As a person above the age of sixty-five years living in Los Angeles, you desire a life with dignity, economic independence, good life, and finally, a peaceful death. Moreover, you long for affection, love, and care. Getting moral support keeps you happy, which is an ideal way to live a healthy life. However, due to personal commitments, it is almost close to impossible that your loved ones will offer the care you desire. Mom's Home Care specializes in elder care in the comfort of your home. Read the article below to learn more about the care and efficient services we offer.

Different Services Offered at Mom's Home Care

Most of the senior citizens in California today want to stay in their homes as long as possible. This is because your home is where you are familiar and comfortable with. If you move out to an assisted facility, you will be starting over, not forgetting sharing a room with a stranger. Mom's Home Care has stepped up the challenge, hence offering more opportunities for assistance and care at home than ever before. Services offered by our friendly caregivers include:


Keeping a house clean not only makes your house look pleasant and welcoming but also contributes to a comfortable living environment. Often your elderly parents are healthier and happier if they are living in clean spaces.

Those germs on top of countertops should be disinfected and cleaned to prevent viral and bacterial infections. Keeping your refrigerator, oven, toasters, and other kitchen appliances clean and free from expired and spoilt food prevent food-borne diseases.

Since it is difficult to stay in a clean home if you are aged, hiring competent caregivers at Mom's Home Care can be a lifesaver. We offer light cleaning services as part of our in-home care as well as organize senior citizens' homes. To ensure we cover every house-keeping service and no chore is left out, our services are personalized.

You can expect our housekeeping services to cover:

  • General Cleaning

The caregiver will offer general cleaning chores like sweeping, dusting, mopping, vacuuming, and emptying garbage cans.

  • Kitchen Cleaning

Our assisted living caregivers will ensure the cleanliness and safety of your kitchen through services like countertop cleaning, sweeping the floor, dishwasher running and putting kitchen items in the drawers and cupboards clean

To reduce the chances of accidents, we will clean ovens, toasters, and stoves. This will stop oils, crumbs, and grease from building up and becoming a fire hazard.

  • Bathroom Cleaning

Also, the bathroom should be cleaned to stop the build-up of mildew and germs. Any experienced caregivers will sanitize and clean the bathroom, organize your medicine cabinets, and make sure the room is safe for use.  

  • Change Linens

Changing linen is another housekeeping service we offer.  The assisted living caregiver will ensure you sleep in a comfortable and clean bed every night.

Transportation and Errands

The new dents or dings on your parent's vehicle can leave you wondering if your mother or father is still fit to drive. The dent could be a result of vision challenges, confusion, or delayed reaction time. Other signs include parking tickets, losing keys, and getting lost. Before your elderly parent's driving becomes severely erratic, it is critical to engage the senior care errand services.

Elderly transportation help means your parent can still run their errands without getting behind the wheel. Your errand list can include:

  • Visiting your loved ones
  • Mailing packages
  • Dropping off dry cleaning
  • Picking off prescription
  • Personal shopping in Ladera Heights
  • Delivering supplies
  • Attending the physician's appointments
  • Car washes


Any medical practitioner will tell you that your social needs are as crucial as addressing your medical condition. However, no doctor will write a prescription to treat loneliness or isolation. Overcoming emotional issues can be overwhelming, especially if you live alone.

As you age, you lose touch with your loved ones as a result of the limitation of traveling and driving your car. Fortunately, an in-home caregiver can fill the gap. Your companion will:

  • Offer Supportive and Friendly Conversation

Often, senior citizens desire to reminisce about their memories, gain insight about their life, and affirm who they are. An in-home companion caregiver can be an attentive and friendly listener.

  • Encourage and Plan Social Activities

Being active and having some degree of independence is essential for both your happiness and health. A competent companion caregiver will assist you in planning visits with your loved ones, play dates with your children, zoo trips, crafts, scheduling vacations, shopping sprees, and scrapbooking.

  • Encourage Exercise

Exercise plays a major role in your health. By engaging in activities that you enjoy, you gain independence, quality of life, and mobility. However, you need motivation. Your companion can encourage regular exercise and accompany you on a walk.

  • Encourage Active and Creative Thinking

Being mentally active wards off the mental decline that human beings relate to aging.  A qualified companion will help you develop past times, games, and hobbies that will keep you stimulated, engaged, and interactive.

Medication Reminders

Engaging a caregiver is an ideal way to offer the necessary medical attention and monitoring to your elderly loved one. Besides assisting with the daily tasks, the homecare expert can manage your loved one's medication.

It is estimated that approximately 1/3 of people above 57 years of age consume more than five drugs every day. Out of that figure, 55% don't take the drugs as prescribed by their doctors. This puts the patient at an increased risk of overdose and suffering severe side effects.

Any experienced in-home elderly caregiver in Ladera Heights will do the following:

Dosing and Reminders

Most senior patients do not realize that they are consuming drugs wrongly. For most, it is hard to remember if a given drug was taken or not and when. This is because several doses are skipped or taken altogether.

To stop this from happening, a caregiver can help your elderly parent remember. Depending on your parent's needs, the caregiver can provide a medication dispenser or chart to make sure the right dosage has been consumed at the exact time.

