Older people often need our assistance. People who need your care now may have been the ones who cared for you earlier in life. It could be a parent or a relative who needs your support in their golden years. It is not always possible to be with them physically all day, every day. More often than not, you will need somebody to step in and assist with caring for your senior.

For the residents of Studio City, Mom’s Home Care offers home care services for the elderly in their homes. With us around, your elderly loved one does not need to live away from their home. We have professional caregivers who are available to care for your loved one whenever you need help. 

Who We Are

Mom’s Home Care is a state-licensed, non-medical home care agency that has provided home care services to seniors since 1997. We provide home care services to people living within and around Studio City, Los Angeles. We are always ready to provide high-quality care services to all our clients, at any time of the day or night.

We are confident about our services as shown by our client reviews owing to our solid reputation for providing professional, compassionate care. You can check our reviews from past and current clients online. You can also check our BBB rating from the state’s Department of Social Services Home Care Services Bureau (license number 194700009).

If you need more information about what we do, call us at 323-244-4789. If you or a loved one need home care services, we will conduct an in-home, no-obligation consultation for free. We will inform and empower you to decide at your own pace, without pressure.

Why Choose Mom’s Home Care?

If you are seeking home care for an elderly loved one, you need the best care providers. You need a caregiver who will care for the senior professionally, yet show compassion. Here are a few reasons why Mom’s Home Care is the best home care agency in Studio City:

  1. State licensing

State licensing is an indicator of legitimacy, accountability, and adherence to state requirements. We are proud to be among the first agencies to receive state licensing when California started governing home care agencies in 2016. In line with the regulations, our caregivers receive the mandatory prior and continuous training, TB screening, and fingerprint Live Scans. You can also verify our insurance coverage through the state licensing agency.

  1. Qualified staff

We are deliberate in our hiring procedures. We only hire highly trained, and the most qualified caregivers - those to whom we can entrust our parents. We check for skills, educational achievement, and genuine concern for our clients. 

As part of our services, our caregivers may need to go on errands for you or provide transportation. Their driver’s license must be valid, their driving record must be good, and they must have the minimum auto insurance required. We also carry non-owned auto insurance.

  1. Round the clock availability

Our highly qualified staff are available to care for you and your family 24 hours a day. Health problems and emergencies do not happen at your convenience, and neither do they follow your schedule. We are there when you need us, and we will provide you with the same care that we would give our family.

  1. Workers compensation and general liability insurance

Homeowner’s insurance does not cover work-related injuries for hired workers, except if your policy has specific riders. We have professional and general liability coverage for our caregivers. Also, because our caregivers are our employees, not independent contractors, we have workers’ compensation insurance that caters for any work-related injuries. You do not have to worry about any liability for our staff.

  1. Live-monitoring of caregivers

Accidents occur without warning. Our caregivers are available when you need them and at short notice. We have a sophisticated monitoring system through which we keep track of our staff in real-time. This program allows the caregivers to log in and out through our phone system. We efficiently track each staff member’s work hours and attendance record.

Our GPS tracking verifies the caregiver’s location and only allows them to clock in for their shift when they are a few feet from your home. If a caregiver does not clock in within 10 minutes before their scheduled start, the system generates an alert to our Human Resource Department. These settings allow us to monitor the punctuality of our staff and ensure that you receive the care you need at your scheduled time. We aim to always have our caregivers in the right place at the right time. We also call you and your caregiver to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Our ultra-modern technology minimizes manual documentation. It simplifies our billing process; therefore, your caregiver can spend more time with you and less time on paperwork. Our software enhances communication between caregivers at work and the home office. We can supervise each caregiver’s service hours, attendance, and punctuality with accuracy.

  1. Quality assurance programs

To maintain the highest standards of quality care and service to you and your family, we have a quality assurance program. We maintain constant communication between you and our office. Through phone calls, you can give us feedback on our services as well as ask any questions that you may have.

Our goal is to create a beneficial working relationship between you and your caregiver. As part of quality assurance, we assign a care manager to each client. The managers conduct monthly announced and unannounced visits, to monitor caregivers as well as get your feedback on the services you are receiving. The visits also help to create a good rapport between us, our caregivers, and you as the client. We track your progress and keep you informed of all pertinent issues.

When to Seek Home Care Services

How can you tell whether home care is necessary? Can you or your loved one benefit from our home care services? If you or a family member experiences any of the following signs, then you need home care services:

  • Loneliness

Is the senior in your life seeking extra attention? This behavior is a sign of loneliness. You may not have enough time to keep the seniors in your family company or cater to their everyday needs. Busy work schedules and other personal matters that may require your attention can often separate you from your senior loved one.

Are you a senior and you feel isolated from your family? A caregiver can provide companionship that will keep you excited about life. Knowing that somebody will spend the day with you is an inspiration to get up, bathe, groom, and look forward to the day. Having a person that you can interact with and talk to will brighten the day. Recollecting and sharing a lifetime of wisdom is a way of re-engaging with society.

