Homecare is a service that allows a loved one to live safely in their home while still getting assistance. Sometimes we need to accept that we need help to take care of our elderly and sick loved ones. Taking them to a home for an assisted living could change the dynamics of their life, which is not always a good thing. Home care could be personal care for the elderly who cannot do small tasks around the house like cleaning, cooking, and laundry or medical care for individuals suffering from critical illnesses. By getting home care for your loved one, you will ensure their safety, comfort, and personalized attention, thus improving their quality of life. Get in touch with Mom’s Home Care if you are looking for excellent home care services in Van Nuys.

Overview of Home Care

It is not easy to admit that you require care services for your elderly parents or a loved one suffering from a critical illness. As age kicks in, it becomes more difficult for an individual to perform even the necessary chores. There are two main types of home care services you can seek for your loved one:

  1. Personal care. Many senior citizens, even those who aren’t sick, require someone to help them in daily activities. This includes personal grooming, housekeeping duties as well as preparation of meals. Sometimes an individual may want to run errands but are not in a position to commute. In this care, the home care services ensure that these tasks are done. A home care aid often provides personal care with supervision from the care manager. A home care aid may be permanent to the client or be on call anytime the tasks need to be carried out.
  2. Medical care. Some individuals, whether the elderly or those suffering from terminal illnesses, may require services that involve skilled medical care. If the person wants to spend their time at home rather than a hospital room, they can get medical care at home. Licensed health care professionals provide medical care services. At Mom’s Homecare, we do not offer medical care but are specialized personal responsibility for your loved one. However, we can still monitor the progress and the reaction to drugs for the client.

Our Van Nuys caregivers ensure that your loved one gets all the care and companionship they need while continuing with your daily activities. A home caregiver can be on call when you contact them when you need help or live where they reside with the person who needs care. Our staff is well trained to take good care of you at home or in the hospital, depending on the circumstances. We provide care services for:

  • Individuals who are recovering from an illness or accident and need time to gain your strength back.
  • Senior citizens who require help in doing personal activities such as bathing dressing and grooming
  • Individuals who need help in housework like cooking cleaning and preparation of meals
  • A person with a terminal illness and prefers to stay at home rather than the hospital
  • Elderly persons who have dementia ad require supervision and constant monitoring
  • A person whose caregiver needs to take a break from their regular duty
  • An older adult whose family is busy and they need companionship

Putting your loved one in a home for the elderly could be a decision that will not only affect their wellbeing but also your peace of mind. If your loved one needs urgent care, whether on-call or live in, you should contact a care provider as soon as possible. At Mom’s Home Care, we respond to your request urgently and arrange a free assessment. During the evaluation, we will teach more about the needs of our clients and make a care plan that indicates the services and our prices.

Services Provided by Our Van Nuys Caregivers

When your loved ones grow old and cannot do their chores, you may need to seek specialized care. Also, if you have a person suffering from an illness that prevents them from functioning on their own, seeking home care would be the best option. The type of home care service depends on the condition of the individual. Our group of well-trained professionals will do an in-home visit to assess the person who needs help.

Some of the services that a home caregiver will provide for your loved one include:

Shopping and Errands

There are some daily or weekly errands that an older adult may need to run without being able to do it on their own. Also, they may not be able to drive and automobiles and get to where they want. If you seek the services of Mom’s Home Care, we will ensure that the errands and shopping are done for your loved one.


Sometimes you are too busy with your work and other daily life activities that you lack time to stay at home with the elderly members of the family. When a senior citizen lives on their own, they may develop loneliness which leads to depression and early dementia onset. Our caregivers at Mom’s Home Care in Van Nuys are trained to provide day to day social interactions and companionship. Having a person to converse with or watch movies or play games provides the support needed to keep your loved one active.


Doing household chores such as cleaning, vacuuming, or dusting could be exhausting for an elderly or sick person. Fortunately, a caregiver could do this for them to ensure they don’t strain their bodies.

Personal Care

When old age catches up with us, it becomes difficult to carry out simple tasks such as bathing and grooming. However, maintaining proper hygiene by regularly taking a shower brushing, and flossing are essential everyday tasks. If your loved one is not in a position to do all these activities, our caregivers will be there to help them. Our staff is well trained to provide personal care services with utmost respect and reliability.

