Are you an elder who needs help with day to day activities? Do you know of any aging individuals in need of help getting to their appointments? Does your loved one have special conditions like Dementia and requires supervision? Do not worry; Mom's Home Care is here for you. We understand that as we grow older, it may not be easy to perform all tasks needed to live a comfortable life. For this reason, we are ready to offer you or your loved ones the best care possible.

Our caregivers have prior experience and proper training to handle the most complex issues that may arise during care. Your happiness and that of your loved ones are our priority, so you can trust us to give them the best care.

When you call us, our professionals will come to your home and give you an assessment before you make any decision.

Our agency is a licensed business that offers home care services to residents of Manhattan Beach and the surrounding areas. You can count on us for the safety and well-being of your loved ones. If you wish to give older people around you the best care, we are here to help.

What is Home Care?

Home care is a state-approved service provided by professionals to people in need of care that cannot be easily provided by family or friends.

Clinicians and staff of homecare service visit homes and offer various assistance to people at their homes. Home care is especially suitable for people who would rather stay at their homes than stay at a senior housing or an assisted living community.

A proper home care agency should have the necessary components to ensure that its patients and clients receive the best care. The essential elements include emotional support, social support, spiritual support, etc.

Home care staff should be well trained and compassionate to handle all the needs of the elderly. When caregivers are skilled and compassionate in their jobs, it will be easier for them to get along with their clients/patients.

Who Qualifies for a Home Care?

To qualify for home care, you need to be:

  • A person of age 65 and above
  • An elder who cannot perform minor duties or activities due to minor illness or injuries
  • An individual with fatal illness, but desires to receive Home Care services
  • A person in need of assistance such as running errands and other personal care assistance
  • An individual at risk of falls and any other risk factors that come with aging

The Services We Offer at Mom’s Home Care

We understand the importance of watching over your loved ones and keeping a close eye on an elderly with special needs. So, when it gets hard to juggle all your activities while taking care of your elderly relative, we are here to help you. We offer various services to help you get through the trying times.

The services include the following:


For those patients that are lonely and may not be left home alone, our professionals offer companionship. The caregiver will be responsible for keeping them safe and ensure they do not lack the necessary social support.

Medical Reminders

For patents under medications, we will remind them to take their prescriptions. We understand that due to illness or aging, patients may forget to take their medications or take the right amount of prescriptions at the appropriate time. For this reason, our caregivers will ensure that they receive the right medications.

Running Errands for Our Patients And Clients

Our certified caregivers understand that it may be difficult to tend to your daily activities when sick or aging. Therefore, we assist them by running daily errands and household shopping. When you trust us with your care and that of your loved one, we will be there for your every need.

Daily Living Activities

Our caregivers are professionals who understand the kind of challenges that patients can get when they get sick or age. On that account, our staff will offer support for daily living activities to its patients. The activities include personal grooming, bathing, toileting, feeding, dressing, oral hygiene, and walking.

House Chores Services

We understand that it is difficult to manage household chores when you are sick or aging. Thus, we provide housework services such as laundry, cleaning dishes, vacuuming the house, and other simple tasks. By doing this, we understand that we will be doing a big favor to you and your loved ones.

Diet and Nutrition Support

When it comes to matters to do with the body, we know the importance of observing proper diet and eating healthy. As a result, we offer food and nutritional counseling to patients who are in need. Elderly patients, recently discharged patients, bedridden patients, and patients with injuries need a proper diet to regain their strength and live a healthy life.

Occupational Therapy

For people struggling to regain their strength or adapt to new changes, we understand how hard it can be. Because of this, we offer occupational therapy to people who have physical, emotional, or developmental problems. We help our patients regain their strength or use specialized equipment to handle their needs.

Home Health Care

At our agency, we provide health care for patients with minor illnesses who have recently been released from the hospital but need special attention to recover. Other patients that may need a health care service include people with injuries and an elderly with minor illness or injuries.

Private Nursing Care

We understand how chronic illness takes a toll on both the patient and close family members, which is why our private nurses are here to help. For patients who can not take care of themselves because of illness, we provide individualized nursing care to ensure they receive the best care for them to thrive. Our nurses are compassionate and well trained, so that nothing will be complicated for them.

Some of the chronic illnesses that our private nurses deal with are as follows:

  • Stroke Care

A stroke happens when the human brain does not receive the right amount of blood. When a stroke occurs, a person is unable to perform essential activities, which includes thinking, moving, and speaking.

A stroke is devastating when it happens to your loved one. That is why our caregivers are trained to provide various care services to elderly patients with stroke.

These types of services are physical activities, therapy, cognitive activities, and activities that require technology-based assistance.

  • Dementia Care

When age interferes with memory, leading to Dementia, our caregivers will be there for you. We understand that Dementia can make it harder for you or your loved one to perform even the most straightforward task.

With other essential parts of your life that need care like work and kids, we understand that it may be harder for you to handle a loved one with Dementia.

Calling us for our help and services will be the first step to home care living. For you to be at peace with yourself, you should remember that the purpose of asking for help is not a sign of weakness, but rather to admit that you care about yourself and your family.

Our caregivers will offer various services to you or your loved one with Dementia because they are familiar with different types and stages of Dementia. The service includes assistance in medical management, taking patients for appointments, etc.

The other forms of Dementias that we handle include Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases.

Advantages of Home Care

When deciding which home care is suitable for you or your loved one, it is essential to consider the different benefits home care provides.

Below are some of the benefits that our homecare offers residents of Manhattan Beach:

  1. A Peace of Mind

We provide thorough background checks on all our caregivers. A background check ensures our clients have peace of mind when the caregiver is at their homes. The background checks include a criminal background that provides wide-ranging data enough for our clients to trust us.

