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Most families need home care services in one way or another. These kinds of services have been on-demand as people continue to be busy and cannot manage to take care of their loved ones. Home care services are the best since they offer more personalized attention to loved ones compared with assisted living homes. Mom’s Home Care provides credible services to anyone seeking caregiving services to their loved ones living within Reseda, CA.

When to Seek Home Care Services

As stated above, our day-to-day tasks have turned out to be daunting, making it hard to find time to ensure the safety of our elderly. There are a lot of risks of having them all alone mainly due to their health problems. On the other hand, it is not advisable to seek to take them to assisted living homes due to the kind of risks that come with such places.

Before you decide to seek home care services for your senior, there are a couple of factors or signs that would prompt you to make such a decision. Here is a detailed view of when you should seek home care services.

Lack of Mobility

If you note that your aging family member has problems moving from one place to the other, one might require constant assistance. This calls for services such as in-home care to ensure that a caregiver will help your loved one to move around and accomplish his or her daily activities. Some of the activities that the caregiver will help one achieve include attending doctor’s appointments, going to the grocery store, having a bath, and taking a stroll at the park.

Poor Memory

Dementia or memory loss can be hazardous to an older person. If you take note of such signs, you should consider hiring an in-home care service provider. The caregiver will remind your senior on the prescribed drugs and other relevant things in their schedule. This will give you peace of mind when you are confident that your loved one is safe.

Improper Medication

With the fact that older people forget a lot, there are chances that they will not follow the right prescription for their drugs. Also, older people tend to be stubborn and usually miss their medications on purpose. Since you are not around to take care of them, you should hire a caregiver to help them take their medication as required.

A Decline in Personal Grooming

It is usual for an elderly individual to overlook essential grooming habits such as bathing and wearing clean clothes. Therefore, it is best to hire a caregiver to assist your senior family member by setting up a convenient grooming schedule that he or she can consider. The caregiver will help in complex grooming activities such as laundry along with the other necessary grooming activities.

Desired Independence

Any human being desires independence and freedom. In that case, when your loved one is secluded in one place, such as an assisted living facility, this can easily affect him or her physically and psychologically. That’s why it is necessary to respect the decision of your seniors to stay in their homes rather than putting them in a nursing center. This gives them the comfort that they need in their last years.


Once your senior has incurred an accident at home, this should raise the alarm on the need for home care services. Common accidents that seniors face include tripping around the house, burns, sideswiping the curb, among other types of accidents. Our Reseda home care services will take a look at such instances and will make necessary adjustments needed to ensure that your loved one’s home is safe. Besides that, the care services will provide a caregiver who would help out in different activities that increases the risk of an accident.


With your busy schedule, it can be challenging to find enough time to spend with your senior and meet all his or her needs. Also, you have your family to take care of, and they might need your attention as well. Therefore, even if you might not mean it, there is a possibility of severe neglect at some point.

If you notice that your elderly is not having enough attention, you should hire a caregiver to help him or her. The caregiver will guarantee round-the-clock companionship, which is critical to your senior. Some of the ways that they offer their companionship include playing board games with them, giving him or her an outdoor walk, among other fun activities.

Inability to Prepare Food Properly

There is a point in a senior’s life when they lose the desire to prepare healthy meals. Therefore, they might quickly end up eating unhealthy food, which is not suitable for their health. Apart from their inability to prepare healthy food, they tend to lose their appetite and cannot manage to eat as before. The only solution to such a situation would be hiring a caregiver who would help your senior in his or her eating habits and food preparation. Our Reseda home caregiver will ensure that your senior gets a proper meal and eats properly.

Huge Utility Bill Arrears

Due to dementia, seniors usually fail to pay their utility bills on time. Leaving their utility bills unpaid may have their essential amenities disconnected, which may leave them in misery. Therefore, it is necessary to hire a caregiver to help them keep up to date with their utility bills. The caregiver will take care of the arrears as he or she takes care of other daily activities.

Cluttered Home

Since your senior family member lacks mobility, he or she might leave the house cluttered. You will possibly find piled up laundry, mail, and other situations that explain a cluttered home. Based on the situation at hand, you might find a large amount of clutter, which might indicate underlying physical or neurological issues.

In-home care services will keep your senior’s house clean and alert you over any possible underlying problem that might be the cause of the situation.

Benefits of Home Care Services

Before you decide to pick home care services, you need to consider whether it has any advantage compared with an assisted living facility. This will help you decide whether the option that you are about to make is suitable enough for your loved ones. Remember, you will be making decisions for your loved one, and you must consider a choice that best suits him or her. Here are a couple of advantages that home care services have compared with senior’s homes.

