What is Respite Care?

Respite care is the provision of temporary relief for primary caregivers. It is an interim period of time where a primary caregiver can turn over the care of an individual they are responsible for to another professional. This care can be provided in a healthcare facility, at an adult care center or inside the individual's home. There are also centers available which provide respite care where you can take an individual for an overnight stay or even for just a few hours to get some personal time for yourself. Mom’s Home Care specialize in providing Respite Home Care to individuals or families who want to be in the confides and comfort of their own home.

Why Would I Need Respite Care?

If it is your responsibility to care for someone who is sick or become disabled, you are probably faced with a 24/7 task. Studies show those who are responsible for the care of another individual around the clock need time for themselves in intervals to maintain their own mental and physical health.

Respite care is just a technical term for a short-term break for caregivers. A break in your schedule is something everyone needs no matter what field you work. Respite care is provided by professional caregivers who have been trained in the field to look after the personal and physical well-being of individuals who cannot care for themselves.

As a primary caregiver for an elderly or disabled individual, you can be left feeling stressed, and after time, you will become burnt out. You cannot provide the care you want, or the care the individual deserves if these conditions exist. Other feelings primary caregivers’ state they experience over time include:

  • Stress
  • Isolation
  • Depression
  • Exhaustion

These are typical responses to being secluded with a person of need for an extended period of time. It does not mean you are not suitable for the position, or that you don't care enough for the individual in your care; it merely means you need respite care from time-to-time to give yourself a break.

Studies show the number of caregivers is on the rise in our communities. Many of these persons claim they feel guilty when they think about asking for help in the form of respite care. What you need to accept as a caregiver is the job of caring for one individual as a long-term endeavor can be too big for just one person. By taking time for yourself and stepping away while a professional respite caregiver takes over will make the care you provide in the long run much better.

How Often Should You Use Respite Care?

How often you use respite care depends on you. If you are the primary caregiver and are looking for a break from your responsibilities or need time away to take care of personal needs, you should use it as often as you need. Make sure you are taking care of yourself and your needs. There is no set amount of times you can request respite care; it is an entirely personal decision based on your need.

What Respite Care Gives You

There are numerous benefits for choosing respite care. When you step away from your responsibility and turn it over to a trusted professional, you can come back refreshed and renewed. Respite care time allows you the opportunity to re-energize yourself and become more effective in your role and in your duties.

You need and deserve time to perform activities that you enjoy. With the help of respite care, you can take time for a walk, visit a friend, shop, read a book, work in your garden, or any activity you find rewarding for yourself. To maintain your mental health, it's important you keep your personal relationships going and spend time with friends and family members doing activities you love. Without these connections, you will become depressed and feel isolated from the world.

Respite care is not a luxury and not something you should feel is deserved after a certain amount of time or tasks. This care is a necessity for you to maintain your well-being. Everyone has needs of their own and as a primary caregiver; you have to remember to take care of yourself as well as the individual in your care. You need time to attend doctor or dentist visits, run errands for your household, perhaps even support groups for caregivers. Whatever your personal needs are, they should not be ignored.

Multiple Benefits Respite Care Provides

Maintaining your health is as essential as providing care to another. Managing your responsibilities includes arranging respite care for the individual you are taking care of. This care needs to be implemented before you become overwhelmed as this mental state will diminish the attention you are giving.

Studies show caregivers who schedule relief at regular intervals are providing themselves with emotional lifesavers. This care further provides these benefits:

  • The energy needed to re-energize your body, mind and help you be more effective in your work.
  • The pleasure you get from doing things important to you personally and what you enjoy such as going to the movies, playing games with friends, or spending time with others.
  •  Identify with yourself and maintaining what is important to you and why you have chosen to be a caregiver for the individual. You are able to take a step back from your responsibilities and with a different perspective remember why you are performing the care.
  • Renew and relax time for you to take a walk, visit a museum, see a movie, read a book or do whatever activity you enjoy to achieve relaxation. These activities will decrease your heart rate and bring calm and joy to you.
  • Engagement time for you to visit with family and friends. Being a full time caregiver often means you are isolated with an individual in need for long periods of time. Respite care gives you time to connect with others in social activities and break the social isolation which occurs during care time.

