Winter brings cooler temperatures. Some areas see rain while others experience lots of snow. No matter where you are, windows close up for the season and heating systems turn on. You may start seeing more dust in your home. Windows aren't open, so it's trapped inside.

Rather than suffering from allergies or sensitivities to dust, take steps to keep dust to a minimum. These tips will help lower the amount of dust in your parents' home.

Caregiver in Manhattan Beach CA: Reducing Dust Within the Home

Remove All Carpeting

Carpeting collects dust and pollen. Even the best vacuum will leave some behind. If you get rid of carpeting in your parents' house, you get rid of a big source for dust.

Instead of carpeting, laminate or vinyl wood flooring is relatively easy to install. You'd need a saw, measuring tape, hammer, and crowbar. You could also pay someone to install this flooring for you. Vinyl is growing in popularity as it's hard to slip on it, even if you get it wet or are in slippery shoes or socks.

Clean Flooring Weekly

Sweep and then dry mop wood, laminate, and vinyl flooring weekly. If your parents still have carpeting, vacuum that often. Look for a vacuum that has a HEPA filter. Mop linoleum flooring weekly, too. Use a mixture of white vinegar and hot water to kill any dust mites.

Run an Air Purifier

Air purifiers do a great job of removing dust and allergens. Many models cost less than $100, so you don't have to spend a lot. Look for air purifiers that are Energy Star rated and provide HEPA filtration.

Invest in a Duster With Replaceable Pads

A traditional duster has features that trap dust. Once the dust is in the feathers, you need to shake it out. The downfall to these dusters is that it often sweeps a large percentage of the dust into the air. It's not removing much at all.

Instead, get a duster that has pads that trap dust. When you're done, the pad is tossed away. The other option is to use a damp cloth and wipe surfaces with that damp cloth. When it's done, toss the cloth into the wash for the next time you dust.

Wash Sheets Weekly

Strip sheets and wash them each week. Dust mites thrive in pillows, mattresses, and sheets. Place a mattress cover over the mattress to keep them away. The mattress cover should be one approved for keeping bed bugs away. The benefit is that it zips up and prevents any space where dust mites can enter.

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