Los Angeles Senior House Keeping

A well maintained clean home is always the best way to prevent infections caused by airborne diseases and/or other harmful bacteria that exists on countertops. Kitchens and restrooms to tend to receive a substantial amount of traffic which means that these spaces need to be frequently cleaned. Even for single young individuals who are fully capable of cleaning the kitchen and bathroom space, it is a burden that can be strenuous and time-consuming. Time-consuming tasks that involve repetitive movements should be avoided by older individuals that are suffering from muscle and/or bone conditions.

We understand the importance of housekeeping which is why our specialists are capable of professionally and efficiently cleaning all the common areas, including the kitchen and bathroom space. Our specialists make sure that everything is wiped down from door handles to surface tops in order to prevent build-up caused by bacteria and dirt.

Our housekeeping specialists are capable of assisting with maintenance in the bathroom and kitchen as mentioned above, laundry services, pet care, trash runs, and other tasks that require the attention of a professional cleaning assistant. Our housekeepers understand that privacy is of the utmost importance which is why we practice a high level of professionalism in every home. To contact Mom’s Home Care for housekeeping services, you may reach us at 323-244-4789. We are conveniently located in the Los Angeles area and we are ready to provide our housekeeping service to any family or a single household.

Keeping Up with Kitchen Duties

The kitchen has multiple components that include the stove, countertops, refrigerator, cabinets, kitchenware, and other appliances that need regular maintenance. Individuals who are living on their own or who share a living space with family or friends understand that the kitchen can become a nightmare if it is unkempt for a week or two. After a week, a kitchen is covered in dishes and appliances such as the stove top will be covered with a greasy residue. Cooking is a process that can be a messy ordeal leaving behind grease residue on countertops and creating a load of dishes. Cleaning a stove top, refrigerator, sink, and cabinets can be a strenuous task that involves multiple repetitive movements. On top of all, the process is time-consuming which may be the reason why these spaces become easily unkempt. Whatever the case may be, unkempt spaces will experience build up that can spread bacteria and sickness. In order to prevent the spread of bacteria and disease, it is important to maintain a regular cleaning schedule. Countertops should be wiped down with bleach or other cleaning agents to ensure that bacteria is effectively removed.

Our homecare housekeepers understand the importance of maintaining a clean kitchen safe from disease-causing bacteria. Because the kitchen is a place where food is prepared, it is a place that needs to be regularly cleaned. The process can be time-consuming but after a scheduled regular cleaning service, the process will be quicker and will prevent extreme build up.

In order to maintain a clean kitchen, you will need to make sure the following practices are a regular occurrence in your household.

  • Kitchenware washing: Dishes and other utensils such as pots, pans, forks, spoons, the multiple types of knives, and food containers are all items that interact directly with the food we ingest which is why we want these items to be clean and bacteria free every time we use them. In order to prevent bacteria build-up, we must wash our dishes and other utensils with soap and under warm water. When dishes and other food containers sit in a kitchen sink, the item will begin to grow bacteria and will usually develop mold. Dirty dishes create an unhealthy environment that causes unfavorable odors so as to keep a clean home, dishes should be regularly washed. Elderly individuals or individuals who are unable to maintain their homes needs should consider the benefits of having a regular housekeeping service in order to reduce the mess caused by dirty dishes.
  • Washing the Sink: Like with any kitchen utensil, the sink needs to be regularly cleaned to ensure that the surface is kept looking and smelling clean. Food that is left on kitchen sinks will create unfavorable odors and can help spread disease. We make sure that the sink remains clean and bacteria free.
  • Stove Maintenance: The stove is a multi-functioning piece of beautiful engineering. While it has allowed many of us to enjoy the benefits of cooking at home, the stove is a piece of equipment that requires routine cleaning services. Aside from coming into contact with food the stove will also develop a greasy coat. The greasy coat that builds on the stove top will create a yellow sticky surface area that can add to the odors of the kitchen. Unfortunately, when you cook with oil, the greasy substance can be found in different part of the stove. To maintain a clean stove the following items can be removed and washed in a kitchen sink: 1) stovetop, 2) vent hood, 3) stove knobs, 4) gas burners, 5) stovetop grates. In addition, the oven needs to be sprayed with an oil removing adhesive and then wiped down to remove the build-up. Stoves that are not frequently maintained will create certain odors that become more difficult to clean the longer we allow the grease to sit.
  • Sweeping and Mopping: The kitchen floor is another reason to consider a regular housekeeping service. Floors are most likely the second surfaces aside from kitchenware that experiences the most interaction with foods and liquids. How many times have we filled up a glass of milk or soda to a point where a spillage is inevitable? Food items and other liquids find their way to the floor one way or another and if they remain on the floor, after a certain amount of time, the build-up will cause odors and sticky surfaces. Our housekeepers are capable of providing regular sweeping services to take care of the dirt that is brought in by shoes. In addition to sweeping, it is important to occasionally mop the floors with soap and warm water. Treating the floors with a cleaning agent will ensure that dirt and bacteria are effectively removed.
  • Wiping countertops and cabinets: Countertops are usually where we chop the onions, tomatoes, and where we add spices to ground beef in order to create our favorite spaghetti dish. Countertops receive a considerable amount of attention from food particles and other liquids. If you let foods or liquids sit on countertops, it will create a sticky surface that can create odor-causing bacteria. Countertops should be cleaned with a warm damp towel usually with the help of a cleaning agent in order to effectively remove bacteria.
  • Cleaning the refrigerator and freezer: The refrigerator is a space that also requires regular attention. In the refrigerator, it is common to find expired milk and other foods that sit for a long period of time. Unfortunately, we don't always consume what we buy which is why our foods become rotten. On the other hand, the in the freezer, we may encounter old meats and other freezer foods that also go unconsumed. The refrigerator and freezer need to be regularly maintained so that rotten food is removed and to ensure that the surfaces are clean. Cleaning a refrigerator requires that all the items are removed from the inside to ensure that no food item is sprayed with a cleaning substance. The repetitive movements involved with cleaning a refrigerator may be the reason some elderly individuals may avoid this task.

