When we continue to grow old, it usually becomes more challenging to keep on performing daily duties, even the most basic ones. It might now be your time to take care of your loved ones who looked after you throughout your life.

At Mom’s Home Care, we make it possible and simple for you to do this while attending to your personal obligations like your job at the same time. If you are a Chatsworth resident in Los Angeles, you can reach out to us as soon as you realize it’s time your loved ones need home care services. We have highly-trained and qualified staff that is ready to disseminate the care your loved one will require, so they can stay with you as long as possible.

What a Home Caregiver Physical Therapist Does

In-home physical therapists are people that have undergone full training to assist senior persons and recovering patients meet their physical demands. They help patients to restore their physical functionalities from the comfort of their homes. The caregiver therapist will visit your home at a scheduled time weekly or on-demand in case you so desire. Apart from providing you with in-home care, the therapist will evaluate your physical requirements to find out what you might need for your general well-being.

Your therapist will devise an appropriate plan to help you restore the abilities of your body. This includes working with the plan to restore the motion range of your body or to strengthen those body muscles that are worn out, etc.

The activities that a therapist recommends may include several that can help you in restoring your body. He/she may recommend resistance or small weight training or stretching exercises. The therapist may also encourage the use of a few assistive devices.

How Home Caregivers Assist With Physical Therapy Exercises in Chatsworth

Most caregivers wrongly assume that it is only professionals that administer therapy. However, the truth is a professional caregiver can help with physical therapy (PT) exercises, and we are going to look at how this may be achieved and the several advantages that come with it.

As an elderly, you may be incapable of moving as effectively as you did before. Also, you may need specific non-medical homecare needs like long-term rehabilitation care to help strengthen your muscles through training classes or by using specialized medications.

PT services may help older adults to feel stronger as well as have much in quality and control of life. With these services, older adults will still feel right at home. A physical therapist gives older adults the power and strength to do much with their bodies. For instance, they help them to restore their mobility as well as improving their strength. A physical therapist works with a senior person to keep his/her body active.

Additionally, PT is a necessary venture for senior people who have sustained an injury because of a crash or those that just have arthritis and aching joints.

Physical Therapy Basics

Simply put, exercises are a type of PT, and it is not difficult to find the appropriate exercises for different ailments. Any exercise that the person under your care and supervision would do best regularly and enjoy would be the most beneficial and sensible. Exercises should be performed only as little or as much as a physician will order. Therefore, caregivers should ensure they make a doctor’s appointment to discuss the different physical activities in which the person they are caring for gets involved.

Caregivers can give these kinds of therapies:

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is the most common form of PT. With patience and care, caregivers can administer this kind of therapy. They can apply slow movements in twisting, turning, and loosening aching bones and joints as well as massaging muscles gently, which can decrease stiffness and pain and increase flexibility. Additionally, it is not difficult at all when done with comfort in mind.

Cold and Heat Therapy

The cold & heat therapy uses a mixture of massage, compresses, rest, and elevation. It’s arguably the simplest form of PT.  These therapies are commonly known for the improvement of blood circulation, relieving swelling and pain, and improving circulation. A caregiver can easily give this kind of therapy, but he/she needs to talk to a physician and keep in mind the quality of life that his/her patient is living.

In administering therapy, a caregiver can help you achieve the following:

Regaining Your Ability to Move Around

Mobility doesn’t seem luxurious to many people, but with time, you may lose this ability. You may start struggling with having to ensure your joints stay active. What’s worse about losing mobility is the fact that your home could turn out to be a dangerous environment to live in. This is because you may risk falling when climbing up or going down the stairs around your house. Or, you may even slip on hard surfaces around your home and fall, thereby injuring yourself.

A caregiver can help you get back your mobility. This includes helping you to train the muscles that aid in proper mobility and, at the same time, assisting you in learning to adjust to specific situations in the house and any other place. All this is about ensuring you gain whatever control you require over where you’re going when in the house as well as how you’ll respond to things that come along.

Gait Training

Many people may not know this, but walking habits may begin to change when one starts to age. If this is happening to you, you may need a little extra assistance with controlling your gait.

A caregiver with experience in therapy provision can help you out with this. He/she will train your body so it can maintain a healthy walking habit. The activities involved include the therapist helping with brain or muscle training to coordinate again and enhance how properly you may walk. Here, the aim is to make you have control over all the walking functions without having to be tough on the rest of the body.

