Life is change, and most of the time those changes are exciting to embrace as we celebrate the milestones in our lives. Other changes, however, such as those relating to the aging of an elderly parent, can be difficult to deal with, especially if they don't meet the criteria for traditional visiting nurse services.

That's where Mom’s and non-medical home care comes in.

What Is Non-Medical Home Care?

Unlike medical home care provided by a visiting nurse agency to monitor and treat specific medical conditions, non-medical care focuses all activities of daily living, ADL's, that your loved one may be having difficulty with.

Perhaps your parent still lives alone in their own home, but aren't eating as well as they should, because they no longer feel safe working in the kitchen or they just don't feel up to cooking. Maybe they are struggling with personal care and grooming. Or cleaning and other daily chores have become too much of a challenge for them.

Our services aren't limited to caring for elderly clients living alone. If your elderly loved one lives with you, but you are concerned about them getting along on their own while you are at work, we can help you with that. Perhaps they have been doing okay on their own physically while you are away from home, but they need companionship. All of these situations call for non-medical care services.

Other elder needs that Mom's Home Care can provide include care for someone who is:

  • Recovering at home from an illness, fall, or hospitalization
  • Suffering from dementia
  • Terminally ill
  • Living with a handicap or chronic health condition
  • A fall risk

What If I Need Help?

Primary caregivers get sick, they have to go out of town, or they have a child in the hospital. There are any number of life events that are going to put you in a situation where you are going to need some temporary, or even long-term, help for your loved one. Some other common scenarios are:

  • You are recovering from surgery
  • You need someone to run errands or transport your parent to a doctor appointment
  • You have been diagnosed with a serious health issue of your own
  • You are moving
  • You just need a break

Whatever the issue you may be dealing with, if you find yourself in need of help temporarily, long-term, or even on an on-call basis, Mom's Home Care is there for you and your loved one.

How Do I Know I Can Trust Your Caregivers?

Your parents have been there for you for all of your life. Now you want to provide the very best possible care that you can for them during their golden years. And you need assurances that you are leaving them in professional, caring, and trustworthy hands.

Mom's Home Care has been providing non-medical in-home care in the Los Angeles community since 1997, and we are a licensed HCO (Home Care Organization) through the Department of Social Services Home Care Services Bureau.

When we interview a prospective caregiver, we use our years of experience to ascertain that he or she possesses the compassion, skills, and integrity necessary to ensure that your parent will be receiving the highest quality of care at all times.

In order to be hired, applicants must pass a rigorous screening process:

  • Beyond the Basics 

    A resume is just the first step. We require a completed, detailed application that is designed to elicit much more than their previous experience with senior care. We want to know why an applicant desires to work for us and what their character is. Only after careful review of an application do we move on to the interview process.

  • Several Interviews Required 

    The goal of the initial interview is to cross-check the information an applicant supplied on their application. Several more in-depth interviews follow with different interviewers to thoroughly vet their application. We are evaluating their experience, communication skills, presentation, and personality in order to determine that they will be a good match for our clients.

  • Check References 

    We do much more than simply verify prior employment. We speak at length with previous employers and coworkers to a get a complete picture of the applicant at both a professional and personal level. And we require a minimum of three industry-specific, professional references and three personal references before moving to the next step in the process.

  • Protection is a Priority 

    At this juncture, it is imperative that we take steps to protect your loved one from any type of elder abuse, including neglect, theft, or fraud. We do this by verifying their identity with various government agencies including the Department of Transportation and Social Security and conducting thorough background and fingerprint checks through the FBI and the Department of Justice. The Department of Transportation will also provide us with an applicant's driving record. Live-scan fingerprint checks reveal criminal activity in all jurisdictions, so an applicant isn't going to slip through cracks, because he or she doesn't have a record in the Los Angeles area. A fingerprint check also confirms that they are not listed as a sex offender. When verifying a Social Security number, we are doing much more than verifying an applicant's identity. Intercepting someone using a false or stolen Social Security number can prevent a multitude of serious issues. We also conduct testing for the presence of illegal drugs in their system.

  • Proof of Licensures and Certifications 

    CNA's (Certified Nursing Assistants), CHHA's (Certified Home Health Aides) LVN'S (Licensed Vocational Nurses), and RN's (Registered Nurses) in California are all required to pass exams to receive credentials in order to work as caregivers. These credentials are verified prior to hiring an applicant.

  • Skills Verification 

    The applicant is evaluated for comprehension and application of critical homecare skills, special needs of the aging, and the necessary cognitive skills to deliver the best possible care. Relevant skills, in addition to patient care, include cleaning, computer skills, gardening, and home maintenance.

  • Orientation 

    If an applicant is hired, they must complete a specialized orientation process. It is a comprehensive training program including courses on home care and client safety as well as a review of client’s rights, state requirements, and national standards.

Peace of Mind

At Mom's Home Care, our caregivers are required to keep meticulous records of how your loved one is doing. That information is relayed to you on a regular basis or upon your request.

