As Alzheimer's disease progresses, you may find it harder to connect with your parent. It's not impossible though. Use these activities to connect with your mom or dad.

Senior Care in West Hollywood CA: Alzheimer's Activities

Cook Together

If your mom or dad ever cooked, pull out old cookbooks that you remember from childhood. Gather the ingredients and cook that item together. Your parent is likely going to remember the motions and needs little help besides reminders of what step you're working on.

While you're cooking together, you'll find that your mom or dad may share stories about the history of the recipe. It might be something that your grandmother made as a special treat on your parent's birthday.

Keep those stories in mind for later transcription. By keeping a journal of these old stories, you'll have something the rest of your family can enjoy years from now.

Listen to Old Albums

Put on old music and dance and sing with your mom or dad. Music is soothing. If you dance around while singing, you get a little exercise, too. It's a fun way to bond without having to give any instructions or guidance.

Host an Afternoon Tea

Gather other close family members and host an afternoon tea. Everyone can bring a baked good for others to share. Your parent benefits from some socialization. You'll be able to share family stories and see what your mom or dad remembers that you've forgotten or never knew. Make sure that those who are invited are someone your mom or dad looks forward to seeing.

Make Edible Play Dough

Your mom or dad may love to build things from clay or play dough, but you have to be careful that it's not being eaten. Sometimes, people with Alzheimer's will put things in their mouths that aren't edible. If you make edible dough from powdered milk, honey, and peanut butter, you don't have to worry as much.

Watch an Old Musical

People with Alzheimer's usually are drawn to familiar songs and melodies. If you put on an old musical, especially one you know your mom or dad loved, you'll find them humming or singing along.

Musicals are a good way to pass time on a rainy or snowy day when getting outside isn't possible. You'll find them on many streaming channels and YouTube, so you won't have to pay to rent them.

Pair family caregiving with help from an elderly care agency. You'll find it's easier to take breaks to clear your mind or run errands when someone takes over for a few hours each week. An elderly care representative can help you make arrangements for respite care.

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