Do you have an aged parent or a loved one who has dementia and needs constant supervision? At Mom's Home Care in Westwood, we are dedicated to helping your loved ones carry out all the required tasks for them to live comfortably. All our caregivers undergo a thorough screening process, and they are well trained to deal with complex issues that may arise during care. We prioritize the safety, well-being, and happiness of your loved ones.

What is a Home Care Agency?

A home care agency is a state-certified service that is run by professionals whose primary purpose is to help individuals who require care that family members or friends cannot easily provide. Most home care agencies have staff members who visit the homes of these individuals and offer them the assistance they need. If you would prefer your loved one to stay at your home instead of an assisted living community or senior housing, then a home care agency may be the perfect fit for you.

A good home care agency should ensure that its clients access the best care, including proper emotional, spiritual, and social support. The staff should be compassionate and skilled for them to give appropriate attention to the elderly and comfortably get along with them.

Which Individuals Qualify for Home Care Services?

For your loved one to qualify for home care services, he/she must meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum age of 65 years
  • An aged person who is unable to perform minor activities or duties because of illnesses or injuries
  • An individual suffering from a fatal disease
  • A person who needs help in running his/her daily errands
  • A person at a high risk of falls and any other risk factors caused by aging

What we Offer at Mom’s Home Care

You need to always watch over your loved ones. You should also assist them in carrying out their daily duties. However, if you have a day job and other personal activities to attend to, it gets challenging to maintain a close eye over them. This is why Mom’s Home Care is here to assist you. We provide various services to help you in taking care of your loved ones. Some of these services include:

1.      Companionship

Don’t allow your loved one to feel lonely when you leave home to attend to your personal activities. Our caregivers offer companionship and social support. We will make sure that your loved ones feel safe and have the emotional support they need for the entire period you are away from home.

2.      Private Nursing Care

Some chronic illnesses can take a toll on your loved ones. At Mom’s Home Care in Westwood, we have employed several private nurses who will be willing to assist you.

We offer specialized nursing care to all patients who cannot take care of themselves due to chronic illnesses. We will ensure that your loved ones receive the attention they need for them to get back in shape. Our nurses are properly trained and compassionate, and no situation can be too complex for them to handle. Here are some examples of the chronic illnesses that our nurses can deal with:

●       Dementia

Age may interfere with the memory of your loved ones, causing dementia. Our professional nurses will help you support them throughout since we know that dementia may render them incapable of carrying out even the simplest and most straightforward activity.

Thanks to us, you can comfortably handle other essential areas of your life like your studies, kids, and work as we take care of your loved ones. All you need to do is to reach out to us for help. Our nurses are well versed in the different stages and types of dementia, including Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease.

●       Stroke

If your loved one gets a stroke, he or she will be unable to carry out essential tasks such as speaking, thinking, or moving. Typically, a stroke occurs when the brain is not supplied with sufficient blood.

It can be devastating to see your loved one suffering from a stroke. At Mom's Home Care, we have professional nurses who can offer specialized care to elderly patients with stroke. These nurses provide help in technology-based activities, physical activities, cognitive activities, and therapy.

3.      Medical Reminders

Elderly patients who are under medication may not follow their dosage properly. For instance, they may fail to take their prescription medicine at the right time, or in the appropriate amount. Our caregivers will remind them to follow their prescription dosage.

4.      Home Health Care

Your loved one may be discharged from the hospital, but he/she still requires specialized attention to enhance full recovery. Other people that may require home health care services include elderly patients who have minor injuries or illnesses. Our agency provides home health care services in the entire Westwood area.

5.      Running Errands

When you are aging or sick, you may find it challenging to run your daily errands. The caregivers at Mom’s Home Care can assist you. When you fully trust us, we will help you fulfill all your needs.

6.      Occupational Therapy

Your loved one may be struggling to adapt to a new lifestyle or regain his/her strength. We provide occupational therapy services to individuals suffering from developmental, physical, or emotional services.

7.      Daily Living Activities

We understand how challenging life can be for your aged family members. These individuals may be unable to perform daily living activities such as personal grooming, walking, bathing, oral hygiene, toileting, and feeding. Our staff members have the requisite skills to support such individuals.

8.      Dieting and Nutrition

We understand the importance of eating healthily and following a proper diet. We offer nutritional and food counseling to all our clients, including elderly patients, bedridden patients, patients who have been recently discharged, and individuals suffering from injuries.

9.      House Chores

Elderly or sick individuals may find it challenging to manage household chores. Mom’s Home Care provides various household chore services such as vacuuming, dish cleaning, and laundry.

