loved one who is aged, it may be hard for you to admit that he/she requires specialized elderly care.

You may depend on other individuals, such as neighbors, to help care for your loved one while you pursue your career, education, and other personal obligations. These individuals may not be completely reliable, and untrustworthy too. This will make you constantly worry about your loved one’s wellbeing and safety, thus losing focus and concentration on other essential activities. 

This is why we at Mom’s Home Care are willing to help you. You can fully rely on us to take care of all your loved one’s needs, including nursing care, shopping errands, and basic house chores. We have highly trained, qualified, and friendly staff that will prioritize the needs, overall wellbeing, and safety of your seniors. Contact us if you are looking for a dependable home caregiver in West Hollywood. Read on to learn more about our services.

Fun Activities

As your loved one ages, his/her life will change dramatically. Not only do elderly individuals face physical challenges that come with aging, but they often outlive most of their family members and friends, which can leave them quite lonely. Loneliness may result in depression and other mental health problems.

We recognize the importance of fun activities in an elderly person’s life. You don’t have to leave your senior at home alone while you pursue your own interests. Instead, get someone whom they can interact with. As your senior gets to know him/her, new and exciting ideas for fun activities will be born. These fun activities can be either indoor-based or outdoor-based.

Here are some examples of fun activities that we offer:

  • Watching exciting movies, TV dramas, and documentaries
  • Board games
  • Crossword puzzles
  • Stamp collecting
  • Private book clubs
  • Casual walking
  • Reading stories to grandchildren
  • Painting
  • Mosaic

As your loved one takes part in these activities, he/she may rediscover old hobbies that he/she enjoyed years ago. Our caregivers ensure that your loved one is involved in an activity that is compatible with his/her physical abilities and interests. They also monitor and document safety precautions to enhance your loved one’s overall health and wellbeing.

Sometimes, you may have a nudging feeling that you should be the one doing all these things; yet you have other personal interests to deal with. It isn’t wise to have your heart wrenched into two or attempt to be a ‘superhero.’ You may also feel guilty because you will spend too much time taking care of your senior's interests and leave very little time to pursue your own goals.

Your elderly loved ones appreciate your efforts in making their lives more comfortable. However, they still worry if you don’t seem to be paying attention to your personal life. This is why you should avoid straining yourself and request for some assistance. With our help, your seniors will enjoy various fun activities, and you will have enough time to chase your goals. Everybody wins.

Hospital Sitter

Your loved one can be admitted to a hospital or clinic in West Hollywood. It is painful and traumatizing to watch your loved ones suffer from illnesses, and we understand your need to be by their side full-time. But, the painful truth is that it is not possible. You will still have to work to pay your bills and take care of your other loved ones, such as your children and younger siblings.

This is why we have built a team of specialized caregivers for hire. We refer to them as ‘hospital sitters,’ and their primary aim is to ensure that your loved one’s hospital stay is comfortable and worry-free. When you hire a hospital sitter, your loved one will be able to receive undivided attention.

Hospital sitters are not trained and qualified medical professionals, but they still play a crucial role in the recovery of your loved one. For instance, since they spend more time with your senior, they may discover valuable insights that will help the doctor or nurse treat him/her.

It is not only elderly individuals who may require hospital sitters. You can hire a hospital sitter for any type of patient, including infants, teenagers, new mothers, patients suffering from mental health problems, among others.

Even though hospital sitters may not be qualified medical professionals, we vet each of them thoroughly before hiring them to ensure your loved ones receive high-quality care. Here are some of the qualities we look for when hiring hospital sitters:

  • Excellent communication skills. A hospital sitter will be required to communicate regularly with the patient, his/her loved ones, and medical professionals. He/she must be able to speak concisely about how the patient is faring.
  • A patient sitter should be keen on his/her surroundings. This way, he/she will notice any change in the patient and quickly notify the doctor or nurse in charge.
  • Hospital sitters should be able to change their working shifts for the best interests of their patients. They should also be able to handle complex and varying medical conditions.
  • A suitable hospital sitter should always be understanding, and calmly guide your loved one to cope with his/her illness.
  • Lovable personality. We hire hospital sitters who are composed and have a natural ability to uplift a patient’s spirits.
  • First aid skills. A patient sitter must have some first aid skills to help take care of your loved one during emergencies.
  • Patient sitting is one of the noblest callings. A person who wishes to become a hospital sitter should have a strong desire to help those in need.

Live-In Care

Instead of a care home, you can opt for live-in care. Live-in care is an alternative to care homes for individuals who have long term illnesses, senior citizens, and the disabled.

