When seeking home care services, you will have many options because there is a wide range of home care providers. When choosing the best home care provider for your senior, you should have the comfort and happiness of your senior in mind. Ensure that you ask all the right questions and seek adequate information on services offered by your home caregiver.  When you finally choose one caregiver, provide information about your senior. Does your loved one only need a person to help him/her with everyday needs, or does he/she require specialized care? If you are in El Segundo, we at Mom’s Home Care will offer reliable home care services for your loved ones.

How to Find The Best Home Care Services

With many home care providers in El Segundo, choosing the right one can be a challenging task. To make the right choice, you need to understand the qualities of a good home care provider. You need to know what you should look for. Some qualities of good home care providers include the following: 

Skilled Team of Professionals

The best home care provider should have a skilled team of professionals. The professionals may include qualified nurses and caregivers who offer excellent services. Skilled people not only fully understand their job, and they also know how to handle an elder with empathy. Different seniors may have different requirements. The best home caregiver should be able to customize his/her needs to suit the needs of the senior. In most instances, home care personnel work in shifts. A well-resourced home care business will easily fill a shift with other skilled personnel if a caregiver is unable to show up. Before hiring home caregivers, ensure that you meet with them face to face. Interview them about their understanding and skills pertaining to senior care. This will help you to make a proper hiring decision.

Special Requirements

When hiring a home care provider, ensure that the caregiver can be able to meet the special requirements of your loved one. After an illness, surgery, or injury, the life of your loved one could greatly change. The senior will have a wide range of needs. For instance, a senior may require someone to remind him or her about medications to take. A senior may also need someone to run errands on their behalf or prepare meals for them. Seniors may also need specialized nursing services. Ensure that you go for a caregiver who can cater to the collective needs of your loved one.  In case of an injury, you would want to have a caregiver who can offer nursing services, including dressing wounds and offering any other medical services. 

Experience in Senior Care

Having the necessary skills for a home care job is important. However, it is even more important to have vast experience in handling senior persons.  Most home care businesses subject their staff in continuing education in elder care. However, it is hard to acquire some skills through training. You can only perfect certain home care skills through experience.

Experience in elder care will enable a caregiver to offer services empathetically and in accordance with the requirements of the elder.  For instance, an experienced caregiver an easily study the moods of the elder. Experienced caregivers are also able to understand prescriptions and medicines of the elders. Caregivers will also know how to appropriately use medical supplies and handle any emergency that may arise.  These qualities differentiate experienced caregivers from inexperienced ones. Therefore, when hiring a caregiver, consider his/her experience in the field of geriatric care.  This way, you will relax knowing that your loved one is always safe even when you are not present. 

Commitment and Dedication

The work of a caregiver requires commitment and dedication. An elderly person may require attention at any time of day or night. Professional home caregivers should understand their responsibility towards their patients and offer them unwavering support. A caregiver should always be available depending on the needs of the senior.

It is not all about taking care of an elder; a caregiver must be compassionate and friendly. This will make the elder feel at ease at all times. Seasoned caregivers are passionate about their jobs. They carry out their commitment in a professional manner and honor their commitment. You have to be sure that the caregiver will be available whenever you need him/her.

How can you tell whether a caregiver is committed to his/her work? You should meet up with the caregiver and have a close discussion of the role. As you interact, ensure that you pay close attention to how the caregiver communicates. If the caregiver is not listening to your needs but is busy marketing the services and negotiating the pay, this should be a red flag. You can tell that the caregiver is not interested in helping you. The caregiver may only be interested in attaining a profit.


If a home caregiver business offers good services, it will have a good reputation in the community. When seeking a caregiver in El Segundo, consider the reputation of the caregiver. What do healthcare professionals and clients think of the home care provider? If you have no idea where to start looking for a home care service provider, you may request a healthcare provider to suggest a reputable one. You should mainly seek recommendations if your senior has special health needs.

When you identify a specific home care provider, conduct a background check. For instance, you may talk to their current and past clients. Clients are always willing to share their experiences, both good and bad. Therefore, past and current clients can help you understand the strengths as well as the weaknesses of the caregiver at hand. 

You may also go through various client reviews on social platforms. For instance, you may go through the social network pages of the home care providers and see what people are saying about them. If you realize that most people are singing praises for the caregiver, it may be a good indication that you can rely on the caregiver. However, if you realize that many people are complaining about the caregiver, you are also likely to have an unpleasant experience with them. 


