Caregivers Help the Entire Family After a Senior is Diagnosed With Cancer

A cancer diagnosis is already frightening for everyone in a family.
For your parent, it's alarming and brings thoughts of uncertainty. The same happens for you. Meanwhile, you also have to take some time to focus on the things your parent may need.

HomeCare in Santa Monica CA: Caregiver Assistance

Your family will benefit from having caregivers on hand during treatments and recovery times. Here are some of the ways home care services can help everyone.


Even when you want to be the one driving your mom or dad to chemo or radiation treatments, you may not be able to miss a lot of work. Caregivers can drive your parents to appointments for you. They can also stay with your parents until your workday ends.

Meal Preparation

After cancer treatment, your mom or dad may not want to eat. They may have cravings for certain foods and aversions to others. A caregiver can keep track of these changes and make sure groceries are stocked and meals are ready to put together.

Caregivers can also make sure your mom or dad is drinking plenty of water, tea, and juice. While dehydration could impact your parent if nausea and vomiting are present, a caregiver can monitor liquid intake. Caregivers can seek medical care for your mom or dad if dehydration is possible.

Respite Care

While you're helping your mom and dad with housework, errands, meals, transportation, appointment scheduling, and financial matters, what is sliding at your own house? Are you missing your child's play? Did you cancel your eye exam? Is your dirty laundry piling up?

You want to be there for your parents, but you can't ignore your own needs. Respite care balances this out. You can take a few hours here and there to do things you need to get done. Shop for groceries, spend time with your kids, and go on a date night with your significant other. Respite care makes that possible by having a caregiver take over while you're away.

Don't wait until the stress builds. Gather the family and talk about ways caregivers could help you all out. Whether it's having another person available to drive your mom or dad to appointments or having someone on hand for laundry and housework, use it to your advantage.

Let caregivers take over the tiresome chores and focus on spending quality time with your family. Call a home care agency to learn more about the many available services.

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"On behalf of my mother and family, I sincerely want to thank Mom’s Home Care for being with my mother during her toughest time. With all your hard work, she is on the path to recovery."

-Brenda D