Why Respite Care Important to You as a Caregiver

Dr. David Lund, author of 'Respite Services: Enhancing the Quality of Daily Life for Caregivers and Care Receivers' states it is crucial for caregivers to receive respite care services because:

  • You will be healthier by preventing stress from building up and preventing other mental health issues. Respite care is considered preventive medicine that you have to start before your need for it becomes too great. This care should be scheduled as a regular routine to make your caregiving duties less overwhelming.
  • You need to have some 'fun' time in your life. Focus on performing activities that you consider enjoyable as these are individual things that will help your mental state. The most important thing for you is to feel refreshed after your respite time.
  •  You become a better caregiver after time away from your duties according to Dr. David Lund. Caregivers who spend too much time, isolated with the individual they care for increase their chances of experiencing mental health issues. Health issues such as depression, anger, sleep disorders, and guilt can become a higher risk when you don't allow yourself time to unwind from caregiver duties.
  • You need personal time even though you've devoted yourself to care for an elderly or disabled individual. Vacations are necessary for people in all fields of employment to give themselves time away from responsibility.

Respite care comes in many different forms and home care facilities such as Mom's Home Care offers a variety of services such as:

  • Companionship for the individual you care for. Professional caregivers are trained to help those in need with chores around the home, share stories with them or listen to their stories. The individual you are caring for may enjoy playing a board game or other favorite activities while you enjoy time away.
  •  Trained professionals can provide toilet and personal hygiene care. The trained staff at Mom's Home Care can help with this care during your respite care time, so you don't have to worry about limiting your time away. It is essential to have respite care that is able to address the issues that can arise with the disabled or elderly. You want respite care that recognizes how one can lose control and will allow your individual to maintain dignity in what can become an embarrassing situation.
  • Meal preparationis an important task to complete as a respite caregiver. Mom's Home Care professional can help prepare or completely cook a meal while you are gone. They will also join your individual as a companion during the meal and will be able to assist in feeding and just make sure the meal is enjoyable for your individual.
  • Running errands or shopping can be completed with a professional from Mom's Home Care services. Duties such as errands and shopping may be activities you perform on a schedule with your individual, but sometimes it may help you to have someone else take on those duties. Getting a break away from your responsibilities includes having some of your regular responsibilities completed by a professional respite caregiver.

Respite Care for Recovery

There are times after surgery or after recovering from a severe illness you need someone to help you with everyday chores and activities for a short period of time. Respite care is perfect in these situations to help you regain your independence without having to ask family members, or go into an expensive healthcare facility.

With the help of professional home care providers, you can have someone help you recover from a medical procedure by assisting you to walk, run errands for you, help you prepare meals and perform light housekeeping duties. With respite care, you have time to rest and allow your health to return without having to worry about daily chores.

When you use the services of home care respite care such as that provided by Mom's Home Care, you have a professional come to your home which removes the need for you or your loved one having to travel to an unfamiliar area. A professional caregiver can help you to recover from an illness or surgical procedure in the familiarity of your own home. They will follow the routines you have established which alleviates stress and speeds your recovery time.

Why Choose Mom's Home Care

Mom's Home Care provides you with a professional caregiver with experience in caring for an individual with special needs and health issues. They make it possible for you as a caregiver to get time away from your responsibilities of caring for another without worrying. They are a premier, non-medical home care company that can provide you with peace of mind through respite care.

Respite care is a proven necessity for anyone helping to care full time for an elderly or disabled individual. Mom's Home Care understands this need and can provide you with a trained, professional caretaker to step in and assist you with this care when you need it on a regular basis. They can help with:

  • Recovery from an illness or after a surgical procedure
  • Caring for someone with chronic health issues
  • Those diagnosed with a terminal disease and want to remain in their home
  • Caring for patients who suffer from dementia or conditions that affect the elderly
  • Many other in-home health care services

Mom's Home Care has a reputation for providing skillful, compassionate, and conscientious care for those disabled or the elderly. You will have peace of mind leaving your loved one in their respite care as you enjoy time away while you complete other activities.

Mom's Home Care hires only the most highly trained and reliable caregivers. Background checks are performed as well as FBI and DOJ scans are run to ensure only the most trusted employees are assigned to the care of your loved ones. Employees are fully covered under commercial general liability and workers compensation insurance so there is no liability for any incidents that may occur while working with you or your loved one.

Contacting a Respite Care Home Care Provider Near Me

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