The needs of the aging population are always changing. The needs of your loved one are not constant but keep changing. Depending on the health condition of your loved one, he/she may require additional assistance every now and then. The senior will heavily rely on the caregiver for assistance. It is therefore important to make the right choice of a caregiver. You would hate to see your senior uncomfortable or unhappy in the hands of the wrong caregiver.  The right caregivers in El Segundo are responsive to the changing needs of your loved one. They are always willing to personalize their care to fit the needs of the seniors. Reliable caregivers are always ready to offer extra support whenever the need arises.

When choosing a caregiver for an aging person, the aim should be to make the aging process easier for the person. The best home care providers put the needs of your loved one in front of their own needs. The caregivers ensure that the seniors are happy, healthy, and safe at all times.

Common Services Offered by Home Caregivers


As your parents start to age, they are likely to forget doing many things. You may go to visit only to find the house untidy and dusty. In addition, old age often comes with failing health, and your senior may have to survive on prescriptions. If one parent is no more, the remaining parent is likely to feel all alone. In such circumstances, what a senior needs the most is companionship. You may wonder how to assist your ailing parent while you still have other commitments like work. Do not worry anymore, with professional home care services; your senior will get the best companionship that he/she may every need.

Companionship will hinder your senior from experiencing symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia. These health conditions often occur due to old age. However, limited social interaction increases the chances of developing Dementia or Alzheimer’s. Through social interaction, seniors are able to exercise this brain. Regular mental exercise keeps the brain alert. If an elder has failing health, companionship can help suppress the illness. Most seniors lose contact with their friends due to their inability to travel and meet with them. With a home care companion, a senior will share good old stores just as he/she would share with a friend. 

Specialized Care

As they age, seniors develop health problems the most common being Dementia, Stroke, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s. Home care service providers offer specialized care for elders suffering from these conditions.

Alzheimer’s is a common condition among older adults. Upon suffering from Alzheimer’s, an elder loses the ability to enjoy life. Most elders develop severe physiological and psychological distress due to this condition. After suffering from Alzheimer’s, most people do not recover and often need specialized care throughout their lives. This neurodegenerative disorder makes elders unable to do simple tasks. With specialized home care, an elder will not feel distressed because the caregiver will perform tasks on his/her behalf.

Home care service providers also offer care to people who have Dementia. When getting old, the tasks that a senior would have performed before become harder to perform. A senior has to calculate his/her steps carefully because a simple stumble may turn out to be fatal. It may be hard for you to manage the needs of your loved one suffering from Dementia. With specialized home care services, you will concentrate on other tasks as the caregiver attends to your loved one. 

Many aging persons suffer from Parkinson’s. For instance, the United States reports over 200,000 new cases of the disease every year. Parkinson’s disease affects the central nervous system. The disease leads to damage to brain cells and results in symptoms like loss of proper balance, trembling, difficulty moving, and stiffness. A senior who suffers from Parkinson’s disease may suffer from loss of sound sleep, general fatigue, slowness in digestion, and fluctuating blood pressure.

home care service providers also offer specialized care to senior citizens suffering from a Stroke. When blood is cut off from a certain area of a person’s brain, a Stroke occurs. In order to function properly, the brain needs a constant and adequate supply of blood. If the blood fails to get enough supply of blood, brain damage takes place. There are two main types of Stroke. They include Ischemic Strokes, which occur due to blockage of the blood vessel leading to the brain by a clot. Hemorrhagic Stroke occurs when the vessel that carries blood to the brain bursts or starts leaking blood.    

Hospital Sitter/Companion

It can be a challenging experience to have your elderly loved one admitted to a hospital. You may want to be there for your loved one on a 24/7 basis. However, it may not be possible mainly due to commitments in other areas of your life. To make your loved one’s stay at the hospital bearable and hassle-free, you may seek the help of a professional caregiver. Doctors and nurses may not be able to give undivided attention to your patients as they have other patients as well. However, a hospital sitter solely focuses on your loved one. Since hospital sitters spend much time with the patient, they can offer great insight into the progress of the patient to the medical practitioners.

Running Errands

As your loved one ages, he/she may have limited mobility due to failing muscles and memory loss. The seniors often have a hard time completing all the tasks on to-do-list. By providing errands services, your senior can get things done from the comfort of their home. The senior will not have to keep moving up and down the stairs or boarding and alighting from vehicles. A senior may even suffer injuries when attempting to carry out physical tasks. A competent caregiver helps relieve a senior the burden of running small errands.

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