As parents age, they may transform from the attentive caregiver you have enjoyed all your life to a forgetful and frail person. Perhaps you have noticed that your mother leaves the stove on all the time. You may have noticed that your elderly parent keeps telling you the same stories repeatedly. When you start noticing some changes in your aging parents and other seniors, it may be a sign that you need to seek in-home care services. We at Mom's Home Care offer professional in-home care services for people in Northridge. Our caregivers are compassionate, dedicated, and well-trained to provide excellent caregiving services to your loved ones.

Signs that Your Senior Needs Home Care Services

If you notice that your senior is slowing down, it may be the right time to consider in-home care services. With the right caregiver, you can improve the safety and the quality of life of your loved one. Proper home care services will enhance the overall happiness of your senior. There is no better way to show your senior that you love him/her than by hiring home care services tailored to his/her unique needs. Home care services are not for everyone; you should learn to understand signs that your senior needs home care services. Some of the signs that you should look out for include:

Declining Personal Hygiene

You may start to notice that your mother neglects her hygiene and does not shower as regularly as before. You may also notice that your father no longer shaves his hair or beard. One of the easiest things to notice about a senior is a change in appearance. If you notice that your senior has developed an unkempt or disheveled appearance, it may be an indication that your senior needs care.

Due to mobility and balance issues, your senior may have difficulties brushing their hair, washing their clothes, or showering regularly. In some instances, self-neglect in seniors is a sign of mental disorders like depression and the onset of dementia. With professional Northridge home care services, you will have peace of mind knowing that your senior is in the right hands. The caregiver can assist your loved one in showering and maintaining a neat appearance.

Mobility Issues

If you notice that your senior has problems standing on his/her own, it may be a sign that you need home care services. You may notice that your loved one is struggling while standing out of a chair. Mobility problems may occur due to stiff joints and other conditions like arthritis. You should not dismiss these signs because if left alone, your parents may have issues attending to simple things like visiting the toilet.

You can tell that your senior needs help if you notice that he/she holds on to walls and furniture while navigating the house. Your senior may also have had several near-fall episodes or actual falls. Falling may lead to serious or even fatal injuries. It is important to ensure that you shield your senior from falling.

A caregiver will lend a caring hand while your senior is walking, climbing stairs, or moving around the house. A caregiver may also assist the senior in the bathroom to prevent falls.

Wounds or Bruises on Your Senior’s Body

It may be time to seek home care services in Northridge for your senior if you notice injuries or wounds on his/her body. Unexplained wounds and bruises are an indication that your senior has a hard time walking, cleaning, or dressing on their own. The wounds are often indications of slips, falls, and other unexplained injuries and accidents in the home.

Your parents may dismiss the injuries and the bruises as nothing. However, you should not go by their word. It is important to understand that your senior may be at risk of more advanced injuries and take control of the situation before it gets out of hand. Due to poor eyesight and mobility, your senior may bump into items around the house. It is important to recommend the help of an in-home care provider when you notice these signs of injuries.

Messy House or Yard

As your loved one continues to age, it becomes difficult for him or her to continue doing chores around the house. You may notice that your mother's laundry is piling up and that her sink is always full of dirty dishes. You may also notice that the house is unkempt, and different areas have layers of dust.

Your loved one may have neglected the yard, and you may notice that the yard needs landscaping. You may also realize that the garden is full of weeds, and the trees have stayed for l long without trimming. You may notice advanced problems like pest infestation in the house. These are signs that your senior requires some help.


Forgetfulness among aging people is often a sign of mental conditions like Alzheimer’s and dementia. For instance, if you notice that your senior does not remember to take his/her medication. You may also notice that your senior has not taken out the trash in days. On opening the refrigerator, you may realize that it is full of rotting and spoiled food. These are signs that your loved one has a hard time remembering the basic tasks.

Do not dismiss certain anomalies as simple forgetfulness. Whenever you find rotting food in the refrigerator, it may be an indication that your loved one is no longer feeding well.

A clear sign of forgetfulness includes missing meetings and appointments; people who end up experiencing dementia and Alzheimer's disease start by exhibiting signs of memory loss. By missing appointments, it may be an indication that your senior is concealing an underlying problem like the inability to get dressed. It may also be an indication of challenges in driving, walking, or troubles navigating public transport.

