When you are looking for reliable home care services in Burbank, you will have many options. The homecare service you choose will go a long way in determining the happiness of your senior. Even with so many home care services available, not all of them are reliable. Homecare services are a large and thriving industry in the United States. More than twelve million senior Americans receive care from over thirty thousand service providers. If your loved one has suffered a permanent or long-term disability or a terminal illness, home care services may be ideal. Mom's home care offers reliable services to senior citizens and people suffering or recovering from illnesses in Burbank. 

Why Choose Mom's Home Care

Mom's home care is the leading service provider in Burbank, and the majority of people entrust their seniors to us. When seniors are in their golden years, they may require assistance in various areas of their lives. For instance, seniors may need someone to help them perform routine activities. The seniors may also need someone to help them organize and remember to take their medication. If you cannot manage to be there for your loved one, you do not have to feel guilty. You do not have to leave your cherished career to stay home with your aging parents. Mom's home care offers the perfect home care services in the Burbank area. Your senior will experience immense joy and will hardly notice your absence.

We have served the Burbank community for many years, offering reliable care to the seniors. We are renowned for our high integrity, skills, and care for the elderly. The online reviews of customers expressing their satisfaction with our services are an indication that we are good at what we do. We understand that every elder or patient is unique. We offer personalized and unique care, depending on the unique needs of the senior.

Feel free to go through our online reviews and speak to our past and current clients. You may confirm our licensing with the Department of Social Services. Our licensing, credentials and good reviews from clients will assure you that you are placing your senior safe.  We maintain a record of how every patient is doing. Upon your request, we can furnish you with all the information you need about your loved one.

We are responsive and always available for 24 hours whenever you need us.  At no one time will we leave your loved one unattended. Our caregivers have flexible working hours and work on well-organized shifts. We ensure that we keep our caregivers happy and motivated. By maintaining the caregivers happy, we ensure that they offer the best services to your loved one.  We offer both 24- hour live-in caregivers and hourly care services.

We understand that elderly individuals may require assistance at any time of the day or night. Our caregivers fully understand their duties towards the patients. Our caregiving services are available 24 hours a day throughout the week. This will depend on the needs and the condition of the patient.

Our Caregivers

Not all caregivers who say they possess the necessary skills are qualified to take care of your loved one.  Therefore, it is often a baffling task to select the ideal home care services. Choosing a good caregiver can go a long way in enhancing the steady recovery of your patient or senior. Choosing ideal home care services will ensure that your patient or senior enjoys a comfortable life. At Mom's home care, we only work with exceptional caregivers. When hiring caregivers, we conduct thorough background checks. We seek fingerprint clearance from various agencies, including the FBI and the DOJ. We always offer continuous training to our caregivers to enhance their service level.  We cover all our caregivers with our commercial general liability and workers' compensation insurance plans. Therefore, you can be comfortable knowing that in case of any danger, you will not be liable. 

We always monitor the operations of our caregivers to ensure that they are offering the best services to clients. For instance, we have top-notch monitoring technology. We also have a proprietary app on which our caregivers clock in and out for shifts. We verify the location of our caregivers using a GPS tracking system. If a caretaker is late in attending his/her shift, we immediately know and take the necessary action. The care management staff receive alerts in case there is an anomaly in the conduct of the caregiver.  

When you are assessing a caregiver, it is important to pay attention to how the caregiver communicates. If the caregiver focuses entirely on marketing his/her services without paying attention to what you have to say, this may be a red flag. It may be a sign that the caregiver is not interested in helping your loved one. The caregiver may only be interested in earning some money. It is advisable to be on the lookout for such caregivers. 

Why Choose Mom's Home Care?

Empathy in our Caregivers

At Mom's home care in Burbank, our caregivers are full of empathy.  Our caregivers can empathize with the seniors and understand what the seniors are going through. Our caregivers understand that it is hard for the seniors or ill persons not have the ability to do the things they once took for granted. By being empathetic, our caregivers can connect with the seniors and avoid burnouts during the difficulties of offering care. The work of caregiving is purposeful. A caregiver's ability to place himself or herself in the shoes of the patient enables him/her to stay connected to this purpose.

Many Years of Experience

Our caregivers at Mom's home care have vast caregiving experience. They have prior experience in handling patients and seniors. It is always good to work with an experienced caregiver. For instance, if your loved one is suffering from diabetes or dementia, it is advisable to go for a caregiver with experience in handling patients suffering from similar conditions. If the caregiver is assisting in meal preparation, he/she should understand the dietary restrictions of different health conditions. No matter the condition, your loved one is suffering from; you can trust Mom's home care to offer the best care.  By knowing that the caregiver is experienced in handling the health condition of your loved one, you will be at peace, leaving your loved one in the caregiver's hands. 

