Home Care Assistance: Caring for a senior with low vision can be highly challenging for a family.

That is when it is a good idea to hire home care assistance. They will help rearrange furniture and make other minor changes to help seniors stay mobile while still living in their own homes. It’s also a way for a family to ensure your senior is staying safe even with vision impairments.


As some people age, they will notice their vision and ability to focus on things becomes much more challenging. This is a condition called Presbyopia. Why does it occur? It happens when the eye’s lens becomes much less flexible. It can cause eye strain and very low vision, making it hard for people to get around. This condition often happens between the ages of 41 and 60.

Ensuring that a senior stays mobile is one of the best ways to keep them healthy. When a senior struggles with low vision, they end up doing less at home and less for themselves. This doesn’t feel good for them, and they may feel dependent on a person. Home care assistants will find ways to keep the senior mobile, healthy, and happy.

How to Help a Senior With Low Vision

Hiring a home care specialist can help take a lot of pressure off of the family. Often, families don't know the best ways to help a senior or are too embarrassed to ask for help. Hiring someone outside of the family is an excellent way to get professional help and valuable input with a care plan. Here are some good tips to help the senior with low vision.

Keep Spaces Lit

If a caregiver notices that a senior spends most of their time in one room, it will be essential to add quality lighting. On top of that, anyone in charge of an older person's care should limit the number of glaring surfaces to make it easier to move around a home.

Organize and Arrange a Home

When seniors can't see well, they may start to pile things up or create passages that are hard to walk through. A caregiver can help rearrange, declutter, and organize a home in a way that will be helpful for a senior to keep moving around.

Talk To a Specialist

Most c will come up with a care plan to help an older adult. However, sometimes they need outside help, and when this happens, it is important to talk to a vision specialist. They may help inform the caregiver what the best steps are to help around the house.


Home Care Assistance: Reduce Fall Risks

If certain places in the house are prone to getting wet or are hard to walk through, the caregiver can talk with the senior about home improvements. It may be as easy as putting in no-slip textiles throughout the house or a non-slip mat in the shower. These small changes can help older adults with low vision fall less and stay safe.


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