All of our caregivers are monitored by a state-of-the-art, proprietary app. In addition to clocking in and out via this app, GPS tracking verifies caregivers’ locations at all times. The app does not allow them to clock in until they are within just a few feet from your home, and if they are late, an alert is immediately sent to our management team.

Mom's Home Care has earned numerous awards of excellence for outstanding caregiving. These include:

  • Caring Star Agency, 2018, Top Rated on
  • 2017, Best of Home Care, Provider of Choice
  • Home Care Pulse, Certified Trusted Provider

For independent reviews, please visit

Continuity of Care

We have an online communication tool on a secure website called The Family Room, where all healthcare professionals associated with your loved one's care record pertinent information such as caregiver notes, schedules, your caregiver team, and medications.

You can add this optional feature to your plan to access all recorded information. It is also a convenient way to add doctor appointments or any other notes that will assist your caregiver in providing specific help that will ensure that your loved one has a good day. This is particularly helpful for family members to stay in the loop if you live some distance away from your parent.

What Specific Services Can You Provide?

As we age, it is the little things, what many of us take for granted in our everyday lives, that become the most important. It is the goal of our highly trained, compassionate, non-medical caregivers to provide those important things to your loved ones. These vital services are:

  • Companionship 

    For many of our elderly family and friends who live alone or who are alone for extended periods of time, they are starved for conversation. And not only does conversation fill an emotional need by alleviating loneliness, it serves as a physiological one by slowing down the onset of dementia. Remember the old expression, "If you don't lose it, you lose it."? This directly applies to social interaction and effect on the brain. Just having someone to talk to, to socialize with, or go places with has a remarkable impact by keeping the mind active and engaged.

  • Meal Preparation 

    All too often, seniors have a very poor diet, because preparing healthy meals for themselves has become too difficult and it seems like a lot of trouble to cook for just one person. This is another ADL that is often affected by loneliness. Our caregivers can solve both of those problems simultaneously by preparing nutritious meals and keeping your loved one company while they eat. As your caregiver gets acquainted with their client's likes and dislikes, they can begin to plan a menu, keep track of their client's nutritional intake, weight, and general health.

  • Shopping and Errands 

    Many people reach a certain age when they are no longer comfortable driving. Some can no longer afford a vehicle. Some are not able to use public transportation or walk to where they need to go. They cannot carry bags of groceries home. Your caregiver can refer to the menu they have created as a basis for a grocery shopping list. They can also shop for items needed to run the household and pick up prescriptions. They can transport your loved one to their doctor appointments or take them out to lunch.

  • ADL's 

    As we get older, various aspects of daily personal care can become quite challenging. Many seniors are too embarrassed to ask anyone for help, and their needs are being neglected. At Mom's Home Care, our caregivers are highly trained in all aspects of patient care, and provide that care with respect and dignity. Maintaining proper daily hygiene and getting dressed each day is a huge morale booster for our seniors who might otherwise be unable to do so.

  • Toileting 

    Perhaps the most frustrating and embarrassing aspect of aging, it is also one of the most common. If your parent is able to walk to the bathroom, his or her caregiver will do a complete assessment of the bathroom to see if any changes need to be made to make everything more accessible and inspect it to make sure it is safe. This assessment includes:
  1. The height of the toilet.

    If it is too low, it can be extremely difficult, if not impossible, for seniors to get up and down on their own, even with a grab bar. A special seat can be purchased and installed, making the toilet higher and easier for your loved one to get up and down.
  2. Accessibility of the toilet paper. 

    Twisting, turning, or stretching to try to reach it can cause your parent to hurt themselves.
  3. Grab bars within reach. 

    One on each side of the toilet should be installed, if possible, to help them pull themselves up safely.
  4. Bathroom floor dry and free of hazards. 

    Loose tile should be replaced and loose throw rugs should be secured or removed.
  5. Adequate lighting and a clear bath to the bathroom. 

    In addition to making sure the path is free of hazards, it should be wide enough for any ambulation aids your loved one may depend on, such as a walker.
  6. If the client uses a commode, bedpan, or urinal, 

    it will be emptied, kept clean, and the output measured if their doctor so orders.
  7. Catheter bags 

    will be emptied and cleaned daily.
  8. Incontinence. 

    If your loved one is unable to control the need to relieve themselves, our caregivers will make sure they are kept clean, dry, and uncomfortable.
  • Medication Maintenance 

    While our caregivers do not give injections, maintain IV's, or administer treatments, they can remind clients when to take their medicine, maintain their pill containers, and document any side effects.

  • Housekeeping 

    It can be both frustrating and embarrassing for your loved one to have friends and family walk into an unkempt home. Our caregivers will keep your loved one's home clean, providing a healthy environment while preventing an embarrassing situation for them.

At Mom's Home Care, we take great pride in matching your loved one with the ideal caregivers. If you are seeking a qualified, compassionate, trustworthy, and reliable Los Angeles caregiver, call us at 323-244-4789 to schedule a free in-home consultation.