  • Decreased personal grooming

Aging impairs the ability to groom. A senior may experience difficulties in bathing, dressing in clean clothes, or caring for their teeth and hair. Have you noticed a decline in your senior’s grooming habits? A caregiver will organize a convenient grooming schedule that will help maintain your senior’s hygiene.

  • Restricted or lack of mobility

With age comes restricted or a complete lack of mobility. If your senior is experiencing difficulties walking around, our caregivers can provide the necessary help. We will help the elderly move about and perform the daily activities that they would generally find impossible to complete.

  • Inability to prepare meals

If your senior cannot prepare healthy meals, they may suffer from malnutrition. Why allow your senior to suffer from a preventable disease when Mom’s Home Care services are available? Our caregivers will create age-appropriate, healthy meal plans for your loved one. Your senior will enjoy a healthy, longer life.

  • Loss of memory

Difficulties in remembering things can interrupt regular daily activities for your loved one. They may forget to take medication, pay bills, or go for doctors’ appointments. A caregiver will ensure that nothing is skipped and that each day runs smoothly. This consistency will give your senior loved one peace of mind.

  • Desire for independence

Every human being needs independence and freedom. Restricting seniors to specific areas can be detrimental both physically and psychologically. Mobility provides significant benefits for the elderly. A home caregiver ensures that your senior enjoys the independence they may not have in a nursing home.

On-call vs. Live-in Care

We are ready to provide the assistance you need in non-medical home and health care services as well as daily living support. We are available to step-in whenever you need us, regardless of time or period of engagement.

We are flexible, and we tailor our services and schedules to suit your needs. Whether you want long-term or temporary care, whether full-time, part-time, or on-call care, it is all up to you. You call us, and we work within your schedule.

Our Home Care Services in Studio City

We pride ourselves for our decades of quality service for all our clients. Here is a brief overview of the services that we offer you to help make your elderly’s life more enjoyable and comfortable:

  1. Caring for seniors with stroke, Parkinson’s disease, dementia, or Alzheimer's

These are neurological and physically debilitating conditions that affect the elderly’s cognitive abilities and inhibit their ability to perform basic daily tasks. With time, the patients become less active and more sedentary. When the seniors can only move slightly or are unable to move, our caregivers keep them clean and comfortable. The caregivers may also exercise the senior’s limbs as advised by doctors.

  1. Companionship

Studies suggest that in addition to age and hereditary factors, lack of social interactions can also be a contributing factor to the accelerated onset of Alzheimer’s or dementia. At Mom’s Home Care, we provide companionship and daily social interaction to keep the senior’s mind occupied and stimulated. Time spent chatting, watching movies, eating together, shopping, taking walks, or playing board games keeps the mind engaged and active.

  1. Personal care

With age, simple activities such as bathing, grooming, or dressing become complicated or burdensome to complete independently. These activities are crucial for proper hygiene and a healthy life.

Our staff receives intense training on how to respectively and reliably manage personal care for your aging relative. They make personal care sessions comfortable and enjoyable for your senior.

  1. Housekeeping

For the elderly, housekeeping can be difficult or impossible. We take care of all housekeeping chores to keep your elderly’s home healthy and livable. We help with cleaning the bedroom, bathrooms, and kitchen; sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming; as well as washing, folding and arranging the laundry. We also take out trash and care for pets.

  1. Medication reminders

Although our services are primarily non-medical, we handle medication management and reminders for our clients. We can supervise and administer oral medication, manage your elderly’s pillbox, document how the medicine is dispensed, and note any side effects if necessary.

However, we do not change IVs, give injections, or administer invasive treatments or medications.

  1. Toileting

Toileting is one of the significant challenges that the elderly have to encounter. We understand the frustration and embarrassment that toileting often brings. We are not afraid to do the necessary.

We help ensure that your senior has a safe and usable toileting environment. We advise you on installing grip rails, repositioning the tissue holder, and adjusting the toilet height. We also manage incontinence and help you decide the best toileting options.

  1. Errands and shopping

Your loved one may be unable to run their daily, weekly, or monthly errands for themselves. They may be unable to walk or drive around, but we can handle their tasks for them. Such trips include picking-up food from restaurants, going to the post office, getting medication from the drug store, or shopping for groceries and other necessities.

  1. Meal preparation

Proper meals are crucial in ensuring that your elderly loved one receives adequate nutrition and is well nourished. For the elderly, preparing healthy meals can be difficult. We can assign your loved one an excellent cook who will manage the senior’s menu plan and watch their health, weight, and diet.

Contact a Home Care Service Provider Near Me

You may not always be in a position to take care of an aging loved one. Once in a while, you may need some help depending on the senior’s needs, or you may need a break. Sometimes, the senior may need full-time care but in their own home. At Mom’s Home Care, we have cared for the elderly in Studio City for many years. Call us at 323-244-4789, and let our compassionate professionals offer you a helping hand.