Declining Health

It may be time to seek professional home care services in Northridge for your loved ones if signs of declining physical and nutritional health are evident. Your senior may have unmet health needs, including missing important doctor appointments. Your senior may fail to take medication or take the wrong dosage leading to failing physical health. If your parents have a health condition that keeps getting worse despite seeking treatment, it may be time to check into their lifestyle. For instance, your parent may have an unending limp or cough.

In their sunset years, seniors require a healthy and balanced diet to boost their nutritional health and well-being. If your senior lives alone, he/she may find it impractical to prepare meals for one. A senior may also be unable to go shopping or cook. You can tell that your parent has issues of nutrition if you notice gradual weight loss or weight gain. Gradual weight gain may be a sign that your seniors mainly feed on junk foods instead of cooking.

At times, your aging parent may lose appetite and stop feeding well. If you notice declining eating habits, you need to seek home care services for your loved one. A caregiver will ensure that your parents feed well and do not feel alone.

Withdrawing from Normal Activities

Your mother may have been a committed church member until recently. If your loved one withdraws from normal activities like going to church and attending social gatherings, it should serve as a warning sign. You should take some time to determine the cause of changing behavior. The withdrawal from favorite activities like taking pets for walks may be a sign of depression or immobility.

Take some time and speak with your loved one to know if you should seek home care services. Sometimes, you may seek home care services to salvage your loved one from the boredom of staying alone at home. At times, seniors are just bored and in need of adult companionship. There is no better way to provide the craved company to a senior to availing home care services.

Professional caregivers do not limit their services to helping seniors with household chores. The caregiver may also play some games with the senior or accompany them to social events. A caregiver will accompany your loved one to appointments and help them learn new things.


You require professional home care services in Northridge if your loved one has developed the habit of wandering. You may disable your loved one's vehicle or even take the car keys from him or her. However, unless you are physically present, you cannot prevent your senior from wandering away.

At times, your senior may step outside intending to return later only for the door to lock, making him/her unable to re-enter the house. This situation would be detrimental mainly during horrible weather conditions. Your senior may take a walk and then fail to trace his/her steps back to the house and end up getting lost.

It is dangerous for your senior to wander away unattended because it may lead to accidents and other horrible risks. You will experience calm and peace of mind knowing that your loved one is in the company of a caregiver.

Inability to Keep Up Caring for Your Loved one

As your parent's age, you may be unable to be physically present to take care of him or her. For instance, you may still have to go to work and attend to the needs of your children. You do not have to feel guilty for not being there for your senior, yet you can seek professional home care services.

It can be physically demanding to take care of a loved one with limited mobility. You may not be able to support or lift a loved one if you have poor health. Home care caregivers have the right training and expertise to meet the special needs of your loved ones.

If you are not able to meet your day to day obligations and also keep your health in check, you may not be able to take care of your loved one. Spending too much time with your parents may leave you feeling guilty for not spending time with your children. Both relationships are important. Instead of feeling guilty and blaming yourself, it is important to seek professional home care services for your senior.

Recovering from an Illness

When your senior or another member of your family is recovering from an injury, it may be difficult to attend to chores around the house. Home care services may be necessary to ensure that your loved one can concentrate on getting better. Mom's home care Northridge provides experienced caregivers who can offer quality care for recovering patients.

When your Senior Requests for Home Care Services

Sometimes, your aging parent may request for an in-home caregiver. It is good to listen to him or her and hire professional home care services. A senior will only request help when he/she is unable to live by himself or herself safe. Your loved one may be feeling lonely and isolated and may need someone to hang around them. Your loved one may be craving the joy and the interactions that a professional in-home caregiver provides. You should be keen to honor the requests of your loved one to ensure that their joy is complete.

Deciding when your senior requires in-home care may be one of the most difficult decisions you have to make. The other family members may not agree with your plans and may start arguing about what is suitable for your senior. The most important thing to consider is the safety and well-being of the senior. When an aging person lives around a caring person, the senior may live much longer.

Why In-Home Care is Necessary

Having a caregiver take care of a loved one at home is much better than moving the senior to a home care facility. Many seniors always like to enjoy their golden years in the company of their children and grandchildren and don’t like the isolation in assisted living facilities. Therefore, home care services would be necessary for these seniors.

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