There aren’t many things that can disrupt your life more than you, like your aging parent, or close senior losing mental and physical capabilities. More often than not, relatives think the viable solution is enrolling their seniors in a nursing home. While this could be a worthy option, you can also request an in-home caregiver from a reputable home care agency.

The award-winning caregivers at Mom's Home Care have passed through extensive training that focuses on offering you or your senior the needed care at the comfort of your home and in a peaceful environment. Based on population research in 2010 from the United Nations, 13.1% of the population in the US was considered old, and the percentage is projected to reach 21.4% before 2050.

We have enough experienced caregivers we dispatch to Woodland Hills and other Los Angeles cities to satisfy the ever-increasing demand for in-home care services. Since every patient has different preferences, we offer tailor-made services to match their needs. Below are unmatched home care services we could provide you at any time.

Different Services Home Care Agencies Offer

According to the National Health Statistics Report from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), many people above the age of 65 need different kinds of home care assistance. For example, 37% of these seniors seek assistance with daily living, 14% of them need nutrition and dietary counseling, and 17% need help with light housekeeping such as cleaning, home care, meal preparation, and personal grooming. Read along to learn what each service entails.

Companionship Care Services

Social life slowly loses its enthusiasm as you grow older. You could experience this when your aging friends pass on or have different physical conditions that restrict their movements. Aging people distance themselves from their relatives, especially when they fall sick. Seniors could also distance themselves if they feel they are becoming a burden to friends and family. The distance you or your senior creates could make you feel anxious, depressed, lonely, and craving companionship from someone else – which is where home care services emerge.

Caregivers could offer both quality and steady companionship, which is handy to you or your loved ones. The designated caregiver should entail interests and personalities that match yours or your seniors to allow a great bond. Activities that caregivers could do to offer enjoyable companionship include:

  • Talking with the senior concerning common hobbies and interests
  • Taking you or your senior out to the movies and other social events
  • Pondering on memories from the past or scrap-booking
  • Going with the senior to social visits that the caregiver organizes
  • Organizing visits with family, friends, and neighbors

Personal Care and Hygiene Services

These services entail myriad services where home care agencies designate proactive caregivers to help you or your loved ones perform daily activities. Not only do caregivers offer assistance with activities, but they also allow aging persons to age peacefully at the comfort of their homes. Another benefit of having an in-home caregiver is that you enjoy personalized care, and your relatives are at peace, knowing that you are in safe hands. Learn that personalized care improves the quality of your life and comes with freedom too. Personal care services caregivers could offer are:

  • Help you to walk, ensure you are in a conducive environment, clearing the clutter around the home, and maintain safety protocols if you are physically challenged
  • Ensuring you are appropriately clothed since you are susceptible to slips and falls
  • Helping you or your aging loved one to maintain personal hygiene. In return, a high standard of cleanliness ensures you live a high-quality and healthy life
  • Your caregiver could help with skincare routines like hair care, applying body lotions, and brushing the teeth

Light Housekeeping and Maintenance Services

Someone’s mood is a direct replication of their surroundings. When you are in a healthy environment, you get a healthy body, mind, and soul. The path to a healthy surrounding begins with a clean house. As your senior continues to age, you find it challenging to perform light housekeeping; hence, leaving your home susceptible to neglect. If your home is left untidy, dust and bacteria could cause illnesses.

A reputable home care facility could offer an environment that your aging parent is comfortable living in, instead of staying in an assisted living facility, where they could not feel like home. Today could mark the end of you or your loved one's struggle with maintaining a clean home or light housekeeping when you use the services of the Mom's Home Care.

When seeking reliable home care in Woodland Hills, you need to ascertain they offer light housekeeping services like:

  • Maintaining bathroom hygiene and cleanliness
  • Keeping the bedroom tidy, for instance, changing of the bed linens
  • Cleaning the kitchen, for example, the fridge, dishes, and countertops
  • Decluttering the living room and organizing the shelves
  • Emptying the litter bin in and taking out the trash
  • General pet care like giving pets food and walking them
  • Doing laundry

Meal Preparation and Nutrition Planning Services

Performing daily activities like cooking could become hard at old age. Then again, taking nutritious food is essential to offer your body the needed energy. Your kitchen could be terrifying if you are aging and cannot move around like in your youth years. Since meal preparation is near impossible, you need an extra set of hands to handle your dietary needs. Using the services of a reputable home care bureau could offer you or your loved one independence and allow you to age comfortably and peacefully. Many ways in which the designated in-home caregiver could help with meal preparation and nutrition include:

  • Monitoring food and fluids intake. Also, recognizing dehydration symptoms and making balanced diets
  • Serving as defense, especially when in the kitchen area
  • Preparing dishes for the elderly patient that are based on both dietary needs and personal preference
  • Following guidelines that your physician recommends concerning your dietary needs

Medication Monitoring and Reminders

Unfortunately, as you or your senior age, you may begin to feel the pains of old age and get ill or develop ailments that need frequent treatment/ medication. Elderly individuals could visit different physicians, who don't know one another to discuss the effects of mixing different medicines. Taking multiple drugs could cause complications and affect your general health, especially when you live by yourself.

