Getting personalized care for your loved one is essential in facilitating their wellbeing as they navigate the latter years. They may not manage household chores that they were previously accustomed to, or new events may necessitate different kinds of care. For instance, if someone is unable to walk around the home, they will need a constant helping hand to perform specific duties and keep the household running as usual.

Mom's Home Care is equipped with a team of thoroughly trained personnel who deliver services to clients at their point of need. Our screening process is meticulous to ensure we only hire best-in-class individuals with vast home-specific experience to join our workforce. In this article, we will discuss how we serve clients and the kind of specialized services we offer in Brentwood, Los Angeles.

What are the Reasons for Choosing Mom's Home Care?

Mom's Home Care has professional caregivers for people who need specialized care for one reason or another. Our branch at Brentwood is fully-equipped to help patients under the following circumstances:

  • Recovering from an ailment or hospitalization, and need assistance as you recoup your strength
  • The current caregiver is going on annual leave or resigning from their job
  • Need help running errands around town or someone to take you to appointments
  • Your family member has dementia, and they must be supervised
  • Battling a terminal illness like cancer and prefer to stay at home
  • Need assistance showering and getting ready for the day or retiring at bedtime
  • Need help with essential tasks like laundry, cooking, and grocery shopping
  • You stand the chance of falling and need help ambulating
  • Your loved one has a chronic disease or health condition that requires special attention

Mom's Home Care endeavors to address yours or your loved one's needs so they can live a better quality of life when recuperating or dealing with age-related problems.

Specific Services Offered at Mom's Home Care in Brentwood

Having a loved one who needs specialized care means you have to find the best possible caregivers in town. You want assurance that your family member gets everything they need so you can have peace of mind while at work or living away from them. We understand our customers are keen to know the specific services offered at the Brentwood branch, and we discuss these offerings in this section.

  1. Companionship

Unfortunately, older people are often left to spend time alone as their family attends to life responsibilities like work and pursuing an education. This social isolation is not suitable for their wellbeing, and what's more, empirical research draws connections between extended isolation and the onset of dementia or Alzheimer's. Senior citizens are prone to mental deterioration, but loneliness is a risk factor that speeds up these problems.

A Dutch study published in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry surmised that lonely people have a 64% chance of developing dementia as compared to their more human counterparts. Please note, feeling lonely is the risk factor here, and not merely being alone at home. Therefore, the perceived absence of a social connection is what heightens the risk of cognitive decline among the elderly.

The caretakers at Mom's Home Care in Brentwood provide round-the-clock companionship and daily social interactions to clients, so they don't sink into loneliness. Having someone for conversations, watching TV, playing board games, sharing meals, or going shopping is necessary for social support. This level of personalized companionship helps to keep the mind active and engaged, so your loved one can stave off cognitive problems.

  1. Meal Preparation

Preparing healthy meals and ensuring the older adult is well fed is one of the leading concerns for our clients. They worry that their parents may not cook dinner or have a healthy breakfast, or perhaps they may forget to eat lunch or that healthy snack recommended by a nutritionist. Cooking is a complicated process for someone who may be suffering from onset memory impairment, arthritis, or only moving slower than before.

Elaborate dishes may become a thing of the past as they progress in age, so these senior citizens result in quick meals like bread and juice. Quick fixes may not address their daily dietary requirements, and they don't make for a happy mealtime either. For the sake of nourishment and proper nutrition necessary for continued health, our staff will prepare healthy meals and ensure your loved one consumes them.

We have qualified chefs who can take over meal prep and cooking dishes, so your loved one can still enjoy elaborate meals as they wish. They will appreciate having their favorite dishes prepared on time and served on the patio or another place of their liking. If you are hosting family and friends over, our cook can prepare the meal courses of your choice, so you don't have to labor in the kitchen. They will manage your menu plan and monitor the person's diet, weight, and overall body health.

  1. Errands and Shopping

If your loved one is accustomed to running errands on a stipulated schedule like weekly, bi-monthly, etc. they may be unable to fulfill these tasks over time. The effects of aging or recovering from an illness may hinder their ability to move around or drive themselves, so they need assistance. We have heard of many cases where senior citizens were living alone, becoming forgetful and absentminded so much that they could get hurt. They could leave the house and forget their way back until you find them wandering around at night.

It is our job to ensure their tasks are fulfilled on time, so they don't have to struggle to do them or exposing themselves to unnecessary danger. Also, running these errands ensures their lives are not disrupted, and they feel normal rather than feeling like they are missing out and getting frustrated with age. If the usual caregiver is taking a break, our staff can step in and perform needful chores or desired things like picking up their favorite food.

