If you appreciate the value of aging, it is crucial to find proper home care for your happiness and to protect your dignity. As you age, you may experience difficulty living alone especially if you have a health condition. Aging and battling declining health does not mean leaving the only home you have known.

If you want to enhance your quality of life, Mom’s Home Care is your best choice. We provide the means to keep you in your home even as you age. We are passionate, reliable, and our goal is to provide exceptional services and care for you within the comfort of your home. We have trained caregivers to keep you safe and give you the best caregiving experience in Sherman Oaks.

Our Home Care Services in Sherman Oaks

It is quite difficult to admit that you need elderly care. However, as you age, even the most basic daily tasks become difficult to perform. A trained caregiver will care for you and help you remain in your home for as long as possible. They will make sure your needs are met and secure your safety. Even when a family member is a primary caregiver, a professional caregiver can offer additional help.

Here is an overview of the various services that you can get from our caregivers.

Caring for people with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, Stroke or Dementia

Any of these diseases will affect your cognitive abilities and result in a significant inability to achieve simple daily tasks. You will need a qualified caregiver to assist you with the tasks which include:

  • Bathing and dressing:

     If you have Alzheimer’s, stroke, dementia or Parkinson’s disease, not only do you become incapable of basic movements, but you may also forget the basics of the bathing and dressing process. Additionally, while living with a terminal illness, you will spend most of your time in bed or sedentary. A caregiver will ensure that you are kept clean and comfortable.
  • Grooming:

     If you are living with a neurological or physically debilitating disease, grooming can be a challenge and become uncomfortable if not done effectively. Caregivers will groom you as you desire and tactfully help you pick the safest grooming options.
  • Mobility and positioning:

     Mobility refers to moving around within your home. Age and disease can impair your mobility to the extent that you can only move with assistance, or using walking aids. A caregiver will ensure that you remain active and that your paths are clear of any rugs, tables, chairs or toys. Repositioning is also critical in avoiding bedsores and improving your quality of life.
  • Shopping and running errands:

     Living with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, dementia or recovering from a stroke will make you unable to drive safely. Your ability to safely walk to and from the grocery store will also be compromised. Even when you are functional at home, the sounds and sights of the social environment in Sherman Oaks can cause you intense distress. Your caregiver can take care of your shopping needs and run your errands. By taking care of your chores, it will enable you to stay home where you will be safe psychologically and physically.
  • Cooking and nutrition:

     For a healthy life, proper nutrition is critical. Your caregiver will take over the role of achieving a balanced and specialized diet. They can safely work with you in the kitchen, prepare vegetables and chat alongside you as you prepare meals together.
  • Housekeeping:

     Your caregiver will handle all the aspects of keeping your home clean and organized. They will clean the house and the laundry, care for pets, take out the trash and have the lawn mowed.
  • Medication reminders:

     Your caregiver will ensure that you take the correct medication at the right time, in the correct dosage.
  • Toileting:

     Caregivers will preserve dignity during the bathroom process. They will be sensitive, compassionate and treat you with respect.
  • Keeping medical practitioners a phone call away:

     In case of a medical emergency, your caregiver will ask for medical assistance at any time of day or night.
  • Assistance with doctors’ orders:

     Caregivers will help follow up on and accomplish requests made by your doctor. These include exercises and movements for your limbs.


Evidence suggests that constant social interactions slow down the onset of Alzheimer's and dementia in senior citizens. A caregiver will provide you with daily non-clinical assistance and social interaction to keep your mind engaged and active. The caregiver will spend time with you and enjoy

  • sharing stories

  • playing board games

  • watching movies

  • visiting restaurants

  • shopping

  • reading

Errands and Shopping

As a senior, you may be unable to walk around town or drive safely to run your monthly or weekly errands. Your caregiver will run the errands on your behalf. Such chores include:

  • Shopping for groceries and other essentials

  • Going to the post office

  • Picking up food from a restaurant

  • Taking and picking clothes from the dry cleaners

  • Picking prescriptions from the drug store

  • Returning videos and books to the library

  • Returning merchandise

Personal Care

As you age, some simple, necessary, daily tasks become difficult to perform. An intensively trained caregiver will respectfully assist you to maintain proper hygiene. They will help you with tasks like:

  • bathing

  • dressing,

  • brushing and flossing

  • shaving

  • clipping finger and toenails

  • combing and brushing hair


Toileting becomes a challenge as you grow older, and may also become embarrassing and frustrating. Our caregivers will ensure that your toileting area is accessible, usable and safe. The caregiver will do this by:

  • Adjusting the toilet height

  • Repositioning the tissue paper roll

  • Installing grip rails within reach.

  • Maintaining a clean, spacious path to the toilet with adequate lighting

  • Cleaning the urinal, bedpan or commode. The output will also be measured at the doctor’s request.

  • Emptying and cleaning catheter bags

  • Keeping the toilet floor dry and free of any hazards

  • Managing incontinence by keeping you dry, clean and comfortable.


