Providing your aging parents with personal care and companionship can be overwhelming with time because of other life attachments and responsibilities like jobs and families. Most Americans plan ahead of time for those kinds of duties by finding a reliable home care service provider.

Home care providers understand that your mom and dad need more care now than ever, even though they cannot admit it. You don't have to bear all these responsibilities alone while taking care of your own when we are by your side.

An Overview of Aging Parents’ Home Care

As we grow old, we should not forget our parents are growing old as well. When your parent reaches a certain age, it might become hard for them to do some things by themselves, for example, cooking or going to the grocery store. When that time comes, you need to be ready to take care of them in whichever way you can without compromising other crucial aspects of your life.

Home care is special care or service that provides your aging parent the freedom of aging in their own living space for as long as they can, as an alternative to living in a nursing home when you cannot take care of them.  Home care services will relieve you of the stress of having to travel to your parents' house often to check their well-being or having to administer their medication to ensure they take the right dose.

A home care service provider will help your parents age peacefully in their home with the companionship and personal care they need, such as:

  • Transferring in and out of bed
  • Grooming
  • Toileting
  • Bathing
  • Transportation for medical appointments
  • Meal preparation

Our aging parents or seniors rely on their children and family members to help them stay home as their bodies become weak and vulnerable due to age. However, sometimes as much as we wish we could stay with them every time to make sure they are comfortable, it becomes overwhelming because of other life ties and responsibilities we cannot neglect. Home care helps you fulfill these time-sensitive and challenging caregiving responsibilities that your aging and vulnerable parents need.

Remember, hiring a home care service provider to take care of your aging parents does not mean you will not see or talk to your parents whenever you want. If you decide to hire a home care service provider to take care of your aging parents, you should call your parents often and visit whenever you can to ensure they are enjoying the company of their new friend. Keep reading this article to know why your aging parent may need home care services.

Reasons Why Your Aging Parents May Need Home Care

There are many reasons why most people nowadays opt for home care services for their aging parents compared to nursing homes. Many benefits come with hiring a home care service provider to take care of your aging parent. Here are some of the reasons why your aging parents may need home care:

i. For Personal Care

The main reason that brings the need for a home care service provider for aging parents is their personal care. The worst thing about growing old that many people struggle to accept is that our body becomes weak, and our coordination becomes poor, making it hard to take care of ourselves well.

After a lifetime of taking care of yourself comfortably, the progressive inability to continue doing so because of age can be devastating and humiliating. Since aging is not inevitable, it doesn't mean we cannot continue living comfortably while someone else is taking care of our personal needs.

Suppose you realize your aging parents have a hard time doing the following personal activities. In that case, it might time for you to consider finding a reliable home care service provider:

  • Bathing on their own, brushing their teeth, and performing other personal hygiene activities
  • Moving around the house on their own, for instance, when getting in and out of bed or toilet
  • Dressing neatly in the morning and undressing at night when sleeping
  • Driving themselves to and from the grocery store or doctor's appointments

Taking care of other people's stuff requires a friendly and confidential professional who will earn your parents' trust for comfortable conversations. Therefore, you need to take ample time finding a respectful and courteous home care service provider who will get along with your parents without seeming intrusive to their privacy.

ii. For Keeping House

We all love living in tidy and organized spaces where everything is accessible at ease, and there is no risk of disease infections. Although we can take care of our house chores ourselves now, with time, as we grow older, it becomes a little bit overwhelming for us to continue doing so when we can barely even stand for twenty minutes. The same thing applies to our parents when they reach an older age.

When that time comes, it is upon us to do everything we can to ensure these seniors live in a comfortable and tidy environment with everything they need in one place for easy accessibility. If you cannot physically be there to help your parent with the following housekeeping duties, it is wise you consider hiring a home care service provider:

  • Laundry and ironing
  • Meal preparation and washing the dishes
  • Vacuuming or dusting
  • Scrub bath tabs, showers, or toilets

It is a real blow to a parent’s self-worth after years of taking pride in keeping his/her house tidy to accept that a physical condition and age can make it impossible to continue doing so. However, we all get at that point as we age, and there isn't anything you can do about it apart from accepting the situation as it is and seeking a home care service provider to help you with those kinds of work.

iii. For Companionship

Often, the greatest gift or help you can provide your aging parents when you cannot be there is finding someone to offer them companionship and a hand of support in their daily activities. The home care provider will be your parent's companionship when you cannot be with them physically and help them:

  • Arrange the doctor's appointment
  • Maintain a safe living environment
  • Organize bills in terms of priority
  • Remember when to take medications

We face life attachment and responsibilities every day as we age, making it hard to spend a lot of time with our aging parents, making them feel lonely. Your parents need someone to talk to and keep them active every day when taking trips to favorite places.

