If the safety of your aging loved one concerns you. If your elderly parent is living alone, it is paramount that you ensure his or her safety. You can consider hiring an in-home care service provider as the best way of ensuring that your loved one is entirely safe.

Mom's Home Care is an agency that is at the forefront of the Hollywood area when it comes to home care services. We are a reputable agency dedicated to serving seniors and their families through professional caregiving coordinated with personalized care plans.

But how do you determine that it is the right time to seek in-home care services for your loved one? Well, the following are the telltale signs:

  • Loneliness

With the advancement in age comes an increased sense of isolation compared to the young ones. Since you have a family of your own that needs your attention and a busy work schedule, it might be difficult to spare some time with which you can spend with your aging loved one, leave alone cater to his or her every need.

While it is not intentional on your part, your loved one may feel neglected and lonely. Once your aging relative becomes steeped in loneliness, it can be quite hard for him or her to get excited about life again.

Is your aging loved one continually seeking your attention?  The attention seeking is a sure sign that he or she is feeling lonely. Upon the realization, it will be in their best interest to hire a caregiver who will offer round-the-clock companionship. The caregiver will help your senior deal with the sickening feeling of rejection and loneliness.

Moreover, having someone to talk to and interact with will brighten your lonely aging relative's day. Knowing that someone is coming to spend time with him or her serves as a powerful motivator to get up, bathe, and get dressed in clean clothes. Interacting with another person, reminiscing and imparting snippets of wisdom acquired over a lifetime can help your aging parent re-engage with the world.

  • Lack of mobility

Consequently, aging interferes with one's movement. How easily can your aging parent move around on his/her own? If walking around is a challenge, they need a helping hand, and now is the right time to contact Mom's in-home care service provider. Our caregivers, will not only help your aged parent move around the house but also accomplish daily activities which would otherwise be impossible.

  • Poor memory

How sharp is your aging loved one's mind? If they are having difficulties remembering things, it is crucial that you hire an in-home senior service as soon as you can. Memory loss accounts as one of the symptoms of dementia, and if your loved one is suffering from the condition, he or she may forget important things such as taking his medications, honoring doctor's appointments and paying utility bills. Seeking the help of a caregiver for your senior gives him/her peace of mind knowing that everything will run smoothly.

  • Incapability to prepare food

Losing the ability to cook healthy meals may mean that your aged relative will battle malnutrition. Isn’t it sad for him/her to remain malnourished when in-home care services exist? Bring caregivers on board who will help prepare age-appropriate meals for your aged loved one.  A proper diet will keep them full, healthy and prolong their life a little longer.

  •  Declined personal grooming

Aging has a way of impairing one's ability for proper grooming. Your seniors may, therefore, fail to observe basic grooming habits such as bathing, wearing clean clothes, etc. Is your senior keeping up with his or her prior personal grooming habits? If not it is high time you hire in-home care services. A caregiver will set up a convenient personal grooming schedule that will ensure that your loved one's hygiene remains maintained.

  • Desired independence

Freedom and independence are vital for any human being. Just like younger people, seniors can benefit significantly from being mobile. Therefore, restricting them to a specific area can be detrimental to them both psychologically and mentally. If you notice that your elderly relative cherishes his or her independence but needs constant help, then it is best to hire an in-home caregiver instead of relocating your loved one to a nursing home.

Your aging relative deserves home care that best enables him/her to live comfortably, safely, and independently in his/her home. At Mom's Home Care, we offer a variety of services at your senior's home. Our services include:

  1. Companion Care

Talking is something that people across all age groups enjoy. For seniors, being in the company of someone who cares makes a huge difference in their lives. Caregivers from Mom’s Home Care offer companionship that suits individual senior’s needs.

So, whether your loved one wants someone he/she can open up to or rekindle the joy of doing what they are fond of such as hobbies, our caregivers will outrightly step in. Additionally, we will help your old relative keep in touch with family and friends who live far away. For the connection, our caretakers will set up video phone calls, write emails, and connect them on social media, etc. All the services offered by our friendly experts in both personal care and companionship aim at making your parent's aging more graceful.

  1. Personal Care

Maintaining general personal hygiene becomes increasingly tricky as one grows older. At Mom's Home Care, we provide personal care services for seniors to ensure that their hygiene remains top notch. Our care services include:

  • Bathing: Depending on your loved one's health condition, our caregivers will figure out a most suitable bathing schedule. They will also ensure that the bathing environment is safe. The professional will help eliminate the floor’s slipperiness to keep falls at bay while maintaining favorable water temperatures. Moreover, the elder's dignity during a bath is our top priority.
  • Grooming: With our services, your seniors will always be well groomed. Our caregivers offer hair care, skin care, and nail care using mild, safe products to bring out the senior’s best qualities. While at it, your seniors will maintain as much of their self-care as possible since we mind the elders’ sense of self-independence even though they need assistance with other things.
  • Dressing: The caregiver also has to ensure that your loved one is smartly dressed. Our caregivers will help your loved one choose comfortable and appropriate clothes, and assist them with zippers, buttons, and shoelaces.
  • Toileting: Our caregivers are highly trained to handle patients with incontinence. Despite your loved one’s difficulty in controlling his bowel or bladder functions, our caregivers will cater to his/her special toileting needs. Besides making use of the correct continence aids, our caregivers are always ready to clean or change those with incontinence to prevent the risk of infection.
  1. Assistance with Ambulation

Mobility is another critical aspect of a senior’s sense of confidence and self-independence. Ambulation assistance generally involves assisting seniors to move or walk around in a wheelchair or get in and out of bed. Upon hiring us, you can rest easy since your aging loved one will get ambulation assistance.