Training to have a proper gait is more critical than you may think. It’s usually difficult to move efficiently over time because of the wearing out of your body. However, the kind of support you’ll get from a qualified caregiver will create a significant difference.

Keeping Your Body Strong

Your muscle tissues may start wearing out the moment you begin aging. A caregiver may help you to perform resistance training and light lifting exercises at the comfort of your home. These exercises may involve working with slight weights and any other components to train the muscles to sustain more pressure and to grow.

Whichever your needs, the caregiver may help you to maintain the strength and capability of your body. The services of a therapist will not only help you to feel strong but also enhance your levels of tolerance for handling particular activities.

Help with Assistive Devices

A caregiver may help you with assistive devices in certain cases. Assistive devices enable you to maintain your mobility. For instance, you can use a walking stick or any other walking devices to assist you in coordinating your movements.  These devices also help retrain the position of your body so it can handle movement in the proper direction.

Whatever your doctor recommends that you do, it will be easier to remain active if you are accorded the correct support. Also, a caregiver will recommend the best probable solutions only to enable you to stay active and keep moving.

The various recommendations that the therapist provides you with will assist you in doing much in your life. They will also give you any help that you desire. You must consider how well these recommendations can help you be mobile and stay active in any particular situation. You must consider how these assistive devices could be utilized if you want to get them ready for any of your needs.

How Else Can Professional Caregiver Help?

Apart from health advantages, we have other benefits when a caregiver is present to help. These include:


When it comes to most senior people, it is challenging to get out of and into an auto. If caregivers can provide physical therapy in the comfort of home, it will be a significant relief for the elderly since they can help with moving them from one place to another.


Generally, caregivers are well-liked or loved and trusted by the people under their care; therefore, the degree of relaxation and contentment will also be great. Being present to help with strength, flexibility, and balancing exercises gives the senior individual the confidence and courage to finish the tasks allocated to him/her with no or little anxiety.

The Comfort of a Home

Doing PT exercises at the comfort of a home could make the seniors more comfortable. This is because these seniors will avoid the issue of transportation, and they also avoid the feeling of performing exercises in unfamiliar places with strange faces.

Why You Should Hire a Caregiver Therapist

You have to hire a caregiver who can assist you meet your physical needs and any other relevant form of health care. Your body may indeed start weakening over time hence the need for a therapist caregiver to keep it strong. Alternatively, you may have specific demands if you’ve suffered an illness, injury, or have undergone surgery. Problems like these will affect your body much more than you can imagine they would. Irrespective of the reason you have, hiring a caregiver or healthcare professional that’s experienced in physical therapy for home care assists you in getting your life on track again. You’ll start feeling active like you used to, and most importantly, you will stay fit.

Additionally, after hiring a therapist, you will start having a positive feeling towards your life as you begin enjoying your body once again. Note that you have only a single body in your entire lifetime. Therefore, it makes good sense if you placed it under perfect care. Hiring a caregiver to give therapy will assist you in keeping it active and strong.

Enjoying Help at The Comfort of your Home

One of the best things about in-home physical therapy services is you don’t need to go to another place to get whatever services you require. The issue with visiting a physiotherapist’s office is it may be an environment where you do not feel comfortable.

You’ll feel more comfortable doing your therapy classes when they occur at your home. Therapy sessions at the comfort of your home will happen in a surrounding with which you are familiar. This will help you not to feel uncertain or worried about what you’ll expect from the whole process.

In-home therapy is valuable when you’re aiming at getting much out of your body while at the same time looking to remain healthy. Quality services will work well to provide you with the overall support for a strong body as well as a healthy and active life.

Find the Best Home Care Services Near Me

Caring for your loved ones as they grow old or when they are sick is never an easy task. Seeking the help of home care services will enable you to attend to your duties and maintain your relationship with other people and your loved ones while at the same time, giving the best possible care. At Mom’s Home Care, we have home caregivers and healthcare providers that are trained in all aspects regarding taking care of senior persons and those recovering from illnesses. For instance, we have caregivers who provide, from personal care to hospice services. We offer in-home help with physical therapy, chiropractic therapy, massages, etc. Even though the duties of each service may differ, the aim of all forms of care is the same. That is, to enhance the living of the seniors and the sick plus their families. If you live in Chatsworth, LA, and need home care services for you or your loved one, call us at 323-244-4789 for efficient and professional services.