  1. Personal Care

Simple tasks like taking a bath, groom, and getting dressed become complicated as a person advances in age. They may slip and fall in the bathroom, forget where they put items of clothing, or neglect to dress appropriately. For instance, an older person living alone may forget to adorn warm clothes during the colder months or to turn on the heater. Bathing, oral hygiene, and getting dressed for the day are essential tasks that one cannot ignore, and that is why you need our services to ensure the older person is comfortable when you are away.

Mom's Home Care provides intense training to prepare its staff on delivering personal care to elderly clients respectfully and reliably. We understand that cultural barriers exist when it comes to bathing and dressing, and we ensure to assign a culturally-appropriate caregiver as per the client's needs.

  1. Housekeeping

The house or apartment must be kept in pristine condition, and this will involve regular vacuuming, sweeping, flushing pillows, cleaning the kitchen, scrubbing the bathroom, making the bed, doing laundry, etc. Keeping the home clean is an arduous task even for younger people and much less for someone over 65 years. Our staff will handle these duties along with taking out the trash, feeding pets and cleaning after them, and walking the dog.

Mom's Home Care has a fleet of staff to ensure that your home is properly maintained, including gardening, cleaning the pool, and other chores to keep your Brentwood property in great shape and livable. A clean home is not only relaxing for the mind but also keeps germs and other hazards at bay.

  1. Toileting

Just like bathing and dressing up, using the toilet becomes complicated with age, and this can yield frustration and embarrassment for the older person. At Mom's Home Care, our staff is specially trained to help clients in these situations without making them feel terrible about not managing things on their own.

More so, we ensure the toileting environment is clean and usable for older adults, so they don't contract any infections when using these facilities. We install grip rails, reposition the toilet roll, and adjust the toilet height if deemed necessary. Our staff will advise on the best toileting options and how to handle all kinds of incontinence, so your elderly loved one is comfortable at all times.

  1. Medication Reminders

Mom's Home Care specializes in non-medical care only, but we can remind clients to take prescriptions and manage the process, so they don't confuse the medication or mess up the dosage. We can maintain the client's pillbox, keep a detailed record of the drug dispensing process, and note any side effects if need be.

Please note, our staff is not trained to give injections, administer invasive treatments, or change IV drips. If your elderly family member needs these services, you will have to make separate arrangements with their doctor.

Which is better: Live-in or On-call Care?

Once you determine that your loved one needs help to navigate the sunset years, while they are undergoing treatment for chronic ailments, or after hospitalization, the next step is determining the kind of care. Would they benefit from having a live-in caretaker or on-call care? Whatever service you need, Mom's Home Care can provide either option as per your loved one's needs and working budget.

We can avail your chosen – and more – services on a short or long term basis to suit the prevailing circumstances. For instance, if someone is recuperating from surgery, and they need toileting and personal care services, you can arrange for a caretaker to reside in the home until your loved one is back on their feet.

Our professionals at Mom's Home Care are on standby to the lender a helping hand in whichever area you or your family member needs assistance. We are flexible to accommodate the evolving needs of clients, and we look forward to working together until we find what arrangement works best for your elderly loved one.

How Do We Screen Caregivers?

We understand that getting the best caregiver is of utmost importance, so you are at peace, knowing a qualified person minds your elderly parents or other family members. Mom's Home Care is keen to recruit the best candidates in the business, and to this end, we follow an elaborate hiring process as follows:

  • Candidates must fill out detailed application forms and include their resume
  • We hold several interviews with suitable applicants to cross-check their responses
  • Validating the applicants' experience and checking references at a personal and professional level
  • There must be valid licenses such as CNA, LVN, and CHHA
  • We gauge vital skills such as communication, DIY, health and safety awareness, etc.
  • Applicants must have a valid driving license, Social Security Number, and passport
  • We conduct extensive background checks to ensure there is no criminality involved
  • Candidates must have fingerprint clearance with the FBI and Department of Justice
  • Select applicants must pass a physical exam and TB test
  • We must test candidates for drugs and check their credit history as well
  • Applicants must have a verified BLS and CPR card
  • We check the driving past at the California Department of Motor Vehicles

Once the extensive screening process is over, successful candidates must partake in specialized caregiver orientation where they will learn the agency's culture and learn about care standards in California and nationwide. Training doesn't stop there; we offer refresher training as needed covering topics such as the rights of clients, safety, and home care services.

Find the Best Home Caregiver Near Me

Taking care of your loved one is not always feasible due to work commitments, raising a family, or geographical distances. Your aging parent may start finding it difficult to take care of the home, observe the desired personal hygiene standards, or eat healthy meals. When this happens, the next logical step is considering personalized homecare to handle necessary chores, so your parents can continue enjoying a quality life. If you or someone in your family needs a caretaker on a temporary or permanent basis, contact Mom's Home Care in Brentwood at 323-244-4789 to discuss suitable arrangements.