Becoming a caregiver is one of the best decisions one can make in their lives. This is the kind of job that will require you to be fully dedicated, hardworking, and full of energy, both mentally and physically. Caregiving is not devoid of challenges but the rewards are immense, and the long-term benefits are worth it all. At Mom's Home Care, we strive to provide the best caregiver services in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. If you are willing to take up this all-encompassing career despite its challenges, you can join our team of professional caregivers today.

Why Become a Caregiver?

There are several reasons why becoming a caregiver is an excellent idea. Some of the reasons include:

  • It gives you a chance to provide support to those who need it the most

    There are many needy people in this world, and the degree of their needs vary greatly. Some of them have special needs that require great attention and total dedication, and these are the people who need the help of caregivers. There is no greater joy in this world that offering care and support to someone unable to care for themselves.

    Some people have been impeded by illnesses, injuries, age, and other factors and will need constant help with their day-to-day activities. These are the people who need your support, and while at it, you gain high fulfillment as a reward.

  • You give a smile to someone who is already losing hope in life

    For a person who has been healthy for a long time and living their lives fully, it would be very hard if they were to get incapacitated in their later years. A person who is unable to recover their full functionality after an injury can quickly get depressed. Many people suffer significantly in old-age because of their inability to care for themselves as they used to.

    Finding someone who can help and support them on a day-to-day basis can bring a smile to their faces, something that is not readily forthcoming in their situation. All jobs are hard and good in almost the same capacity, but no job will give you better satisfaction than a caregiver job. Putting a smile on someone's face at a difficult time is greater satisfaction than any monetary reward one can gain through working.

  • It improves your confidence

    Everyone is usually skeptical about starting a new career. Sometimes the skepticism can take your confidence away, especially if the job you want to take seems challenging. This is what everyone starting on a caregiver job feels in the beginning, but it doesn't take much time for your confidence to come back once again.

    Being a caregiver entails providing home-care solutions to people who require you to have self-trust and an ability to make quick and sound decisions. When you know that a person relies on you entirely for their daily well-being is enough to boost your self-worth and gives you the confidence you need in all aspects of your life.

  • It is a great way to serve the community

    In many families, people are overwhelmed with the responsibility of caring for their loved ones at the same time earning a living for their needs and those of everyone else in that family. Some people double up as nurses in their own homes, and at the same time, they have children to take care of as well as a job. These people do not get any break in their lives.

    A caregiver can bring great relief to such a family and ensure that the needs of their loved ones are met and that everyone is enjoying enough rest every day. Being the kind of person that provides a reprieve to such families can be highly rewarding.

  • It is a wonderful way to learn to listen

    Many people who need help and support live in isolation and are usually lonely. For this reason, they need someone who will be there to listen and talk to them about things they are interested in. This will not only bring life back to their lives but also improve their overall well-being. Being a caregiver can help you learn and improve the way that you listen. Listening skills are essential not just in this kind of job but also in various aspects of living. Again, listening to other people talk about their different views opens your mind to so many points of view about different areas of life.

  • You could develop new or develop already acquired skills

    Caregivers do a lot in a day, depending on the kinds of patients they are serving. There are many skills to learn in this job, and many opportunities will develop already acquired skills. So many caregivers have realized talents in them that they never thought they had. The physical demands of this job, for instance, will make you physically healthy. You learn how to multitask, how to communicate better, how to manage your time well, and how to remain patient despite the challenges you face every day.

  • You could make a massive difference in the life of a patient

    Working with a vulnerable group of people is not always easy, but every minute you spend with such a person makes a significant difference in their lives. Through listening to them, for instance, you may help your patients accept their situation and work harder to improve their lives. Some of the patients needing the services of a caregiver are going through a hard time in their lives. Being there for them, even without doing much, can have a significant impact on their lives.

What we Do at Mom’s Home Care

At Mom's Home Care, we are passionate about caregiving. Our skilled services are meant to benefit seniors and other needy persons with the activities they need to do for their daily living. Our dedication to providing the support services that our clients need is what keeps us going. Through these services; we ensure that our patients maintain their independence in their own homes.