When you notice your parents are not traveling to places they used to find fun and enjoy, it is because they don't have companionship and are afraid of falling. Luckily, having a home care provider, you can be sure of all these services while taking care of your family and other duties.

iv. Multiple Chronic Health Conditions

Research shows that most Americans aged between 65 and older are more likely to suffer chronic health conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure. A person with those kinds of chronic health conditions is more likely to require frequent health check-ups, making it hard to manage other daily activities.

If one of your aging parents struggles to manage chronic health conditions like diabetes, you may need someone to monitor his/her glucose levels and ensure he/she has everything he/she needs for a comfortable life. If your parent was recently diagnosed with a health problem like heart disease or stroke, it is wise to find a home care provider to monitor them 24/7 and ensure he/she is taking their medication correctly.

v. Fall Prevention

If your parents recently had a fall in the house or the backyard, you shouldn't ignore that situation because it shows they need a helper moving around. As your parents become older, there are changes in balance, strength, and capacity to move around, making them prone to fall. If you are worried about your dad or mum falling down the staircases when no one is at home, you should consider finding a home care provider to keep an eye on them every day.

A home care provider can also help your aging parent conduct exercise to improve their physical strength and reduce the risk of falling. Regular physical activities will keep your aging parent healthy and reduce the risk of memory problems.

vi. For Emergency Purposes

This year has taught us the need to be prepared when facing unexpected turns in life, like the COVID-19 pandemic, which has led many countries to lockdowns. A pandemic is an emergency issue that requires us to act swiftly and make the right decisions quickly. Suppose you have a home care provider for your aging parent during an emergency, like the current COVID-19 pandemic or an earthquake. In that case, you can rest knowing your parents are in the right hands of care to avoid infection or injury.

If there is a country lockdown, as was the case in some countries across the globe due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you want to be sure that your aging parents are safe and receiving every care they need. Hiring a full-time home care provider is a brilliant idea for coping with those kinds of emergencies.

vii. Being at Home is Familiar

The idea of your parents getting older at home is critical to their quality of life. If you wish to give your parents a quality life as they age, it is wise to hire a home care provider to look out for them while in the comfort of their home compared to taking them in nursing homes. Being at home is familiar to your parents because it is the place they feel loved and comfortable, which is an integral part of their dignity.

viii. Aging at Home is Cheaper

In contrast to other alternatives of taking care of the elderly like nursing homes, opting for home care services will save you money because you will not pay accommodation fees and additional charges you would incur in nursing homes. When your parents receive home care services, you will only pay for the care they need at that time in contrast to a nursing home where you have to pay a flat baseline monthly fee for their services.

ix. Current Caregivers are Neglecting Their Job or Need a Break

Suppose you already have a caregiver for your parents, whether it is a nursing facility or home care, and you feel they are neglecting their duties of taking care of your parents as expected. In that case, seek another home care provider. Your current caregivers might need a break from work.

When that happens, you will need to find a home care provider if your seniors are under nursing facility care to enjoy the benefits that come with hiring home care services, for example, keeping your parent's home clean, comfortable, and safe.

If you think there is a need for your aging parents' home care, you should look for a reliable and professional service provider. Keep in mind the following tips when looking for a reliable service provider for your aging parent home care:

  • Friendliness and courteous of the caregiver
  • The reputation of the caregiver
  • Location of the caregiver
  • The languages the caregiver communicates.
  • Cost of services
  • Licensing

Don't beat yourself up if it has come to the point of needing someone to take care of your aging parent on your behalf. Making this decision is challenging, but it is the right thing to do if you need to balance other essential aspects of your life like job and family at ease.

Find Home Care Services Near Me

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