As he gets older, your dad is insistent that he wants to stay in his home. You'll do whatever it takes to make sure that happens. But, you also need to make sure he stays healthy and happy. Use this checklist to know where he needs help such as home care and where he's okay on his own.



Home Care in Beverly Hills CA: Senior Health



A healthy lifestyle starts with a decluttered, clean home. Bacteria will grow if your dad isn't wiping down the counters after preparing a meal. He needs to change his sheets and towels each week. Clean clothes, clutter-free floors, and clean dishes are also essential.


Personal Care and Grooming

The other aspect of a healthy, happy lifestyle involves taking care of yourself. Can your dad bathe independently, or does he need someone to help him? Does he still brush and floss his teeth without difficulty?


Meals and Snacks

Can your dad still cook meals? Has he ever been able to cook for himself? Does he find it easiest to open a can or microwave a freezer dinner when it comes to meals and snacks? They're not always nutritionally balanced.


Appointments and Transportation

Can your dad still schedule appointments on his own? Does he remember when he has check-ups or has he missed them? Many doctors and dentists charge you a fee for missing an appointment, which gets costly. 

Can he get to religious services, social events, and other gatherings? If he can't drive, he will need someone to provide transportation.


Shopping and Errands

If he needs to go shopping, does he rely on others? Can he still create a shopping list and keep track of the errands he needs to run?

If he struggles to keep his home stocked with ingredients for meals and snacks, he's not going to eat well. He may start relying on delivery or non-perishable items that aren't the healthiest choices.


Socialization and Companionship

Does your dad have friends and other family members who stop by? If he does, he may not experience loneliness. But, there may come a time when he doesn't have a lot of friends stopping by. That can lead to loneliness.

Make sure he has chances to socialize. Take him out for a meal, a show, or to a park where he can see and talk to others. He may benefit by having companion care aides to read to him or play games with him.

Do you have the time needed to help your dad stay healthy and happy? Many family caregivers find it challenging to balance time for their parents, their jobs, their other family members, and themselves. That's where home care comes in.

Hire home care aides to help your dad. When you can be with him, you're not going to spend hours taking care of his home and chore list. You'll be able to spend quality time together. Call a home care agency to get started.


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