Caregiving Requires Patience

Offering home care services has never been an easy task. Sometimes, the activity can be utterly frustrating, slow-moving, and stressful. At Mom's home care in Burbank, we understand this fact. Therefore, we only work with caregivers with a great passion for caregiving. We understand that as our brains age, our minds and our bodies may no longer function as well as they used to function before. If a caregiver has no patience and ends up rushing the senior, the caregiver may contribute to the senior's loss of independence. Our caregivers are patient and allow seniors to do some things on their own. This way, patients can regain some level of independence they may have lost due to a health condition, for instance. 

We have Mastered Our Services

At Mom's homecare, we pride ourselves on the expertise of our caregivers. We always ensure that our caregivers have undergone the necessary training and received the proper certifications in line with the state guidelines. We offer opportunities for continuing education and training above the state's minimum training for caregivers. We encourage the continuous improvement of our caregivers to enhance our service quality. By choosing Mom's home care, you will be working with the best caregivers in Burbank. 

We are Compassionate

When offering care, the caregiver should have a strong bond with the patient. Friendly caregivers foster a trusting relationship with your loved one. Your senior or your patient will feel at home with a compassionate caregiver. When hiring our caregivers, we always insist on knowing why the candidate opts to choose caregiving as a profession. The best caregiver should have a mix of professionalism, caring nature, and nurturing spirit.  A good caregiver will connect with your loved ones in many ways. For instance, the caregiver will not mind sitting down and watching your loved one's favorite sport with him or her. The caregiver will be glad to take part in things that make the patient happy, including listening to the patient's favorite music. Having shared hobbies and fun may make caregiving more enjoyable for both the senior and the caregiver.

Adaptability and Self-Motivation

Caregivers do not just offer support to people for whom they directly offer care. At Mom's homecare, we train our caregivers to offer support to the family members of the senior or the patient.  Our caretakers are adaptable and do not restrict themselves to a checklist of daily routine activities. We understand that the needs of seniors and patients are not constant but keep changing. We train our caregivers to be adaptable and to stay in line with the changing and varying needs of the patients. By choosing us, you will have a caregiver who is always willing to go out of his/her to make your loved one happy. 

The senior-care sector requires people who know the constantly changing needs of patients and the aging population. The caregivers may need to offer additional or special assistance from time to time, depending on the health condition of the senior. Our caregivers are responsive and aware of the varying and changing requirements and are always ready to tailor their care strategy to math client needs. The caregivers are capable of giving extra support whenever the need arises. 

At Mom's home care, we train our caregivers to make the senior's aging process more comfortable and easier. You can be sure that our caregivers will keep your seniors healthy, happy, and safe.

We Uphold Professionalism

At times, caregiving may feel personal because it is intimate. However, we train our caregivers to uphold a professional appearance and etiquette. Some of the important aspects of professionalism include high levels of accuracy, attention to detail, and confidentiality. We train our caregivers to be reliable. We make them understand that both patients and their families depend on them to carry out their job responsibilities and to honor their commitments.  By providing invaluable services to patients and their families, caregivers also stand to gain. The caregivers can gain unmatched professional and personal fulfillment. 

Best Candidate for our Services

At Mom's home care, we offer services for both seniors and patients recovering from illnesses. You may contact us if your loved one is recovering from an illness or hospitalization. During the recovery process, your loved one would require help to enable him or her to regain strength. You may need our services if you require a person to assist you in running errands to accompany you to your appointments.

Our home caregivers offer all manners of support, including helping seniors to shower or get dressed.  If you require help with housework, grocery shopping, or laundry, we got your back. At times, your current caregiver may need a break; we would be happy to step in and offer services during the absence of your caregiver.

If you or your loved one has a terminal illness and wishes to remain at home, a caregiver is what you need.  Our caregivers ensure that the patient is comfortable and assist patients as they take their medication.  Any person who is at risk of falls may require assistance ambulating may greatly benefit from our caregiving services. You may also seek our services if your loved one has dementia and requires supervision. 

Getting Started

At Mom's home care in Burbank, we believe in offering easily accessible services to our clients.  We are ready to help irrespective of whether you are introducing the idea of caregiving to a loved one or whether you require emergency homecare services.  Take advantage of our free assessments. We can offer the assessments on the same day you contact us. The assessment will help us know the kind of care your loved one requires. This will make it easy for us to match you with the right caregiver. 

Find a Caretaker near Me

Caregiving can greatly help to improve the quality of life of a senior or a patient recovering from an illness. If you or your loved one requires home care services in Burbank, Mom's Home Care is the best option for you. Contact us at 323-244-4789, and we will conduct a free assessment and match you with a reliable caregiver.