Of course, you may want to remain at your West Hollywood home full time to take care of your loved ones. However, this may not be possible because you have other interests to pursue. At Mom's Home Care, we have well-trained caregivers who can offer professional live-in care to your loved ones.

Our caregivers will stay at your home with your loved one, and help him/her with the day-to-day tasks. They will also be available on call at night in the event of an emergency. Generally, live-in care will enable your loved one to maintain his/her independence and freedom because he/she will continue living at home, instead of trying to cope with new changes at an assisted living facility or residential care home.

We can offer live-in care for as long as you want. We usually create a specific service per your needs and preferences – we do not have any ‘one size fits all approach.’


You should have a clean and well-maintained home. This way, you will protect your family from infections brought about by harmful bacteria.

You must frequently clean restrooms and kitchens because they receive a considerable amount of traffic. Housekeeping is a time-consuming task, and it involves various repetitive and strenuous movements.

Elderly individuals may be unable to maintain their homes clean, especially if they are suffering from long term illnesses. Also, some young people may find it challenging to keep a clean and well-maintained home if they have a busy schedule.

We at Mom’s Home Care understand why housekeeping is important. We have hired a number of specialists who can professionally and efficiently clean your home. These specialists will ensure that they leave your home sparkling clean, and everything will be wiped down from surface tops to door handles to eliminate dust, grime, and build-up bacteria. We also know that you value your privacy, and this is why our caregivers are strictly professional while carrying out their tasks.

Your kitchen may have multiple components, such as stoves, countertops, kitchenware, cabinets, and refrigerators, that require regular maintenance. If it remains unkempt for several days, it will easily become a mess. There are several activities that you must regularly perform to maintain a clean kitchen. Some of these activities include kitchenware washing, sink washing, stove maintenance, mopping and sweeping, wiping cabinets and countertops, and cleaning freezers and refrigerators. Our professional home care experts can help you with all these tasks.

Besides kitchen cleaning services, we also offer bathroom and bedroom cleaning services. We can also assist with your laundry, pet care, reduction of clutter, and trash runs.

Errands and Shopping

Elderly individuals may experience both muscle and memory loss, which may make them incapable of running daily errands and shopping for their groceries. We at Mom’s Home Care can give a helping hand to such elderly seniors by providing shopping and errands services. Our caregivers will help your loved one complete most or all their tasks in their to-do list.

We know that moving from one point to another, getting in and out of a vehicle, or walking up and down stairs can become really strenuous and exhausting when you are aged. We aim to eliminate these everyday struggles and protect you from accidents that may arise when going for shopping or running errands. You can reach out to us if you would like any help when shopping or running certain errands in West Hollywood. We will ensure that we complete your errands and shopping on time. Our caregivers are 100% reliable and completely trustworthy.

We can offer assistance in the following services:

  • Grocery shopping
  • Car wash and car maintenance
  • Furniture shopping
  • Postal office errands
  • Drug store errands
  • Cloth shopping
  • Taking clothes to a tailor or dry cleaner
  • Return merchandise
  • Drop off gifts

Whenever we run an errand or shop for your loved one, we understand that we are helping an individual fulfill his/her personal needs. We practice respectfulness, professionalism, and integrity, no matter how mundane or small a task may seem to be.

Meal Preparation

It is quite essential to practice healthy eating. As our parents age, their bodies may start losing lean mass; and this will require them to start eating more nutrient-dense foods and observe well-balanced diets. If they don’t, they may suffer from malnutrition, develop severe medical complications, or their existing illnesses may worsen.

It may be extremely challenging for an elderly or disabled individual to plan and prepare meals. In fact, many of them opt to eat junk or processed foods, instead of a carefully prepared meal with specific ingredients. This is because they may not have enough strength to purchase groceries or cook. Moreover, their smell and taste may start diminishing, making them reach out for the salt shaker or extra-sweet foods more often. Some of them may lack a good appetite because of their medical conditions. Those who have memory loss may not realize that a particular grocery has expired. 

We at Mom’s Home Care can help your elderly loved ones observe a healthy and well-balanced diet. Our caregivers can step into your kitchen and prepare nutritious and wholesome meals for your loved ones. We will also help your elderly find the desire and strength to eat. Over time, he/she will regain his/her appetite. We can assist seniors who require a special dietary regime too. We will work closely with you to devise a suitable plan to ensure your loved one is well-fed.

Some of our meal preparation services include meal planning, dinner companion, grocery shopping, and dietary modifications and restrictions. We know how elderly individuals can be extremely picky over what they eat. This is why we usually ask them for their opinions when developing meal plans, as well as personally involve them as we cook.

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