Guarantees Care Services at the Comfort of Your Home

As stated earlier, it is not to the wish of every older person to stay at an assisted living facility. Most of them prefer staying in their homes to ensure that they get the comfort that they deserve. Therefore, choosing to hire our Reseda caregiver will guarantee quality attention to your loved ones compared to a senior living facility.

Offers Private Attention

It is uncommon for nursing home employees to take care of the personal needs of their loved ones. However, with an in-home caregiver, you will be confident of quality attention to your loved ones and have his or her needs considered at all times.

Ensures that your Loved One Gets Personalized Meals

Often, nursing homes prepare meals similar to schools’ cafeterias. Therefore, there are fewer chances of having them get the kind of diet that they need for their health. In that case, your senior will continue deteriorating due to improper meals and poor eating habits. However, with an in-home caregiver, your loved ones will have the best meals and will have someone to monitor their eating habits.

Provides Access to Skilled Caregiver

An in-home care company provides its services based on the needs of a senior. Therefore, you will expect them to offer a skilled and licensed nurse if your loved one has underlying diseases. If your loved one is having mobility problems, the service provider will appoint a caregiver who is skilled in that specific problem. This is unlikely in a nursing facility since there are a lot of people and issues to take care of, which cannot guarantee a skilled person for the specific needs that your loved one has.

Personalized Medical Management

If your loved one has multiple prescriptions to consider, it can be confusing to manage them. However, with the help of a Reseda caregiver, you will be sure that your loved one gets the right medication, and they are monitored to avoid harmful medication interactions.

Ensures a one-to-one Support and Focus

In-home care services are unique since they offer one-to-one personal support that guarantees a strong bond between the caregiver and their client. A senior person is more likely to trust a private caregiver than a nursing home caregiver, which ensures quality delivery of services.


The average cost of home care services is $132 compared with a nursing facility, which averages at $544. Therefore, seeking home care services will offer an affordable care service for your loved one, which ensures quality attention at the same time.

How to Choose a Reliable Home Care Service Provider

Once you have settled with the idea of hiring a home care service provider, the most significant big task would be choosing the right service provider for your loved one. There are several aspects that one should consider to settle on a reliable company. Below are several factors that you need to consider when hiring a home care service provider.

Seek Referrals from Close Members

There are high chances of finding a service provider who matches your expectations if you have several options to compare. Your friends, family members, coworkers, and neighbors are in the best position to recommend companies that are trustworthy and perfect for your selection. Get at least five options that you can manage to compare within the shortest time possible. Your choices should also be located within Reseda to ensure that you evaluate them comfortably and efficiently.

Determine What Kind of Organization that You Need

Home care service providers can either be full-service agencies or independent providers. Both options have their pros and cons that you must evaluate. Full-service agencies come at a higher cost but have excellent services since they usually conduct a background check on their caregivers.

On the other hand, independent providers are usually affordable, but you might require to conduct a background check on the caregivers to ensure that they are suitable for your consideration.

Ask About Licensing and Training

Just as you would not trust a doctor without proper training, you do not have to trust a caregiver without appropriate training. In that case, you should expect a well-trained and licensed caregiver for your loved one.

Check whether the in-home service provider of your choice has been licensed by the Department of Health and Human Services or any other agency responsible for their licensing. All the staff members associated with the company should be vetted accordingly, and a background check should be done as well. Also, you should check the kind of criteria used by the company to ensure that their staff maintain quality services and confirm whether it is reliable enough.

Check whether They are Experienced

Other than having a license, a reliable in-home care service provider should have experience. The level of experience of such a company is considered by the period that they have been working. You would expect such a company to have positive reviews from its former clients on their social media pages.

Ensure that They Support Independence

Your senior desires to have independence and dignity. Therefore, the in-home care service provider that you choose should uphold the independence of your loved one while they maintain quality delivery of service at the same time. This would require an evaluation of the policies that they have set in place regarding their delivery of services once you hire them.

Find Reseda Home Care Services Near Me

The need for in-home care services cannot be ignored once your senior family member reaches a certain age. Even so, you do not have to settle on any company or service provider that comes along. You have to pick a service provider that matches all your expectations, and your senior is comfortable working with him or her. Mom’s Home Care has the reputation of offering excellent services to its clients living in Reseda, CA. For more information about us, contact us at 323-244-4789 and let us help you.

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