For a senior, maintaining a clean house can be a challenge. Your caregiver will handle all the chores to keep your home clean and healthy. The chores include:

  • Cleaning the bedroom,

  • Cleaning the bathroom and kitchen counters, sinks and cabinets

  • Vacuuming, mopping, sweeping or dusting

  • Washing, folding and storing the laundry

  • Ironing

  • Organizing closets

  • Taking out trash

  • Caring for pets

  • Cleaning windows

Meal Preparation

For you to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you need enough, healthy food for proper nutrition and nourishment. As you age, navigating the kitchen, preparing and cooking healthy meals may become a struggle. Your caregiver will assist you to create a menu plan, cook proper meals, and monitor your weight, diet, and health. They will prepare different types of meals that meet your specific dietary and medical needs.

Medication Reminders

A caregiver will manage your medication. They will

  • Administer oral medications

  • Maintain your pill box

  • Document your medication routine

  • Record any side effects

Hospital Sitting

Being admitted to the hospital can be an unpleasant experience. A hospital sitter can make your hospital stay more comfortable and more bearable. Since the medical staff cannot be with you round the clock, hospital sitters play a vital role in hastening your recovery. They offer you customized care that goes beyond the care you receive from hospital staff.

Services that a hospital sitter will offer you include:

  • Making your hospital stay as comfortable as possible by keeping you warm, feeding you and handling your hygiene. They can also keep you entertained through games, songs, conversation, and other enjoyable activities.

  • Monitoring your hospital stay.

  • Monitoring your vital signs and informing the doctors of any changes

  • Recording your doctor’s visits and any procedures done during the visits

  • Implementing doctors’ advice regarding your recovery

  • Updating your family members on your recovery progress

  • Running errands on your behalf

Live in Care

Live in care is the type of care you receive when you have a trained caregiver living with you in your home. Live in care allows you to continue living in your home as opposed to living in a residential care facility. Living in your home enables you to maintain your independence and live the quality of life you want on a daily basis.

The benefits of live-in care include:

  • Maintaining a familiar environment:

     With live-in care, you will continue living in familiar surroundings and do your daily activities in a familiar environment.
  • Avoiding drastic adjustments:

     The idea of adapting to a new environment is not appealing to most people. With a live-in caregiver, the only change is the specialized care you receive from the caregiver. The other aspects of your life will mostly remain the same.
  • Comfort from your loved ones:

     With live-in care, you can continue enjoying interactions with your family and friends. Those that do not live with you can visit without the need to book appointments.
  • Closeness to your community:

     Loneliness can be detrimental to your overall health. A live-in caregiver provides companionship and a social connection. The caregiver will also help you participate in neighborhood social activities like barbecues and meetings actively.
  • Preserving interest and hobbies:

     As a senior citizen, maintaining your routine is vital. While receiving care at home, you can continue with your hobbies as long as you are safe doing so. You can relax in your yard and read a book or watch the activities in the neighborhood.
  • Emotional support:

     Since you will spend most of your time with your caregiver, they end up becoming your friend. You will share memories and stories, laugh, watch movies and take walks together. You will form a strong bond that will make you feel connected and close to somebody.
  • Preserving mental alertness:

     As you age, lack of social interactions can cause a decline in your cognitive abilities as well as stress and depression. A live-in caregiver will provide communication and interaction required to keep your mind stimulated and healthy.
  • Flexibility:

     You will be able to receive all the necessary care at any time even if your function deteriorates. Your caregiver will manage bedpans when you can no longer walk to the toilet. They can also bathe and dress you when it becomes too difficult to do it on your own.
  • Control and choice:

     You will be able to observe and choose your caregiver before hiring them. You get to pick somebody whom you like and feel confident about their experience.
  • Keeping pets:

     While receiving care at home, you can still keep your pet and enjoy the companionship it provides. While at a nursing home, this may not be possible.

Long-term Care Insurance

As you age, you will require more visits to the doctor which translates to more medical care expenses. Long-term care insurance cushions you from spending all your savings on long-term health care. The advantages of long-term care insurance include:

  • It covers costs that are not covered by other insurance plans.

     These costs include special dietary needs, monitoring you to prevent injuries and caring for your hygiene.
  • Peace of mind:

     You can relax in the knowledge that you are being cared for by professionals without paying out of pocket.
  • Living in dignity:

     You can live comfortably and independently without depending on your family for medical bills, especially if you need regular medication.
  • More options:

     Long-term care insurance allows you to choose where you can receive care most comfortably. It can be in your own home, nursing home or an assisted living facility.
  • Income tax relief:

     Once you sign up for long-term care insurance, you will receive tax relief which is a welcome financial boost towards your savings for the future.

Contact a Home Care Specialist Near Me

As you hire a home caregiver, asking the right questions is imperative. You will need someone who understands the challenges that come with aging. Whether you need a companion, someone to run your errands or someone to care for you in the long term, Mom’s Home Care will provide you the best services. We are compassionate professionals, and we understand that asking for help from an outsider requires courage and trust. We will create a customized plan to meet your needs and make you as comfortable as possible. If you need home care within Sherman Oaks, call our Los Angeles caregiver at 323-244-4789 for personalized services.