  1. Insurance and Security

We ensure that our clients' are safe and away from any disruptions. The law clearly instructs Home Care Agencies to get insurance for any theft that may arise at their client's home. For this reason, we are insured and diligently follow through on all cases of theft and abuse from the caregivers.

  1. Our Agency is Obligated to All Its Employees

We are responsible for all of our employees. The responsibilities include taking care of the caregivers' compensations, employee payroll taxes, insurance, and any liabilities that may arise during service hours.

  1. Caregivers Continuous Training and Supervision

We ensure that our caregivers are regularly trained to handle the most complicated issues with professionalism. For this reason, we continuously maintain and supervise our caregivers to the right standards. Continuous training will help them handle emergencies, personal care tasks, and prevent false falls.

  1. Affordable Rates

Healthcare is expensive, and we understand that it can be challenging to cater for all the expenses. For this reason, we offer affordable rates to our clients and patients. We don't want you to struggle with the financial burden that may arise when taking care of your loved ones. Therefore, you can relax knowing that you and your loved ones can safely afford our rates.

  1. Availability

Our professional caregivers understand that various needs may arise at different times. Therefore, we are available 24 hours and seven days a week in Manhattan Beach. When you or your loved ones require our services, you can comfortably call us.

  1. Both Live-In and On-Call Care

We offer both live-in and on-call care to our patients. Depending on your preferences, we will provide the needed care, be it a live-in or an on-call caregiver. Our caregivers are also flexible, based on the length you may need us.

Our Caregivers

When hiring a caregiver, you may wonder whether you can trust them or their services. Well, you can relax because our caregivers in Manhattan Beach have passed all our screening process.

The screening process that our caregivers have to go through before hiring them includes the following:

A Thorough Application Process

We ensure that our applicants fill out a detailed application process. A comprehensive application process ensures we understand the reason why the applicant is applying for the job, previous experience at-home care, and any other necessary factors. We thoroughly review the applications and the applicants to ensure we call the best for interviews.

The Interview Process

During the interview process, we look at different things from our applicants, which include communication skills, grooming, proper etiquette, experience, and any relevant training. We want our patients to receive the best care from our caregivers; that is why we employ only qualified applicants with a compassionate heart.

Validation of the Necessary Experiences

If the applicant has any relevant experiences, we ensure that we validate them by calling the previous home care references. A prior agency that knows the applicant will provide the necessary information that would vouch for the applicant's capabilities.

Assessing the Applicant's Relevant Skills

Before offering an applicant a caregiver job, we ensure that we conduct a proper skill assessment. A skill assessment will ensure we get all the relevant skills information about our potential employees.

All Background Checks

At Mom’s Homecare in Manhattan Beach, we ensure that our applicants' backgrounds are thoroughly checked for any suspicious past activities. We conduct all background checks, including criminal histories. The background checks will ensure we get all comprehensive data about the applicant.

Our backgrounds checks include the following:

  • Verification of the Applicant's Documents

To prevent fraud and any other crimes, we verify our applicant's State IDs, driver's licenses, and passports. We don't want our patients and clients to be victims of theft or fraud.

  • Licensing

We ensure that our potential employees are licensed for the relevant skills they offer. License is mostly important for those offering medical assistance.

  • Driving Record

We ensure that our caregivers have a good driving record by conducting a DMV driving background. A DMV background will help prevent unnecessary driving issues that may arise when our caregivers drive your loved ones.

  • Finger Print Checks from the Department of Justice(DIJ) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

We require our applicants to obtain a fingerprint clearance from the FBI and the DOJ. A fingerprint check ensures our applicants have no prior convictions, arrests, or listed as sexual offenders.

  • Drug and Medical Screening

When conducting interviews, we include medical and drugs as a part of our screening process. Drug screening will ensure that our potential employees are not drug abusers while medical testing will check for any communicable diseases such as TB. The examination will ensure that caregivers don't put your elderly loved ones at any health risk.

About Us

Mom’s Home Care is a team of certified professional caregivers whose purpose is to provide the utmost care to the elderly. With our teams’ dedication, our clients will not have to worry about the various services offered. Our caregivers are also compassionate in what they do.

We value our clients and respect their wishes when it comes to the kind of services they would prefer.

Why You Should Choose Us

If you are trying to decide on the right home care for you or your loved ones, here is why you should choose us.

  1. We have Quality Assurance Programs

The quality assurance programs at our home care make sure that we receive feedback on our services. Regular feedback will help us improve and offer quality services to our clients.

We also conduct visits to check on the work progress for all our caregivers; this enables us to evaluate our caregivers' performances at work. Unannounced visits also help in keeping our caregivers busy in their duties and ensuring the clients receive everything they need.

  1. Monitoring Our Caregivers

We have a monitoring system that keeps track of all of our caregivers. Our complex phone systems enable our caregivers to clock in and out of their shifts. The systems help us keep track of our staff's work and their attendance records.

  1. Fast and Reliable Services

We understand that when you need home care, you need it as soon as possible. So, you can trust us to offer fast and reliable services to you and your loved ones.

Find a Reputable Home Care Near Me

With the sensitive nature of your needs or that of your loved one, it is vital to keenly take a look at home care agencies before making any decision. However, it may be challenging to know the best agency for you or your elderly relative because of the different Home Care agencies that are available in Manhattan Beach.

We at Mom’s Home Care have everything to offer as far as proper home care services are concerned. We are a reputable and licensed agency that cares for the well-being of the elderly. We invite you to check out our clients’ reviews and customers’ satisfaction with our quality services. Please call us today at 323-244-4789 if you need compassionate and well-experienced caregivers by your side.