Bathroom Maintenance

In addition to kitchen cleaning services, we offer bathroom cleaning services that aim to prevent the build-up of disease-causing bacteria. As mentioned earlier, the restroom is a space that receives a substantial amount of foot traffic. Not only are individuals walking in and out of the restroom, but it is a where individuals shower, go number one and number two, where individuals brush their teeth, and where other practices take place. The restroom is used for a variety of reasons which is why regular maintenance is advised for health and hygienic reasons

The restroom is a space where you may find a sink, a mirror, a bathtub, shower, and a toilet. These spaces receive a substantial amount of use which is why they easily become dirty and cause certain unpleasant odors.

  • Sink: A sink is a space where many of us brush our teeth over. We spit and constantly drop toothpaste that can stick to the sides of a sink. Sinks need to be treated with soap and should be scrubbed with a sponge in order to eliminate odors and bacteria. In addition, sink faucets should also be regularly scrubbed and wiped down. Our housekeepers are capable of wiping down sinks and surrounding areas with a warm wet towel and a cleaning agent.
  • Mirrors: Mirrors can be cleaned with a towel or some even use newspaper to remove the build-up. Some may choose a cleaning agent to help remove the build-up from mirrors while others may choose to use vinegar with some water. Our housekeepers are capable of adapting to your cleaning preferences upon request.
  • Toilet: The toilet is a space that undergoes daily usage which is why we think it's important to regularly maintain and clean the bowl and surface areas. The toilet should be cleaned with a cleaning substance in order to effectively remove disease-causing bacteria. When toilets are unkempt, the spread of disease is more common.
  • Bathtubs or showers: Bathtubs and showers are also used on a daily bases. When bathrooms go uncleaned, you will begin to notice a pink substance growing on the side of the walls or in between the tiles. To ensure that a bathtub or shower area remains clean, it is important to provide regular weekly maintenance.


Our housekeepers can also assist with your laundry needs. Our housekeepers are knowledgeable about the different fabric materials that can be washed in the washing machine. In making sure that your laundry needs are met, we ensure that colors are separate from the whites and that black and other dark shades are washed separately. We ensure that the clothing we wash will be returned in cleaner conditions than when received. Aside from reading the clothing tags, we understand that different fabrics are washed under different temperatures and with different washing agents.

Bedroom Care

Mom’s Home Care team makes sure that beds are also maintained to help prevent the spread of diseases. Our specialists will assist with cleaning the general areas in a bedroom, we will sweep and vacuum under beds and ensure that obstacles are removed from the walkways. In addition, we will ensure that the bed is treated to fresh linens upon visit. Bed linens can hold certain bacteria caused by the sweat that our bodies release overnight. To ensure that our bed sheets are clean and fresh, we must replace them periodically.

Keeping clutter to a minimum

In the common house areas, our housekeepers will make sure that walkways and countertops are free from obstructions. We enjoy helping you maintain a clean and tidy looking home.

Pet Care

In addition to the services provided above, our housekeepers tend to be animal loving people who can assist you with taking care of your pet’s needs. Whether it be running to the store for pet food or pet medicine, Mom’s Home Care ensures that your pet needs are taken care of. Above all, our housekeepers are capable helping maintain a clean home in the presence of a pet. Large pets like cats and dogs can create unfavorable smells if their common areas are not maintained. Additionally, our large animal friends may leave droppings behind that require picking up. We can help with all aspects of pet care maintenance.

Trash Runs

At the end of cleaning your home, we ensure that all trash bags are properly disposed of.

Our housekeepers are capable of assisting a large family, single households, and older individuals maintain their household. Housekeeping is a very important aspect of everyday life. Unfortunately, if you do not have the time or energy to keep up with the maintenance in your home, you may want to contact a housekeeping specialist. To get to know more about our services, please call us today at 323-244-4789.