Although the next holiday is not for a few months, other days are worth celebrating and it does not have to be only on Grandparents Day.

It is essential to admire and give love to the people who raised you and love you most, including the seniors in your family. If you have been looking for a way to connect with the seniors in your family, stop by to give them love whenever you can, and not only on Grandparents Day. This can lift your senior's mood and helps to ensure good senior health.


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If the senior has companion care at home set up, give the caregiver a call to find out if you can plan something special. Caregivers will not only encourage the family to visit; they may even help the senior set up a spot where they feel the most comfortable to host you. Hiring a companion is one of the best things to do when you can't be around a senior 24/7.

Companion care at home is meant to make the lives of the seniors easier and the family's life easier too. It allows the senior to live comfortably at home. The caregiver can help set up family visitation for special events. Here are some activities and ideas you can do to make this September special or to give your senior family member some of the love they deserve.

Things To Do...

Although this may not be a national holiday, it is a day that can easily bring families together. Keep this in mind when you are planning out your month, and call the caregiver to find out if you can coordinate something with the senior.

Head Outside

Every companion at home will have a care plan that will include helping a senior stay mobile. Many will encourage short walks outside or trips to the park. Plan something with your senior loved one that will promote healthy habits but allow you to spend time together on Grandparent’s day.

Play a Boardgame

Everything will depend on the senior’s mood, and you will have to be easygoing. Bring a board game that you used to love playing together. If your family couldn’t make it, have the caregiver join in the game.

Cook a Meal Together

One of the best ways to encourage healthy habits is to make it fun. This is the best time to support a new diet by cooking something special together within the care plan that the companion at home has created. Many caregivers will have meals prepped, planned, and can recommend what to make and any diet restrictions.

Bring The Family

Senior isolation has to be monitored and taken very seriously. A companion at home can limit the feeling of isolation, but it is important to visit. If you can coordinate your family, this is an excellent day to see the seniors with your kids or their kids.

Ask How They Are

A caregiver is meant to help the senior live comfortably and educate the family on what is happening in their daily lives. However, you should always check in yourself and find out how they’re doing. This will help the caregiver understand any emotions that have not been brought up and help bring you up to speed with what’s going on. Having a companion at home can be one of the best decisions a family makes. Even with that in place, visit this September to ensure better senior health.


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