Our caregivers will assist your seniors with indoor and outdoor movements irrespective of whether they use a wheelchair or not. Our caregivers also take all precautions to reduce the risk of fall, such as choosing proper footwear, suitable devices that offer better support and grip, walking cane or walker, etc.

  1. Transportation Assistance

Loss of motor skills is a problem that also manifests in old age. If your senior has lost his or her ability to drive, our in-home care service in Hollywood will come in handy. The caregivers are always ready to offer transportation assistance whenever the need arises. With our caregiver as the driver, your loved one will not have to miss important appointments or events.

  1. Light Housekeeping

Regular housekeeping is necessary to keep your aging relative's home comfortable and safe. Our highly dedicated caregivers will attend to the section of the house that your loved one uses the most. The areas that they focus most on include the kitchen, living room, bedroom, and the bathroom.

Additionally, our caregivers handle light housekeeping duties such as sweeping and mopping floors, cleaning the dishes, kitchen countertops, sinks, and appliances, as well as organizing kitchen items and taking out the trash. They also ensure that the bathroom is neat by cleaning the sink, shower, tub, and toilet with a disinfectant. Let us keep your senior’s bathroom cabinets organized while maintaining clean towels.

 Mom’s Home Care experts also carry out general maintenance of other sections of the house, such as vacuuming rugs and carpets, dusting, cleaning mirrors and, inner windows. They also help with other lighter house chores such as laundry, ironing, and changing bed linens. Nevertheless, they perform light gardening tasks such as watering plants, as well as taking care of pets.

  1. Meal Preparation

Due to physical limitations, the majority of aging individuals usually need help with preparing and serving meals. The decline in smell and taste along with difficulty in chewing food usually diminishes their desire to eat. At Mom's Home Care, we primarily focus on offering assistance to seniors who have lost their capacity to prepare healthy meals for themselves.

Our caregivers have unmatched culinary skills which are essential in preparing and serving tasty and healthy meals to the elderly. First, we assess our clients’ specific nutritional needs to ensure they receive healthy, age-appropriate meals. Also, we avoid foods that can worsen our clients’ condition or reduce the effectiveness of the drugs that our clients may be taking.

Our caregivers also understand that the easiest way to encourage seniors to prepare and eat healthy foods is making them part of the meal preparations. That's why our caregivers like to take our clients' grocery shopping and cook meals together if our clients' health permits. Besides ensuring that our clients get healthy foods, our creative caregivers ensure that each meal looks as good as it tastes.

  1. Errands Service

In most situations, our caregivers get to run errands for our esteemed customers. Such duties involve going to the pharmacy to collect medications, deliver clothes to dry cleaning agencies, or going to grocery stores. If your loved one is bedridden, sick or incapacitated, our caregivers will be happy to run daily errands for him or her. We can also run the errands in the company of your loved one if he/she wishes and is able.

  1. Medication Reminders

Most seniors are constantly under medication to help manage health problems from which they suffer. Sadly, sensory decline and memory impairment can make it hard for them to maintain the complex medication cycle. When not consumed as prescribed, the medication can cause more harm than good. Our caregivers will step in to ensure prompt and timely adherence to doctor’s prescriptions. You need your seniors healthy, don’t you?

Part of our caregivers’ primary responsibilities is to keep track of the medications our seniors are taking. So, once you hire our Hollywood in-home care service, we will pair you with a caretaker to ascertain that your loved one never misses medication or a doctor’s appointment.

Caregivers from Mom’s Home care also offer help with medication management. In addition to keeping track of multiple medications for daily use, they are also keen on handling medications with utmost care. Besides ensuring that drugs are administered in a specified manner they foster proper storage of the drugs.

Everybody needs good company especially when unwell; we will accompany your seniors for their scheduled doctor’s visits. While accompanying your loved one, we will carry all the senior’s medications and supplements for the doctor’s review. Are there any side effects on your seniors from some specific medicines? Our experts are keen to identify any adverse side effects or drug interactions which they report immediately to the concerned doctor.

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Your aging loved ones deserve the best possible care which they can receive in the comfort of their home. The caregiver must, however, be highly skilled, experienced, friendly, and above all understanding and empathetic. Mom’s Home Care guarantees that and so much more. Besides taking care of seniors, we also offer care to children, teenagers, and adults who are in dire need of home care. For instance, we provide in-home care services to those who need assistance with daily activities when recovering from illness or after surgery.

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