Proper Medication Consumption

Prescriptions come with restrictions and instructions. To be sure the instructions have been adhered to, your caregiver will spend time reviewing both the instructions and interactions of the medication. The caregiver will also make sure every medication is correctly administered. Whether that means limiting certain food or taking the medication while hungry, side effects and interactions are lowered with the assistance of a caregiver.

Regular Communication with Medical Practitioners

Your elderly parent should follow up with the doctor regularly. At the doctor's appointment, the physician will review how effective medication is. Sometimes the doctor may choose to change certain prescriptions.

An experienced in-home caregiver can attend the appointment with your parent. They will act as a liaison between your parent and the physician. They will take note of any medication changes as well as implement them in your loved one's schedule.  In case the caregiver has seen any challenges with the drugs, they will bring the concerns with your doctor at the time of the appointment.


Your elderly parents will struggle to maintain their medication refills. Besides, it is hard for them to find a person to take them to a pharmacy to get their prescriptions.

A caregiver can simplify the refilling process by picking up the medication themselves. Sometimes, the caregiver will arrange a delivery service in Ladera Heights to make sure the required prescription is always available. Whatever the strategy used, having an in-home caregiver is a perfect method to make sure that your parent never runs out the drugs they require.

Medication Storage

Some drugs require special storage. For instance, while some antibiotics should be stored in a refrigerator, other drugs are okay in a cabinet. If improperly stored, the medications may expire or lose efficiency.

Your caregiver should understand the importance of proper medication storage as well as examine them before use.

On top of that, if any drug has a strange smell or is discolored, the caregiver will make sure it is correctly disposed of.  

Meal Preparation

As you age, daily activities become increasingly hard and may soon become almost impossible to finish. Unfortunately, cooking and meal preparation is one of them. Consuming healthy and whole foods improves the quality of your life. Therefore, if you are struggling to prepare and consume a proper diet, it could time to engage an experienced in-home caregiver.

How a Caregiver can Assist with Meal Preparation

Any experienced caregiver in Ladera Heights is well versed in nutrition needs. Depending on your overall health and needs, your caregiver can use different recipes to make sure you get the proper nutrition. This will keep you healthy, satisfied, and happy all day.

Also, your caregiver understands that different health conditions require different meals. Consequently, the caregiver will follow the guidelines drafted by your dietitian or doctor.

Besides, your caregiver can prepare and cook meals based on your preference instead of dietary needs like kosher, vegetarian, and vegan-friendly meals.

Finally, a kitchen is a dangerous space in any home. It is prone to accidents, injuries, and burns. If you are willing to help, it is, therefore, essential to have another set of eyes as you move around the space.

Personal Assistance

Typically, personal care takes a backseat when you age, and you can no longer keep up with hygiene standards the way you used to.  A caregiver can offer the help you require, permitting you to age gracefully and have peace of mind knowing you are in good hands.

There is a wide range of personal care services that a caregiver can help you with as far as your daily activities are concerned. They include:

  • You need to practice healthy bathing and self-care habits. If bathing is challenging, a caregiver can assist you with bathing activities like sponge baths, bathing, and showering.
  • As you age, it can be increasingly overwhelming to use the washroom independently. A compassionate caregiver in Ladera Heights can help you in using the washroom with activities like inconsistency help, incontinence care, accident clean-up, defecation help, and urgent urination.
  • Personal hygiene is essential in that it ensures you live a high-quality and healthy life. A caregiver can help in skincare activities like applying lotions to your dry skin, oral hygiene practices like brushing and teeth flossing, and hair care and combing your hair.
  • Putting on the right clothing is essential, especially if you are prone to falls. Picking the proper clothes ensures you are safe throughout your day. Your caregiver should be able to get you dressed. Getting dressed on your own can be dangerous if your feet are not stable.
  • When you are ambulating in your home, you should have a safe environment to move around safely. Any competent caregiver in Ladera Heights should help you walk. They should also make sure your home is conducive for mobility by clearing the clutter, rugs, chairs, and toys.
  • If you are struggling with getting in and out of your wheelchair or bed, an assisted living caregiver have the required training in how to safely offer this service.


Stroke Care

Coping with the effects of a stroke is overwhelming, even if the family members are supportive. One of the most effective ways to offer a loved one with stroke comfort is getting live-in caregiving services.

The caregiver may choose physical activities. Common physical activities that have been instrumental in stroke include motor skill exercise. If your parent has lost the capacity to move any body part, the caregiver could couch them to attempt to move that body part in small increments over time.

Since stroke involves the loss of numerous cognitive functions, there are several therapies your caregiver could use. Most of the cognitive functions have to do with how you relate to the world. If you want to return to your work, the caregiver will engage you in occupational therapy to help you in your ability to

  • Write
  • Verbalize
  • Keep off potential dangers
  • Reason


Find a Renowned Home Caregiver Near Me

Your parents are one of the people whom you can always depend on and trust. However, as they age, age takes a toll on them and may need to be taken care of.  You can think you will be in a position to take care of them, but your commitments and work will demand a lot of time. Hence leaving you with little or no time at their service. As a result, the most effective option is hiring homecare services like Mom's Home Care. Our services are designed to help senior citizens age peacefully without leaving the comfort of their Los Angeles home. For more information about our services, call us at 323-244-4789 today.