All our caregivers go through intensive training after recruitment to ensure that they are ready to offer the highest level of care and attention that we accord our clients. Our services include:

  • Live in care

  • Companionship

  • Personal care including bathing and dressing or general grooming

  • Toileting care

  • Errands and shopping

  • Light housekeeping

  • Medication reminders

  • Meal preparation

  • On-call nurses

  • Appointment scheduling

  • Organization

  • Home health nursing referrals

  • Transportation

  • Hospice service referrals

  • Access to on-call mobile physicians

Join Our Team

Mom’s Home Care is giving you a chance to work as a caregiver to enjoy the benefits listed above and many more. Caregiving is more than a career; it takes much courage and self-drive to dedicate your life to caring for the aged and those that are incapacitated in one way or the other. We believe that caregivers have special innate abilities that are needed in this world and together, we can help you discover some of the unique skills and abilities that you have never utilized in life.

What we seek are caring and compassionate individuals who are willing and ready to start on a journey of providing fulfillment, care, and support to people who are unable to provide personal care for themselves. Many families prefer to keep their aging loved ones at home instead of sending them to nursing homes. As a caregiver, your primary duty will be to take care of these patients right from the comfort of their homes.

What these people need is a person they can fully trust, one that is experienced and one that can guarantee quality services. Though our training, you can become one of the best and highly sought after caregiver in Los Angeles.

What Benefits Do We Offer?

Working with the best home care service provider comes with tons of benefits. We believe in providing the best-working terms and working environment for our caregivers to ensure that they are fully satisfied despite the challenges they face in offering home care services. Some of the benefits we are sure to provide include:

A flexible working schedule

However demanding homecare jobs are, we understand that caregivers have lives outside the profession. That is why we give you a flexible working schedule to allow you to serve our clients at the same time, take care of your life. We also try to minimize the travel distance to below 10 miles to make it easy for our caregivers to go to work and back home with minimal difficulties.

A higher pay

Homecare jobs are quite demanding and at times hard, which is why we offer to appreciate your efforts with a higher salary than the average rates. We offer benefits as well, such as sick days and paid overtime to show our appreciation for the great work you will be doing. 

Reliable paychecks

We have in place a well-organized billing department that will ensure that you receive your paycheck every two weeks, without fail.

Client-caregiver matching

Mom’s Home care takes time to match our caregivers to the right clients depending on their skill sets and preferences. This increases job satisfaction for our caregivers and satisfaction for our clients as well.

Paid annual state-required training

To comply with the state requirements, we pay for the mandatory 5 hours of training every year to help strengthen the skills that our caregivers need to improve. This helps you serve well for better pay and greater satisfaction.

Organized office staff

We give you access to care managers round the clock for any help and support you may need. We also have efficient management software in place, to make it easy for our caregivers to check their shifts, and clients' details, among other things.

Great reviews

We have enjoyed great reviews from the start, thanks to our exceptional homecare services; You can check us out on Yelp to see how much our clients and caregivers love us. The great reviews are an assurance of our reputation as a company.

Other benefits include Live Scan Reimbursements, Gift Card Giveaways, Referral Bonuses, 401k, and Health Insurance for full-time employees.

Our Employment Benefits

Just like every employer out there, we offer several non-wage benefits to our employees in addition to their regular wages and salaries. We have a long list of the employee benefits you will be entitled to once you join our team:

  • Health insurance for all qualifying full-time employees

  • Paid sick days

  • An employee of the month, monthly raffles and other recognition programs

  • Bi-weekly guaranteed paychecks and direct deposit services

  • An opportunity for advancement

  • Referral bonus opportunities

  • Livescan reimbursements

  • Initial and continuous training, as well as paid state, required training

  • Holiday bonuses

Requirements to Apply for the caregiver Job

To qualify for a job as a caregiver at Mom’s Home Care, you need:

  • At least two years of verifiable experience as a caregiver

  • A valid identification and work permit

  • Proof of active certifications such as CAN and CHHA if applicable

  • Dependable means of transportation

  • TB clearance and,

  • A high school diploma

  • Be ready to submit for a live scan background clearance, or have the clearance ready

  • Be willing to submit to a TB test or have done so in the past three months

  • Complete the agency training program and

  • Register as a home care aide with the state.

Apply today! We provide a quick way of submitting your application online.

Join Us Today

Working is good for your health and general wellbeing. Whether or not you are working for more income, it is essential to know that any job is a great way to enjoy happiness, build your confidence, and boost your self-esteem. A caregiver job gives all these benefits and many more. Mom's Home care is giving you a chance to work at a job that is not only fulfilling but one that will provide a source of living income at the same time guaranteeing job security and consistency. Call us at 323-244-4789 for more information about available jobs and applications.

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