Your father recently had a heart attack. It was certainly frightening, especially for him.

Home Care in Los Angeles CA: Heart Attack Tips


Fortunately, his doctors expect he can make a full recovery.

There may have been some damage to the heart, but with medications, surgery, and other options on the table, the doctor may be optimistic about your father’s future.
Recovery could take a little while. No matter how active your father was before the heart attack, things are going to slow down, at least for a while. If he doesn’t have anybody who can support him physically, look to senior care.

Is your mother strong enough to deal with this challenge?

  1. A person in their mid-to-late 70s who has been married for 40 or 50 years, might very well have a spouse of the same age, or at least close to it. If your mother is also in her mid to late 70s, asking her to take on the incredible responsibility of supporting him during recovery could be overwhelming.
    She might not physically be able to handle it. That’s why it is so important to look into different senior care options.

Consider home care.

There are many different options with regard to senior care services. He could spend some time in a nursing home after he is discharged from the hospital before he returns home for good. He could also consider assisted living if that’s something he wishes to pursue.

A growing number of seniors prefer to age in place, which means they want to remain home, even as they deal with certain health challenges. It is possible with home care support services.

A senior care aide could help your father transition from the hospital home. A home care aide can assist your father getting out of bed in the morning. That aide could help him take a shower if he is weak in his legs.

If he lives alone, your father could get help with grocery shopping, preparing meals, and other basic tasks of everyday life.
If your father is alone and doesn’t have support, his road to recovery could be complicated. He might not be able to exercise the way he should. His doctor may recommend at least 15 minutes of solid, cardiovascular exercise every day to help strengthen the heart muscles.

Many family members might tell them to rest, take it easy, and grow concerned with him trying to exercise, worrying that he is over-exerting himself.

The heart is a muscle and, like any other muscle in the body, requires exercise to strengthen. But, it ultimately comes down to what the doctor has recommended and a senior care aide with experience can make a world of difference to this recovery.


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