Meal Preparations

Most individuals who are elderly or have critical illnesses may find it challenging to prepare meals for themselves. This particular group of individuals requires healthy and frequent meals to meet their energy demands. If this is what you need for our loved one, our facility could send an excellent cook as a caretaker for your loved one. Our staff could also arrange a menu and meal plan to monitor the health of our clients.


Although we don’t talk about it, using the toilet could become a challenge when one gets older. We understand the frustration this occurrence can bring and we are ready to help your loved one by ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for this function.

Reminders for Medication

Even though we do not provide medical care services, we can do personal care for an ailing individual. Therefore, we can set medicine reminders and make sure that the medications are taken on time. Also, we note the side effects brought about by the medications and report to you.

Access to Mobile Physicians

If your loved one is suffering from a disease and opts to stay at home, you will need to get a well-trained caregiver from Mom’s Home Care. Van Nuys home care professionals will ensure that your loved one gets access to their mobile physician and monitor the progress of their recovery.

Benefits of Getting Home Care for Your Loved One

If your loved one is not in a position to take care of themselves due to an illness, it may be time to seek care services for them. Ensuring that someone at home takes care of your elderly or sick loved ones has multiple benefits:

  1. Personalized Care

Elderly individuals need a lot of attention to prevent them from feeling lonely and falling into depression. When you seek the services of Mom’s Home Care, we will make a personalized care plan to fit your family’s needs. Showing personal attention will help monitor the individual and their response to drugs if they are sick.

  1. Comfort

The main benefit offered by home care as compared to other forms of eldercare is comfort. When you get a home care provider, your loved one can remain in their home and environment where they are comfortable. For those suffering from progressive diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia, being in a familiar environment helps avoid anxiety. 

  1. One-on-one Attention

The nature of home care will allow your loved one to be the main focus of the caregiver. Compared to assisted living homes where one caregiver may be assigned to several individuals, home caregivers will give all their attention to your loved one. This will ensure that the needs of the individual are met faster and that they feel safe and comfortable.

  1. Faster Recovery

Research has shown that patients who get to spend their time at home are likely to recover faster. This is because of the comfort and support provided by loved ones at home. Also, getting home care will reduce the susceptibility of developing an infection from exposure in the hospital or other care facilities.

  1. Peace of Mind for the Family

When your loved one is confined in a hospital or a care facility, you may always need to make time so you can visit them. Also, you may not be comfortable not knowing what is going on in their lives. When you get home care services for your loved one, you will have peace of mind knowing that they are comfortable. Also, you are assured that they are getting all the attention they need for a better quality of life.

  1. Independence

Losing independence and the sense of oneself is a significant concern when considering care facilities for senior citizens. Home care’s primary importance is the ability of the seniors to make choices and plans for their daily life. Although they may need assistance in doing their daily activities, they feel control over their lives. If the individual cannot drive, the caregiver can take them wherever they want on their schedules, thus supporting independence.

  1. More Affordable

Home care services could get done by a live-in or an on-call caregiver. The costs you incur from home care services is determined by the number of hours that the caregiver spends taking care of your loved one. Unlike other care facilities where the person stays day in and day out, you can get a caregiver who comes when some tasks need to be done. This will help you have the costs of home care services for your loved one.

  1. Family Involvement

Having your loved one taken care of at home allows you to be a part of their care plan. At Moms Homecare, we ensure constant communication between you and the caregiver. We will provide a frequent update of your loved ones’ progress and daily activities. If your loved one is not in a position to make decisions, you can make a care plan and schedule that is followed by the caregivers.

  1. Maintenance of Personal Schedules

Most seniors do not like to change their daily routine or move from their homes. Moving them to a care facility could be devastating for them and can worsen illness. If you get a home caregiver for your kin, change of personal schedules is avoided, and thus they will feel comfortable and at ease.

Getting home care services for a loved one is one of the wisest decisions you can make. We provide the best care for all the personal needs of your loved ones to ensure comfort and peace of mind for the family.

Find Home Care Services Near Me

Finding care services for an aging or sick loved one is overwhelming, and it could be challenging to decide what is best for them. Moving a loved one to a residential care facility will require making substantial lifestyle changes that they may not be ready to make. Home care is one of the best ways to ensure that your loved one stays at the comfort of their home and continues with their usual schedule. If you need any type of home care service, we invite you to contact Mom’s Home Care. Our experts in Van Nuys will offer you free in-home consultation to give you a better understanding of who we are and how we can help your situation. Contact us today by calling 323-244-4789.