Why You Should Choose Us 

There are several factors that you should consider before selecting a home care service provider. For instance, you should choose an agency that can offer high-quality care to your patients and won't empty your pockets dry. Here is why you should choose us: 

1.      A Peace of Mind

Before we hire our caregivers, we conduct thorough and complete background checks on them.  We make sure that all our caregivers do not have a criminal record and are of a reputable and outstanding character. This way, you will have peace of mind when they are at your home.

2.      Both On-call and Live-in Care

We provide both on-call and live-in care to all our patients, per your preferences. We also have flexible caregivers, and they can take care of your loved ones regardless of what time of day it is.

3.      Security and Insurance

We will keep your loved ones safe and steer them clear from any form of disruptions. We are also insured, and we will pay for any valuable item that is lost while our caregivers are taking care of your loved one in your home. We will also investigate any cases of theft and unscrupulous caregivers.

4.      Legal Obligation to Employees

We are legally responsible for all the actions of our employees, and we will incur all the liabilities that may come up while in the course of their duties. We also take care of their compensation plans, insurance, and payroll taxes.

5.      Availability

Our caregivers are available throughout. This is because we understand that you may need us at any time of the day or night. Just call us whenever you require our services.

6.      Continuous Training

We frequently train our caregivers to enable them to stay up to date with the latest trends and developments in the home care industry. This constant training helps them to attend to emergencies, prevent false falls, and deal with complicated situations.

7.      Affordable Rates

We don’t want you to incur a financial burden while taking care of your loved one. This is why our rates are affordable. We know that medical care is expensive, and it can be difficult to pay all the bills.

8.      Quality Assurance Programs

We receive constant feedback about our services, and we strive to improve their quality each passing day. We evaluate the performance of each caregiver and offer them rewards if they excel in their duties.

9.      Supervision System

We conduct regular visits to check how our caregivers work. These visits are usually unannounced, and they help keep the caregivers on their toes and ensure that your loved ones receive all the attention they need.

We have a monitoring system that can keep track of all our caregivers, including their work performance and attendance record. Our complex phone systems enable them to change shifts effectively.

10.  Reliable and Fast Services

We answer your calls immediately. As soon as you reach out to us for help, one of our caregivers will visit your home. You can count on us to provide reliable and fast services to your loved ones.

How We Hire our Caregivers

Most people are usually hesitant to invite caregivers into their homes because they are afraid that they can be a potential threat to their safety and security. At Mom’s Home Care, you can fully trust our caregivers.

We make sure that each of our caregivers passes our screening and interview process. Here is how we hire our caregivers:

Step 1: Comprehensive Application Process

All our applicants must complete a detailed application process. We make sure we understand why they desire to work as home caregivers, previous working experience, and their academic and professional credentials. Our hiring team reviews all the applications thoroughly and selects the best to proceed to the next phase.

Step 2: Interview

There are various factors that we consider during the interview process to hire the best caregivers. We analyze the applicant’s communication skills, experience, proper etiquette, and grooming. Since our primary goal is to provide high-quality care to each of our patients, we consider only the applicants who are compassionate and kind.

Step 3: Validation of Past Job Experiences

In case the applicants assert that they have ever worked in a home care agency before, we validate their experience by contacting their past employers. Obviously, a prior home care agency that has ever employed an applicant can vouch for his/her strengths as well as expose his/her weaknesses.

Step 4: Assessing the Relevant Skills of the Applicant

Before we hire any caregiver, we conduct a thorough skill assessment evaluation. This enables us to know the strength and capabilities of each employee.

Step 5: Background Checks

We assess the background of all our applicants to find out if they have ever been involved in any suspicious, criminal activity. This makes us acquire comprehensive information about them. Our background checks encompass the following:

  • Verifying the documents of the applicant – Since we do not want our clients to become victims of fraud and theft, we verify all the documents of our prospective employees, including state IDS, passports, and driver's licenses.
  • Medical and drug screening - We subject all our applicants to medical and drug tests. We make sure that we hire caregivers who are not addicted to alcohol or drugs or who do not suffer from infectious diseases that can be transmitted to your loved ones.
  • Licensing – We make sure that all our professionals possess the requisite licenses and have the relevant academic credentials.
  • Fingerprint checks from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) – All our applicants must conduct a fingerprint check at the DOJ and FBI. This way, we ensure that we hire caregivers with no prior criminal convictions or arrests.
  • Driving record – We get in touch with the DMV to evaluate whether the potential employees have an excellent driving record. This enables us to prevent unnecessary friction with the authorities when these caregivers drive our clients.

Find a Westwood Home Care Agency Near Me

It is challenging to find a reputable home care service provider that can attend to the sensitive needs of your loved ones. We at Mom's Home Care in Westwood guarantee you 100% satisfaction. Our services are of high-quality, and you can check out some of our customer reviews as proof. Call us today at 323-244-4789 if your loved one requires the help of a well-experienced and compassionate caregiver.