An in-home caregiver could offer handy care plans like medication management and reminders to your or your loved one. Medication management involves ensuring you take your prescribed medicine with care, in the correct dosage, and at the stipulated time. The assigned caregiver should also maintain records of your prescription and hand them to the next physician.

Medication reminders and management involve services like:

  • Ensuring compliance with the prescription like offering the senior the right medication dosage and at the stipulated time
  • Logging your medication intake for your family and physician to see
  • Calling the doctor if you develop adverse effects

Transportation Services

As you or your loved one get older, your eyesight or depth perceptions worsen. When your cognitive abilities continue to weaken, you cannot complete daily tasks, which you previously had zero issuing doing. The tasks could be as easy as checking the mailbox for mail across the driveway, not being able to operate your vehicle like before.

If your cognitive decline keeps worsening, you want to hang up the car keys and hand in your driving license. Next, find a reputable home care service that offers on-demand transportation services. You caregiver could help with transportation services, such as:

  • Driving you around during your vacations and road trips
  • Running errands on behalf of you and your loved one, for example, pharmacy pickups and grocery shopping
  • Drop-off and pick up from doctor’s appointment to give you or your loved one change to focus on recuperating

Respite Care

Respite care refers to relieving your family or primary caregiver of their duties temporarily by offering the client alternative care options. This allows the family caregiver to have a break and handle other personal issues, if any, while another caregiver or home care facility steps in and offers the care services. There are several forms of respite care, like moving your senior into an adult daycare or hiring a substitute caregiver. Every family and individual has personal preferences when it comes to respite care. This means you have different needs from another person that needs to be met.

When seeking respite care services, you should look into your senior’s preference and needs, since that could influence the decision, which caters all parties the best. The basic respite care involves replacing the primary caregiver temporarily with someone the caregiver trusts with their clients, such as friends or relatives. Note that temporary caregivers are not always professionally trained. These could be people willing to spare their time to assist the family caregiver.

Another form of respite care service, traditional respite, occurs when your primary caregiver hires an experienced caregiver to take their place for a particular time. The hired caregiver can offer the first one relief for hours or even months. Typically, professional caregivers undergo training and have experience in providing home care services.

Your temporary professional caregiver could offer you high-quality services, whether you are physically challenged, ill, aging, or sick. Respite care services could provide services such as medication management, meal preparation, companionship, and light housekeeping. Even though the primary caregiver could need a break, the professional caregiver steps in and offers quality care services that leave your relatives with peace of mind.

Is Respite Care A Reliable Option?

Like every other human, caregivers experience emotional breakdown and fatigue. Respite care is an appropriate option for primary caregivers who could be overwhelmed with their daily routines, personal matters, and official duties. To manage the challenges, caregivers, go through, breaks are essential. If the caregiver keeps working when undergoing a physical or emotional breakdown, they could affect you negatively.

Signs that Your Senior Needs Home Care Services?

Gray hair, age spots, and wrinkles are not uncommon signs for aging. While millions of elderly individuals experience these, cosmetics can fix the signs quickly. However, memory loss, illness, and challenges in movement mean it’s time to discuss the future. In the past, if you are getting old and weak, you could move to a nursing home, but today, old age doesn't result in independence loss.

Many seasoned elders can remain in their homes and live not only independently but also comfortably with assistance from a Woodland Hills caregiver. That said, how do you tell when your aging process is at the point where you need home assistance?

  • Messy home. If your home or your loved one begins to get dirtier than before, you need to seek home care services
  • Everyone has experienced minor memory lapses like misplacing the remote control or house keys. However, as you get older, memory lapses become more frequent. A caregiver could assist you with assistance such as medication and appointment schedule reminders
  • Poor hygiene. Aging decreases muscles; hence, causing pain in the joints. The pain could make you uncomfortable when you are blow-drying your hair or brushing your teeth. If you notice your dad is skipping showers more often than usual, or your mom forgets to brush her teeth, then home care services are an appropriate option

Who Benefits from the Services of Home Care Services

There are many types of seniors that could benefit from using the services of a home care provider. If you or your loved one has any condition that affects their ability to move around, you want to hire a caregiver who can help with running errands, preparing meals, or monitoring your health. Examples of persons who need services of caregivers include:

  • Seniors who have experienced a recent loss such as the death of a relative and they are now feeling depressed and withdrawn
  • Aging parents who have cognitive conditions or decline need a companion to calm down if they get confused or irritated
  • An elderly relative who is dependent on family members to perform daily tasks could have difficulties when the relatives are at work. Caregivers could offer these respite care services and allow the family members to have peace of mind knowing their seniors have someone there even when they are busy working

Find a Home Care Facility Near Me

You could experience several scenarios that could lead you to a home care agency in Woodland Hills. Mom's Home Care’s experienced and talented caregivers could come to your home and make sure that the senior is safe and feeling relaxed. We ensure our aging clients live a high-quality life, never miss a meal, take medications on time, and stay neat at home. Contact us today at 323-244-4789 and discuss the home care services you are seeking.